• CruzinToVictory

    RG Product Coordinator

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    New and Improved RG Bankroll Tracker Tool Live

    Thanks to some really impressive work from your fellow Grinder, Cruzin2Victory, the RG Bankroll Tracker is much improved from the original product we launched a few months back. Here are some of the changes:

    Check Out the New Bankroll Tracker Here

    1) 2014 Tracking Added
    2) DraftDay and StarStreet Results Tracking Added (in addition to FanDuel)
    3) More concise data, including graphs for profits over time
    4) Suggested Bankroll Play Tool to help you better understand how to distribute your bankroll based on other winning strategies

    Feel free to post any feedback or questions here, and Cruzin or I will get to them as quickly as possible. You can also find the bankroll tracker in the FanDuel daily research section, and we will have it added to the DD and SS Daily Research Consoles soon.

    One last note, a popular question will likely be when we can incorporate the other sites into this tool. The answer to that is we can’t accumulate enough data to produce the same information the tracker hands out for FD, DD and SS until a site has a downloadable CSV with buy in, entrants, prizes, finish, score, date and specific sport. We do not have that information on the other sites even if you copy and paste your results feed, so for that reason we can’t include those yet.

    Check Out the New Bankroll Tracker Here

  • dude_abides7

    There have been a few references here in the thread regarding the 1004 Run-time error some are receiving with they click the ‘Update All’ button when using Microsoft Office 2003 Excel. However, I see no guidance to a fix? I too would love to use this program, but can’t get it to import.

    @crimsonrain – did you ever get this parsed out?

    @CruzinToVictory – Have you heard of this issue?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  • duder500

    RG Mod

    @dude_abides7 said...

    There have been a few references here in the thread regarding the 1004 Run-time error some are receiving with they click the ‘Update All’ button when using Microsoft Office 2003 Excel. However, I see no guidance to a fix? I too would love to use this program, but can’t get it to import.

    @crimsonrain – did you ever get this parsed out?

    @CruzinToVictory – Have you heard of this issue?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    Well, that’s just like your opinion, man.

  • dude_abides7

    @duder500 said...

    Well, that’s just like your opinion, man.

    Obviously you’re not a golfer.

    OK, assuming others have this issue I did some digging. As I think Crimsonrain mentioned the issue stems from something in Microsoft Visual Basic or (VBA). I am using Windows not Mac.

    Note: I do not believe the copy and pasting into the A2 tab (Fanduel) is causing the issue. Simply stated, if I simply open the tracker file, go to ‘bankroll’ and press ‘update all’ it throws the following error:

    Run-time error ‘1004’: Application-defined or object-defined error

    When I run the debug it zeros in on the following in the VBA console as being the issue.

    Public Sub DeleteGameLog()


    End Sub

    Of course, this error occurs as well when you actually do cut and paste the info in, but my previous point indicates that the issue is a formatting error of the original file as it is being seen by Microsoft 2003/VBA. Once again, simply opening the file and clicking update all while the file data areas are empty throws the above error.

    Just some info in case there are any Excel experts out there that would like to help resolve the issue for us 2003 users.

  • teachmehowto

    • Blogger of the Month

    does it work with numbers? Doesnt seem to.

  • Putz

    Does this track the value of entry tickets for Satty and Q wins or do we still need to manually enter them in?

  • jbuck276

    Does this only work on Excel?

  • Buckebadger

    I have excel 2007… When I click update all it gives a “cannot run the macro error”. I enabled the macros but it still doesn’t work. Help?

  • Zubudubu

    @CruzinToVictory said...

    @stlcardinals84 said…

    I’m guessing there is something I am doing wrong here, but just in case:

    I know the exact amount of my total deposits, total withdrawals, and current balance at FanDuel. Therefore, I know my exact gain or loss there since the beginning of 2013 (I didn’t play there before 2013).

    I exported all my results and updated — and it’s off about $9,500 to the red.

    Does this have something to do with qualifiers, perhaps? Or live finals?

    It’s very possible, yes. There are a number of things that could cause the number to be off:

    1) Events like a SuperQualifier. For example, I won an entry in to the FFFC SuperQ with a $25 satellite. When I looked at my FanDuel export, it shows that I entered a $25 league, won nothing, then entered a $200 league (the SuperQ) and won nothing (I didn’t cash). So while I technically won a $200 ticket with a $25 game and only netted a loss of $25, the export shows that I lost $225. I’m sure someone with your volume could have a lot more examples of that type of thing.

    2) Deposit bonuses aren’t included anywhere, because they’re not in the log. Obviously this would increase the number, but just thought I should point that out.

    3) I only have one example of this, but it seems like custom leagues that are canceled are still recorded as losses. A few weeks ago I entered Stevie’s mini FFFC contest. It never filled and was canceled, but the
    export still showed a buy in with a net win of $0.

    Unfortunately I can’t fix the FD export, so I had to go through and make the adjustments on my own data manually :(

    Darn. Fingers crossed FD fixes this one day.

  • jtaack

    Total Noob question here, but on the Bankroll Tab, what category of games does 3-20 represent?

