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    Thursday, 10/4
    8:20 PM EST : Indianapolis ( 10.5 ) at New England ( -10.5 ) —- T: 53

    Sunday, 10/7
    1:00 PM EST : NY Giants ( 7 ) at Carolina ( -7 ) —- T: 44
    1:00 PM EST : Miami ( 5.5 ) at Cincinnati ( -5.5 ) —- T: 50
    1:00 PM EST : Green Bay ( -1 ) at Detroit ( 1 ) —- T: 51
    1:00 PM EST : Tennessee ( -3.5 ) at Buffalo ( 3.5 ) —- T: 39
    1:00 PM EST : Baltimore ( -2.5 ) at Cleveland ( 2.5 ) —- T: 46
    1:00 PM EST : Jacksonville ( 3.5 ) at Kansas City ( -3.5 ) —- T: 51.5
    1:00 PM EST : Denver ( 1 ) at NY Jets ( -1 ) —- T: 43.5
    1:00 PM EST : Atlanta ( 3.5 ) at Pittsburgh ( -3.5 ) —- T: 56
    4:05 PM EST : Oakland ( 6.5 ) at LA Chargers ( -6.5 ) —- T: 52
    4:25 PM EST : Arizona ( 4.5 ) at San Francisco ( -4.5 ) —- T: 41
    4:25 PM EST : Minnesota ( 3 ) at Philadelphia ( -3 ) —- T: 44.5
    4:25 PM EST : LA Rams ( -7 ) at Seattle ( 7 ) —- T: 49
    8:20 PM EST : Dallas ( 3 ) at Houston ( -3 ) —- T: 45

    Monday, 10/8
    8:15 PM EST : Washington ( 7 ) at New Orleans ( -7 ) —- T: 52

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  • Fonz87

    Lol @ people being surprised by Ingram being used…

  • HuskerAaron

    @marker0357 said...

    whose the backup for Smith?

    Doug Williams

  • CleverGroom

    @marker0357 said...

    whose the backup for Smith?

    If you’re asking because he’s not producing, I’d be pointing fingers at the pass protection. This OL is far, far too good to be getting clowned by this NO pass rush the way they are. They gotta fix this during halftime.

  • Micah831

    I don’t have Ingram as captain but i got brees in it with Ingram and Thomas and Hopkins who already has 8 points. I’m hoping lutz can come through with more than 2 points lol

  • marker0357

    that was a damn hard hit

  • Kennybass065

    @yisman said...

    Hey, I finally heard Reed’s name!

    “I’m surprised Reed doesn’t have a target yet”

    Especially since Alex “Checkdown” Smith is in pre-2017 form.

  • realphipps

    Redskins pass offense is so bad ESPN just credited Marcus Davenport as the intended receiver of that last target.

    According to some Instagram chatter, a Jared Reed and Alfred Kamara are buying drinks for everyone at Cherokee Casino in NC right now. Both have mustaches and eye glasses that seem vaguely out of place. There’s no indication that Billy Manziel is with the duo, but these reports are tentative and changing by the minute.

  • marker0357

    there’s some serious spanking going on

  • sox9

    I think NO will work something to Kmara, just to re-assure him he is still “the guy” in this offense. Ingram will not get more than 3TDs. Kmara should get 1.

  • tony20rocks


  • Micah831

    Record couldn’t go to a better man. All around great superstar!

  • Kamais_Ookin

    what in the world was i thinking with redskins dst LOL

  • Authentk

    Yea…that TD didn’t seem scripted.

  • tarheelsrule44

    Only good news is that the saints will likely run like crazy now and I have both Kamara and Ingram.

  • sox9

    ESPN writer :”“(player-popup #jordan-reed)Jordan Reed”:/players/jordan-reed-16587 has been limited fro some reason”, lol.

  • Logan7777

    Very cool. All time passing yardage.

  • HuskerAaron

    is that a full grown fan man balling?
    beer me.

  • pdrhodes

    Going for 2 there makes zero sense unless something is wrong with Lutz

  • Kamais_Ookin

    @Authentk said...

    Yea…that TD didn’t seem scripted.

    redskins defense overrated

  • Falconsfan101

    That was the most scripted bs I have ever seen. No coverage what so ever. What a joke. Like Brees as a player and man, but that was so painfully obvious that it was scripted.

    Edit: WTF? Grown ass man crying? I need to go grab me another beer and man it up. What a pansy.

  • sox9

    why a 2-point conversion attempt when a PAT puts you up 21 instead of 20?

  • RipCityRings

    Would appreciate it if NO would stop going for 2 when I roster their kicker.

  • kcroyalty29

    @Fonz87 said...

    Lol @ people being surprised by Ingram being used…

    Not surprised he’s being used. Surprised touches are 11 to 5

  • sox9

    @Kamais_Ookin said...

    redskins defense overrated

    think they were #1 in yards allowed vs. the pass——not now

  • marker0357

    oh how stupid

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