• DKfromBK

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  • iwrestle

    Very nice!

  • Cal

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    Good stuff Deva!

  • ObiWanBonogi

    Sexy upgrade! Love it!

  • Wombat

    This is huge. The FD live scoring was… lacking to say it nicely.

  • bhdevault

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    Love it! No more needing to use my phone to track Live games!

  • 3rdDFS

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    Any way more than just a couple games can appear on each page?

  • mberkowi

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    @3rdAndSchlong said...

    Any way more than just a couple games can appear on each page?

    This. My initial reaction was this is great. Now tempered a little seeing how large the font size and heads are and how many pages of lineups I need to scroll through.

  • SA16

    Honestly this is way worse than before. It’s nice that you can now see your results right there and you can see them by lineup but…this has already existed on the mobile app for a year + (Not by lineup – the ability to see results by lineup admittedly is pretty convenient). It only displays I think 25 games a page now so if you want to go through all your matchups and your high volume it’s tons of clicks to get where you want to be. There’s also no search so if I knew I had a game against someone it’s not even like I can just type in their name and quickly find there. If I was looking for a game vs. a specific opponent in the past I could just ctrl+f their username and find it instantly…can’t do that now that I may have 20+ pages of games to find.

    Also as mberkowi said above the font is unnecessarily huge. Additionally it’s now much harder to see how your players are doing because of the whole “drill down” approach in the lineup. Like I can see how many points a guy has but if I want to see how I have to click on the players name at which point it expands his box to include his stats. If you click on all 9 at once (on 1920 × 1028 res) you can’t even see all 9 players at the same time. And then if I want to see my opponents? That’s 18 clicks to see the stats of guys in this matchup plus scrolling. And in the old version all of this data was right there in a simple compact screen without needing to do anything at all other than clicking on which game you wanted to view.

    Mostly though the biggest problem is, as I mentioned, that the games are now split up into so many different pages it takes forever to go through them if I wanted to see what I’m facing and such. I don’t really understand how this new version could have undergone testing and then been approved since within 30 seconds of seeing it I had already identified many things that are much less intuitive/more time-consuming than before.

    I don’t know it seems to me it would make more sense to fix things that are actually broken as opposed to trying to revamp things that are already adequate(i.e. the site freezing and the enter button graying out when you join too many games too quickly and there is no way to undo it other than to refresh the page. Or the site randomly deciding to log you out without telling you and you don’t realize it until you keep trying to join games and just nothing happens until you refresh and see that you’re no longer logged in).

  • emac

    Hi FD Team, just a couple thoughts:

    It would be nice to see the PMR/PIR on the summary page (, particularly both entries for H2H matchups.

    There seems to be an awful lot of steps/clicks to see how particular players are doing. There is plenty of white space on the screen between the players salary and the fantasy points scored by the player that could be used to house an actual stats accumulated view.

    The addition of the PMR on the “leaderboard” page next to the little diminishing green capsules is useful on the individual contest scoring page/view.

    It would be nice to be able to scroll vertically up and down a tournament summary view page instead of having to click through the page views to see 10 teams at a time.

    A feature to “hide/suppress” shared players would be a welcome addition when viewing contests/opponents in a H2H view.

    It is helpful to see the cash line on the smaller tournaments 3-5-10 mans (

    The addition of the Entries/Entry Fees/Winning summary at the top is a terrific addition!

    Thanks for considering the above suggestions.


  • dkandpal

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    I’ll communicate everything that’s surfaced here and directly to me to the team.

    As everyone continues to use the new format please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here:

  • jsw3ent

    Thank you——-and I love it…………however, if the innings/quarters remaining was also on the “ view by entries “ page———all things we look for would be on one single page. I know it is listed on the “ view by lineups “ page……..but having to toggle back and forth to see innings/quarters remaining seems unnecessary. BUT THANK YOU AND 100 % BETTER. I LOVE IT. Not complaining——-just curious if it could be added ——-all on one page.

  • jsw3ent

    @3rdAndSchlong said...

    Any way more than just a couple games can appear on each page?


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