  • grandtheftvotto

    Having an issue with the tracker. I got all my DK stuff entered but when I got to breakdown of games it only showing entries and no winnings anywhere. Possible easy fix?

  • CruzinToVictory

    RG Product Coordinator

    • Blogger of the Month

    @grandthefvotto – First off, awesome name haha

    I’ve had a number of people experience this issue, but I haven’t been able to nail down why yet. The one common denominator seems to be that they’re all on a mac. Is that true in your case?

    If so, can you send me (either here or in a PM) some specs to help me troubleshoot:

    What operating system are you using?

    What version of Excel do you have installed?

    Are macros enabled in your Excel?

    How many total rows do you have in your DK results tab?


  • grandtheftvotto

    I am on Windows 8. PC. Excel 2013

  • Grant

    will fantasy aces be added?

  • xatewatr

    Great tool! Would love to see SOC, MMA, and PGA added!

  • DavidK44

    @CruzInToVictory – I had a similar problem. The bankroll tracker worked great for my fanduel results, and has my draftkings entry fees properly calculated, but seems to believe I have a grand total of $0 Draft Kings winnings. I may not be a DFS Pro but I seem to remember winning more than $0.

    I’m not on a Mac. I sent a PM to you, but figured one post here couldn’t hurt in case someone else knew of the fix.

    Thank you,

  • Meatacus

    I found that deleting all games that didn’t fill, helped with calculations. So when I export my games to Excel, I’ll go through the 1000 and delete any with a blank score. If you haven’t done this, it would be easy to do if you went to the FD (I only currently play on FD) and have it sort the column of Score low to high then just highlight the rows and delete them.

    As for profits being off, one of the main issues will be if you won tickets for contests. When you win a ticket, it just appears as a 0 for profit then when you use that ticket, it’ll be calculated as if you paid the price of entry. Thus the value of the tickets you won will be a negative to your profit (ie you won $1000 worth of tickets and all have been played, your profit is $1000 lower than it actually is on this bankroll tracker. Same goes for any bonus you earned, if you earned the whole bonus (ie $200 on FD, your profit will be $200 lower on this tracker). I’ve added my ticket winnings and bonus to the profit on the tracker, and I find I’m only a difference of $16 in profits vs my withdrawals + bankroll.

    BTW I love this tool, I use it all the time. I did make a few alterations to suit it more to my liking. I removed the 50/50 from the Double Up category and made it, it’s own. I also added the Quintuple Up and Triple Double categories. I also removed all these categories (DU, TU, FF-50/50, TD-triple double, QU) from being included in the GPP category as I wanted it just for the tournaments that pay roughly 1 in 6.

    Wondering if you would happen to know what the excel formula would be to get profits sorted by the day of the week. Wouldn’t matter too much for NFL as it would be only Thu, Sat or Sun but I’d like to know for other sports.

    Thanks again Rotogrinders & Cruzin for this tool.

  • biggiesmails72

    Is there an ETA as to when Victiv will be compatible?

  • Tsw1999

    @biggiesmails72 said...

    Is there an ETA as to when Victiv will be compatible?

    I would like that too, but I think we have to wait until Victiv improves their history page. Right now, all you get out of the contest export is how much money you made on a contest. It can be matched up to how much you paid for that contest, but you have no idea what sport it is, what kind of contest it was and how many people were in the contest.

  • leafs93 any reason i am getting this

  • jbuck276

    When I try to enter my 2nd page of results into cell A1002, it gives me the message “To paste all cells from an Excel worksheet into the current worksheet, you must paste into the first cell (A1 or R1C1). Can anyone help me with this?

  • Steven1974

    So once you paste into the FD tab, I guess you have to keep those entries there going forward even when you import new games again? I deleted all that information before importing new info and it lost all the stuff I had imported previously.

  • Meatacus

    Just keep adding to what you have Steven1974 (I always paste new entries to the bottom of the existing ones and then sort by Date newest to oldest). Just make sure when you cut and paste new entries that you don’t cut entries you already have. So basically if you have entries all the way till May 10th, and you download 1000 entries from FD and it includes May 10th or older, you won’t want to cut those entries since you have them already.
    You can go back to the top of the FD tab and sort all the entries by the various columns (Date, Winnings, Score, etc). After you added in your new entries, you have to go back to the ‘Bankroll’ tab and update all.

  • thomamon

    How do you keep it uploaded once you have it up and going? Do you have to redownload your entire history and copy and paste?

  • Jherter

    Hi CruzinToVictory Were you able to get to the bottom of the issue that grandthefauto and @DavidK44 reported on DK with winnings showing as 0? I am on Windows 7 and using Excel 2010, macros are enabled, and I have 16,594 rows on my DK tab. I don’t play on any other sites so cant test them. I’ve tried over and over but cant get anything to show in Winnings column. (and yes I actually have cashed in some contests :) )


  • Jimbotron

    I’m not able to generate any info after copying and pasting. After clicking “Update All” it takes a while to load then nothing shows up. I copied and pasted my games from FD in cell A2 (just the games, not the categories at the top), then I copied the second page under those games. Am I doing something wrong?

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