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    Two of the premiere DFS content sites finally come together to collaborate on the perfect show to watch while you grind out your Sunday lineups.

    DailyRoto’s Drew Dinkmeyer or Mike Leone will be joined by two of RotoGrinders finest (this week it will be Brit and BeermakersFan) to answer the burning questions from the community each and every week!

    The show starts at 7:30 ET on Saturday night and can be watched here:

    This will be a great opportunity to get your questions answered by some of industry’s finest and also score some DFS swag in the process!

    Post your question NFL Week 7 or NBA questions here in the thread and if your question get’s selected to use for the show, you WIN SWAG!

    (Please ask a thought provoking question…These questions should not be of the start or sit variety)

  • CleverGroom

    Suppose that you neglected to limit the number of H2H games against a single opponent on DraftKings this week. Suppose further that most of those games got scooped up by a guy who started Cameron Meredith (yay!). Suppose further still that you also started Cameron Meredith (boo) and, um, Jordy Nelson (boo).

    Do you A) stick to the plan and swing for the fences with a single lineup, B) hedge with multiple lineups, or C) seek urgent neurological care for fear that you’ve lost your damn mind?

    Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance!

  • richyrich

    award predictions for this nba season?

  • abright8

    Question: This week I keep getting to the point where I feel like I need to play Jacquizz and Evans. How optimal is that to stack a RB & WR without the QB? Especially on an away team that might not score a to of TDs.

  • TheRealJosh5

    Question .. Brit will you be rostering A.J. Green this week knowing he has better away splits than home?

  • MrShampoo

    With so much value that could open up due to late scratches, is it best to build lineups throughout the week or wait until Sunday morning?

    (Also, my question was featured on last week’s show. How do I get my swag?)

  • TfromLOC

    When looking for value, and all things being equal, which factor should carry the most weight : cost, matchup, home/away or usage?

  • scsa1998

    Assuming the most common roster construction will be cheap RB / TE and pay up for WR. How contrarian will it be to go the opposite and pay up for RB(not sure who) and find value WRs.

  • Mikecheckgw

    When choosing a team defense, what the the most important factor(s) in determining the best play? Home/Away? Matchup? Low Vegas Total? Ability to cause turnovers/matched with the opposing QB turnover ratio (even though its harder to predict)?

  • tgowen

    • Blogger of the Month

    NBA tends to be a sport that can have extremely high ownership percentages. How much does this play into your player selection for both cash/gpp lineups?

  • Gqinxs

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      2016 DraftKings NFL KOTB Finalist

    How much do you factor in Vegas player props Sunday morning to your lineups?

  • Gqinxs

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      2016 DraftKings NFL KOTB Finalist

    Some sites have a lot of overlay on Sunday mornings. How important is it to chase overlay? Should you play contests/slates you weren’t intending on playing to get overlay?

  • Gqinxs

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      2016 DraftKings NFL KOTB Finalist

    people talk about using players “for the block” in cash games. Should you be choosing specific players if you think they will be highly owned? Does it matter more to use them “for the block” if they have a high price tag (e.g. Julio Jones this week) or a low price tag (e.g. Rodgers this week)?

  • Nelson01

    Thoughts on fading this weeks Sunday night game? Does having a player with 3 touchdown upside make you nervous doing this in gpp’s?

  • fuegosteve

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    my question was picked last week. Will someone be getting in touch with me for swag? thanks!

  • dcordell

    how much salary is too much to leave on the table when building cash teams? NFL mostly but NBA as well

  • Nkucarrd88

    At what level of projected ownership do you feel like you have to start fading the plays you love most each week? A guy like Jacquizz Rodgers this week for example.

  • narniak

    When I run a higher volume of GPP LUs (say 50+), they quickly become unmanageable due to the lack of ability to sort / filter the FD interface. I am endlessly scrolling up and down dozens of rosters to find X, Y or Z combination, etc. In a week like this where major injury news will likely not be confirmed until Sunday morning, it could be nearly imossible to make quality changes to my GPPs LUs. Does anyone else have this problem? Why does FD not allow you to filter/sort your upcoming LUs to make things easier? Is it true that some of the high-volume players like Saahil run special scripts that enable more sophisticated revisions to their hundreds of LUs?

  • Patguru1

    how do you approach being contrarian when a player is in a bad matchup when does this play become chasing points?

  • bigmike14

    Industry Question: What are your thoughts about the casual tournaments on DraftKings as a sort of continuation of the beginner contests? Do you think this is a good move for industry growth?

  • narniak

    On FD the higher stakes GPPs (say $300+) for the NFL Sunday main slate seem to generally only be available in the form of multi-entry contests, with virtually no options for single-entry. This leads to certain players max entering the contests, acting as “bankroll bullies” to any player with only a modest bankroll affording a single bullet. For example, the $535 Luxury Box is only a 100 total entry GPP, and a certain known individual has max entered 10 LUs. Is it ethical for FD to cater to their high-volume bankroll bullies in such a way? Why are there so few options for single-entry higher stakes GPPs? Are they scared of players with more modest bankrolls humbling their cash cows?

  • NSNunn

    A DFS friend of mine (who grinds solely NBA) and I have had differing opinions on one subject matter when it comes to my lineup construction for NFL each week. A little background info: I max enter (150) the 5$ on DK. Coming from an NBA background, he believes that I should be essentially going all in with a player or two within my core. His thought process is, is that if my core comes in, that I should want to have as many of my lineups with that one or two players as possible, rotating other fringe players around it. My thought process is that that is an NBA game theory strategy where minutes = production, where as NFL is more game flow dependent. His response is that I need to trust my read on how I think a game flow will go, and go with it.

    So I guess my question is not which approach is necessarily right or wrong (because I will never win the argument, he is set in his ways), but for those who do max enter, how many go all in on a certain player? Is there a max exposure that you go by? My comfort zone is around 60-70% on RB’s, or 40-60% on WR’s.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Teamderivia

    How much do dfs players over think ownership in NFL? Last week brees was in an epic spot at home and barely 10% owned…this seems like one sport with so many casual players…the players plugged in have such an edge just playing the best lineup.

  • mincuspincus

    A situation that has arisen this week is a team with only a moderate team total (TB at ~22-23 points) presenting multiple options due to value and presumed concentration of touches (Rodgers, Evans, Brate). How do you approach rostering these players in various formats?

  • Matoshea

    Is Mike Davis playable in cash? I’m playing the afternoon slate so Gillsee isn’t available

  • rhino713

    What do you think of Marquis Lee as a cheap dart throw in GPP? He’s already getting just as much attention in the pass game as Hurns. And Hurns is a little banged up. Even if it isn’t serious, he’s one play away from exiting. At which point Lee goes from 6 or 7 targets up to 10 to 11 targets.

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