• rickysabogal

    How is everyone using the new NBA DvP cheat sheet? To me it seems it is increasing my research time b/c when researching a position I can’t just look at one area I have to switch between sections…

    To the RG team, is there a way to filter back to the cheat sheet to show defense by actual position?

    Thanks everyone!

  • ChrisGimino

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    Ricky — Here is the conundrum: Defense by actual position is broken in today’s NBA game. We can’t continue to advise members that this is a good way to understand the matchup. I just recorded a video about it and will post it shortly. Using the old DVP methods is a trap (in some cases)…. BUT I have something you can use….


    You can use the Site positions to sort by the position you are evaluating, while the proper archetype DVP shows in the tool. It’s still including last year and this year for now in DVP but that will stop once a few games go by.

    The only gap here is including key bench players, which we will address near term in LineupHQ.

    UPDATE: I just added 3 bench players to each team.

  • charger4life

    How is the DVA ranking used? ex: above shows Gallinari has a 3 DVA. does that mean he has the 3rd best defense vs. this archetype?meaning he keeps the opposing archetype production down. or 3rd worst? meaning he has allowed the 3rd most to that archetype.

  • superjon

    You used to be able to click on the player and when their profile popped up it would list their player type under position.

    Now it just lists their position (SG, PG, C, etc.)

  • dphennis

    I think the BLUE color is best and then green and so on charger4life.

  • charger4life

    yes, I understand Blue is the Elite color, but elite defender or elite in giving up the points.
    so, dphennis, thanks?

  • rickysabogal

    Thanks Chris! I will give this a go.

  • rickysabogal

    Hey Chris! Question for you…. last season there was a summary page for DvP. It had the teams on the left, and then across the top the positions and how many fpts they allowed vs. position. Is there a page like that for Archetype? It can have each type across the top and the team on the left… that way we can quickly see if there is any type of player stands out vs a particular team… Thanks for all you do!

  • GQ1NYC

    Hey Chris,

    Last night was the first time I really dug into the tool. My question is when do you consider the DVA matchup over the player projection?

    For instance, Chris Paul on DK has a projection of 48 but his DVA is 26. Similarly a guy like John Wall who will play against Westbrook. DVA is 22 but hes averaged 46 DK points the last 4 meetings.

    Essentially when do you use the rankings and when do you play the player because maybe game total or injuries make them a good play?

  • Junky32

    Is the an average fantasy points allowed for teams in the nba

  • theIrrigator

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    DvA is whack, I prefer just a basic DvP chart and then decide myself if said player is a trap. I’ve just been using another site’s DvP chart. No reason to try and make something so simple so complicated. I dont think RG even has a basic DvP chart anymore right? I couldn’t find one. Am I the only person who feels this way?

  • SenderGreen

    Same here I feel the same way, I prefer the basic DvP that used to be in First Look as a starting point for research each day. I understand that the older way is too simplistic, there’s no way every player is defined simply as in PG, SG, etc. But First Look before as I understood it also organized players by what they did in the game and also listed them with their site specific designations. This was great to quickly get an overall feel of the games before I went to the new DVA page and other tools to dig deeper. Forgive my simple ways but I prefer to start at the old First Look and the old basic DvP pages before going to the fine tuning tools.

    Because when I’m really busy I could just look at First Look and then skim the expert tips plus core plays to watch out for anything the DvP was insufficient in. It’s great when I can’t do a more thorough research or listen to a show/podcast.

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