• CleverGroom

    07:00 PM EST : Indianapolis ( 3 ) at Cincinnati ( -3 ) — T: 34
    07:00 PM EST : Miami ( PK ) at Atlanta ( PK ) — T: 35.5
    07:00 PM EST : NY Jets ( -4 ) at Philadelphia ( 4 ) — T: 36
    07:00 PM EST : Cleveland ( -2 ) at Detroit ( 2 ) — T: 35 (Showdown)
    07:00 PM EST : New England ( 2.5 ) at NY Giants ( -2.5 ) — T: 38.5
    07:30 PM EST : Washington ( 6.5 ) at Baltimore ( -6.5 ) — T: 36
    07:30 PM EST : Carolina ( 2.5 ) at Pittsburgh ( -2.5 ) — T: 36.5
    07:30 PM EST : Jacksonville ( 1.5 ) at Tampa Bay ( -1.5 ) — T: 35.5

    DK 8-Game Late Slate
    08:00 PM EST : Buffalo ( 3 ) at Chicago ( -3 ) — T: 37
    08:00 PM EST : Minnesota ( 1 ) at Tennessee ( -1 ) — T: 35.5
    08:30 PM EST : LA Rams ( 4 ) at New Orleans ( -4 ) — T: 36
    08:00 PM EST : Dallas ( 4 ) at Houston ( -4 ) — T: 34
    08:30 PM EST : Green Bay ( 3.5 ) at Kansas City ( -3.5 ) — T: 38

    DK 3-Game Night Slate
    10:00 PM EST : Denver ( 3 ) at Arizona ( -3 ) — T: 35 (Showdown)
    10:00 PM EST : LA Chargers ( 3.5 ) at San Francisco ( -3.5 ) — T: 35
    10:00 PM EST : Oakland ( 3 ) at Seattle ( -3 ) — T: 35

  • CleverGroom

    @bjacksonibew said...

    On a different note can we look at Josh McClown now as an option?

    No. The Jets signed John Wolford. He was a standout earlier this year in Jets minicamp.

    Unless I’m reading it wrong, this was their plan all along: they wanted to add Wolford after an eleventh-hour Bridgewater trade, play him exclusively in week 4, and then quietly waive him and sign him to their practice squad.

    That’s not to say that Wolford gets 4 quarters. I think we could see something like Sam Darnold starting for 1-1.5 quarters or so, then Wolford comes off the bench. I doubt Josh McCown plays, because he’s brittle, he has a daughter less than a year older than Darnold, and he plays like Ryan Fitzpatrick on crack.

    Your best-case scenario here is playing Wolford for 4 quarters.

    Wolford has about 24 hours to learn the playbook and hasn’t taken a snap all preseason. In the interim, he has been working as an intern at a small private equity fund in Winston-Salem, NC. He’s playing on the road in Philadelphia, where the most obnoxious fans in the league filled the stadium most of the way to capacity for an early-August intrasquad scrimmage.

  • amicsta

    Defensive plays seem to be Philly, the Jets (Hackenberg anyone?), and the Bears.

    FWIW I think the toughest spot to fill this week is WR, and I guess TE to an extent. Goedert has played a ton, but he’s probably too important to see too much time tomorrow. The position overall is a bit of a crapshoot.

  • CleverGroom

    I find TE really easy so far. Andrew Vollert, Ross Dwelley, and Rico Gathers are all fantastic options. There’s a deep second tier that includes the CHI TEs, GB TEs. BUF TEs, plus Valles, Cajuste, and Firkser. I still have over a dozen teams to get through on the full slate and I’m more than happy with my options at TE.

  • amicsta

    I haven’t gotten that far up the board yet haha so hopefully when I get to the night games more options appear. Especially at WR.

  • CleverGroom

    WR certainly has a lot of options. It’s just hard to distinguish who gets PT and opportunities over the others. I think it’s generally a good idea to have a broad pool at WR but this is an especially good slate to diversify.

    An aside on that topic: think about how broad your player pool should be on each slate if you’re playing multiples. I’m not sure I’ll own anybody over about 30% on the full slate (a chalky 4-quarter QB might be an exception). This is important because with 32, 90-man teams in play, dozens of players will put up viable scores! You’re gonna get banged if you put 100% of your shares into Gathers on the full slate and he winds up as the TE29.

    The smaller the slates get, the more you can concentrate ownership. A guy like Vollert only has perhaps a dozen other TEs to beat by the time we get to the 3-game night slate. If that leads you to invest heavily in him, what does it mean for your shares earlier in the day? You can diversify your overall portfolio by shifting full-slate Vollert shares into early game TEs, while still maintaining that heavy night-slate position.

  • amicsta

    Also I retract my previous statement on Wims. I like Gentry as the pairing there.

  • tklonewolf

    This was, by far, the funniest thing I’ve read this week. CleverGroom, your Teddy diatribe has my ribs hurting from laughing too hard! 🤣🤣🤣

  • tklonewolf

  • tklonewolf

    Teddy has become Dobby the House Elf….🤣

  • CleverGroom

    TIL Devon Cajuste runs a faster 40 time than Jarvis Landry.

  • ripking

    Any clue who to play at RB on Thursday?

  • KindGuy

    Cameron Meredith vs Trequan Smith. Can’t wait.

  • donkeydealer

    I think Chris Warren is a lock to get lots of PT. With the top 3 backs in Oakland secure, they may run Warren all out since this will be his last chance to play.

  • CleverGroom

    @donkeydealer said...

    I think Chris Warren is a lock to get lots of PT. With the top 3 backs in Oakland secure, they may run Warren all out since this will be his last chance to play.

    Also Washington is laid up. If they do indeed think Lynch, Richard, and Martin—for some reason I can’t possibly fathom—are locked into their spots, then the only other healthy RB is Paul Butler.

    Chris Warren is everything that Jon Gruden holds dear in life. He is Mother Football’s favored son. He is the avatar of everything that is pure, and sacred.

    Gruden will give Warren reps just for the joy of it.

  • joek1121

    @CleverGroom and all who read: thoughts on Jaylen Samuels #mike-boone)MIke Boone”:/players/mike-boone-328302/Jeremy McNich?

  • mambaland


  • joek1121

    Croooon, we need you.

  • noddy

    I am lost at RB. Please help!!!!

  • ruskidoo

    Has anyone posted a week 4 article or anything yet?

  • mambaland

    justin davis ?

  • al3b3d3v

    Kapri Bibbs for all the monies

  • joek1121

    Looks like no one is touching the slate.

  • wscooby

    Which Cleveland back to play tonight, Chubb?

  • easternmh

    • 2019 Blogger of the Month

    Here’s what I found

  • KindGuy

    We’re all waiting for Clevergroom to finish up researching all 32 teams on the slate.

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