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    7:00 PM EST : Denver ( 5 ) at Orlando ( -5 ) —- T: 211
    7:00 PM EST : Boston ( 2 ) at Indiana ( -2 ) —- T: 207
    7:30 PM EST : Philadelphia ( 7.5 ) at Brooklyn ( -7.5 ) —- T: 208.5
    8:00 PM EST : Toronto ( -2 ) at Milwaukee ( 2 ) —- T: 206.5
    8:30 PM EST : LA Clippers ( 9 ) at San Antonio ( -9 ) —- T: 200
    10:30 PM EST : Sacramento ( -2.5 ) at LA Lakers ( 2.5 ) —- T: 217.5

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  • Chief1Champion

    got caught with derozan in my express lineup. 50% owned

  • tristanwolf

    yeah lowry in-

    Powell and Biyombo start for Toronto with Lowry, Johnson, Scola

  • TeHDruiD

    Jennings and Bogdanovic the easiest punts of the night. Unfortunately for me, Noel is sucking ass. Hope he gets it together

  • kobe23

    @thehazyone said...

    I would be the one tilting. 14/30 dead lineups. Happy joy joy! Good thing it’s just the Swat and Shot.

    I can certainly relate to, and feel for all derozan owners tonight. Happened to me 3 times this week already (love, zinger, lance), and im still sweating on late game starting lus

  • walkoff9

    Jesus christ bognonovic

    If only i took him over evan turner

  • Jfud81

    Mudiay and DeRozan were both generous enough to allow me to spend time doing things other than watching basketball for the evening.

  • CodeBandit

    derozan out, should help lowry.

  • TeHDruiD

    @kobe23 said...

    I can certainly relate to, and feel for all derozan owners tonight. Happened to me 3 times this week already (love, zinger, lance), and im still sweating on late game starting lus

    I hear ya. Zinger got me really bad against the Lakers

  • champagneravens

    @Wrx_guy said...

    well there goes my 25$. Jesus derozan why whyyyyy good night and good luck all

    Mudiay is destroying my own $25 lineup and he is playing. Lol feel like I want to break shit. While Landry is messing up my other ones….went like 70% exposure to landry….sighs

  • kobe23

    yeah lowry already had his rest last week so if it was one of them it was going to be derozan.

    kobe also out but that was expected

  • tristanwolf

    yeah bojan and young killing it. not leaving many stats for brolo though.

  • nta87

    Demar and kobe out whew I have no kobe and only 8% e exists to demar feel bad for others tho… Wonder how high kobe will be owned… Anyone know yet?????

  • tljusa

    Is Malone trying to get fired?

  • NCRick

    Landry huge dud at 47% owned. Will he still play in a blowout though?

  • BlastyBlast

    Mudiay putting up hockey fantasy points in the first half.

  • Mrm2010

    Have DeRozen in all my LUs, so I’m screwed huh?

  • zpa1989

    brook lopez always lets me down. felt a 50 burger out of him tonight. oh well.

  • CodeBandit

    Bojan on fire, Anyone want to bet he finishes with < 30 FPTs.

  • aser18214

    damn had bogdanovic then last second went to turner.huge mistake

  • Whacko

    Well atleast 8.8% still have deroz in the Sharpie….the other Sharpie no idea…. but that helps…

  • zpa1989

    the demarr scratch killed alot of lineups. couldn’t get him out in time when i heard the news. always dead money each night for the past week at least. i always pick the guy that gets hurt during the game or scratched prior after lock. i guess im used to it.

  • aser18214

    wow on fd had derozan in 4 out of 11 lineups..ouch

  • xpac21

    well with the hint that one of em might rest i had to get off both lowry/ddr everywhere, but at least i have lowry on half of my season long leagues on espn so i’ll get his production somewhere, even if it is just free

  • lionssuck

    Well at this rate it looks like BroLo & Thad will be lucky to see 30 minutes

  • tljusa

    At least hit value Landry jeezus

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