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    Thursday, 11/16
    8:25 PM EST : Tennessee ( 7 ) at Pittsburgh ( -7 ) —- T: 44

    Sunday, 11/19
    1:00 PM EST : Detroit ( -3 ) at Chicago ( 3 ) —- T: 42
    1:00 PM EST : Arizona ( -2.5 ) at Houston ( 2.5 ) —- T: —
    1:00 PM EST : Kansas City ( -11 ) at NY Giants ( 11 ) —- T: 43.5
    1:00 PM EST : Baltimore ( -2.5 ) at Green Bay ( 2.5 ) —- T: 38.5
    1:00 PM EST : Washington ( 7.5 ) at New Orleans ( -7.5 ) —- T: 51
    1:00 PM EST : LA Rams ( 2.5 ) at Minnesota ( -2.5 ) —- T: 46
    1:00 PM EST : Tampa Bay ( 2.5 ) at Miami ( -2.5 ) —- T: —
    1:00 PM EST : Jacksonville ( -7.5 ) at Cleveland ( 7.5 ) —- T: 38
    4:05 PM EST : Buffalo ( 4.5 ) at LA Chargers ( -4.5 ) —- T: 43.5
    4:25 PM EST : Cincinnati ( 2.5 ) at Denver ( -2.5 ) —- T: —
    4:25 PM EST : New England ( -5.5 ) at Oakland ( 5.5 ) —- T: —
    8:30 PM EST : Philadelphia ( -3.5 ) at Dallas ( 3.5 ) —- T: 48

    Monday, 11/20
    8:30 PM EST : Atlanta ( 3 ) at Seattle ( -3 ) —- T: 45

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  • chatmar

    Tagets/Targets you know what I mean. That’s how confused I am!

  • chatmar

    Hooper!!!! LOL

  • deactivated204643

    @chatmar said...

    Hooper!!!! LOL

    He’s on fire!

  • miggs6876

    Is Atlanta coming into form? Ryan is in sync with new offensive coordinator’s play calling. Or is Seattle’s defense that bad? I know they are all banged up.

  • TheRyanFlaherty

    GDIT that reversal just cost me…couldn’t get an extra inch…ugh!

  • walkoff9

    wow atlanta pathetic defense

  • walkoff9

    if wilson gets the ball back seattle wins

  • miggs6876

    Wow. Wilson has that “IT” factor.

  • BIF

    Probably shoulda kicked FG at end of 1st H………duh !

  • yisman

    Carroll two horrible decisions. Challenging the Baldwin drop and faking the FG.

    Anyway, I chose Lacy over McKissic as the replacement for Rawls in my lineup and those points were the different between cashing and not cashing. McKissic 10.1 more than Lacy.

  • BBWC_10

    I scored a 171.6 on the Thr-Mon DK Play action. I got 2pts out of Ertz. 2pts from Drake, 2 Pts. from Snead. 165 from everyone else….What could of been if I played like Graham and Stills.

  • JimKronlund

    I do not want this to turn into a conspiracy discussion.

    Why was Mike Davis an option only for the NFL $10 TRIPLE UP [TOP 9 WIN $30] (MON-THU) and the 10X BOOSTER [TOP 3 WIN $50]. When he was not an option in the NFL $300K MONDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN or the NFL $750K SUNDAY NIGHT SPECTACULAR?
    How did Birdwings ferret out Davis and use him in a small single entry 31 team contest?
    I am not bashing Birdwings. I am only giving him props for thorough research and the nuts to play him in a single entry contest.

    Mike Davis was either; not picked or was not an option, (cannot look back and be sure), for both identical NFL $5 Quint up contests.
    NFL $5 QUINTUPLE UP [TOP 10 WIN $25] (MON-THU). Both are bigger contests with 57 teams each.

    Bd4KiiD was the only one who picked Davis in the NFL 10X BOOSTER [TOP 3 WIN $50]
    Another small contest like Birdwings. 37 teams.

    Again I am not crying fowl play. I am ahead of both of them and have a really good chance of being in the money in all 4 contests. I could understand his pick in a bigger GPP. But not so much in a small single entry.
    I am curious why Davis was even an option in only those two small contests. There may be other contests that I am not aware of.
    I think I figured it out through the process of typing this all out.
    My guess is that DraftKings had created the larger GPP’s long before Davis was activated and decided not to add him after others have already made their teams without a Mike Davis option. Once DK learned that Davis was activated from the practice squad and available. They added him to new contests they created as others filled.

    I wonder if DK should have announced and made it clear to everyone that they added new available players to the new contests that were still in the same slate. And that they were not available to older existing contests that started before the news broke.
    In my opinion I think they should. I know that some other opinions would rather keep it as it is and allow more diligent researchers find these gems. I would rather they tell us. In the future I will be looking out for this type of situation in new contests that are created closer to start time.

  • BIF

    I think all contests in the same slate have to use the same player pool – anything else would be a programming nightmare to manage 2 player pools but I wonder if Davis was an option on the Depth Chart page – I’m sure I’ve seen additional options available there before not on the positional salary choice page especially in MLB.

  • JimKronlund

    @BIF said...

    I think all contests in the same slate have to use the same player pool – anything else would be a programming nightmare to manage 2 player pools but I wonder if Davis was an option on the Depth Chart page – I’m sure I’ve seen additional options available there before not on the positional salary choice page especially in MLB.

    He could only have been on the depth chart only after they activated him earlier in the week. So I do not see how they put him there for some contests and not all. The two big contests did not have him. Either did the quarter and they catch every possible player. I see the players in the depth chart that have no fixed salary applied to them. I do not see how they can apply a salary to any player after DK opens a contests and some people made teams without an opportunity to pick him. I really don’t know what to think about this now. I agree 2 player pools would be difficult, but then again maybe its not?
    Edit: They could add him and it can be only 1 player pool. The contests that started early before he was available would just not apply his score to that contest. The new contest could add him and use his score. I do not think that would be hard.
    I do think it would be very unfair to the many people that have solidified and entered their teams early. When future contest open up they just plug the team in they have already built. If new players are added to the new contests. That would be pretty unfair to all the people that thought they have researched using the same player base.

  • JimKronlund

    I saw this from an unrelated tweet, but it sheds some light on DK’s policy or parameters on what they cannot do after they release their player pool. Or at least it sets a precedence (or precedent).

    DraftKings CX Team‏Verified account
    Replying to XXXX
    Hi XXXX, thanks for reaching out. Because Tkachuk was still listed as suspended when our player pool was released, he was inactive and we unfortunately cannot add him to tonight’s player pool. He will be in the player pool for tomorrow and in contests moving forward.
    To me that suggests that they cannot add a player after they release the player pool.

    I have sent DraftKings a long e-mail asking for clarification regarding Mike Davis and his availability questions.

  • JimKronlund

    Ok the answer was pretty simple and bad oversight on my part. Mike Davis was not on the Sunday-Monday slate.
    He was on the Monday-Thursday slate. Yeah I know, another miss on the blatantly obvious stuff.

    BUT ​I counted the number of teams Mike Davis was owned in the large NFL $25K FIRST DOWN (MON-THU) contest that had 29726 teams​. Mike Davis was picked only in 22/29726 teams. That is 0.07% It is only a $1.00 entry fee, so they get a lot of teams with every player possible. ​
    The odds of​ Mike Davis ​being owned in 2 different small 35 team contests by 2 different people​ (2.9% each)​​. Against a contest NFL $25K FIRST DOWN (MON-THU) with 29726 teams​​ where he is only owned 22 times, (0.07%). ​Are odds that to me seem really impossible. But I have no reasonable explanation that it is not impossible.

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