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    Update: This thread was written before the NY Attorney general sent cease and desist in NY letters to Fanduel and DraftKings.


    Subsequent Updates

    Statement from DraftKings

    Statement from FanDuel


    Following post made before NY news broke

    Hey Grinders,

    The battle to keep DFS fully legal is still going on in some states, and obviously New York is an important one. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is considering preventing New Yorkers from playing daily fantasy sports. There are over 500,000 daily fantasy players in the state of New York and AG Schneiderman would like to put in place restrictive measures that prevent your ability to play. It’s time for our community to come together and stand up against these unreasonable efforts.

    If you live in New York, you can help now. Make sure AG Eric Schneiderman hears from you. Tell him you support daily fantasy sports for all in New York state. Daily fantasy sports is fun, entertaining and a game of skill. NY has bigger challenges than fantasy football.

    Please contact the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman via phone, email, etc. at the details below, and visit this URL to petition

    Sign the Online Petition to New York Attorney General

    Other NY Contacts:

    District: NY
    Phone:(518) 474-8390
    Fax:(518) 474-1513


    Twitter Handles

    NY A.G. – at AGSchneiderman
    NY Governor – at NYGovCuomo

  • madmanjayWV

    Chief, Internet Bureau
    Who the heck is that? ^^^^^^^
    What is her phone # contact INFO????
    this is an utter joke, sorry —-

  • jason18801999

    I live in New York. Stupid question maybe but when does the 5 days run til? Do they include the holiday as a day or the weekend? Because if I am able to play this weekend and know it might be the last time that I can play, I am going balls deep in entries lol.

  • calackey85

    I love playing DFS but this, at least for me, goes beyond DFS. If an Attorney General has the power to completely disregard law then think of the possible ramifications.

  • Tr4nc3

    I understand the legal minded, my entire family is of the legal practice. From lawyers to paralegals too office managers of firms. I know a decent amount about law, be the state that I have resided in most my life. But this doesn’t seem legal. At least in an “I can continue this for x years unless y outcome is upheld through abc laws/measures”. This may be for the great and progressive state of Alabama, excuse rhe sarcasm. But this can he fought. Correct? And this may have been answered. But it can be won, at least on a broad view paper standard, correct?

  • Maddad2020

    So if FD and Draftkings is considered gambling in NY then why is the lottery allowed? Oh wait, the STATE gets that money. Ahhhhhhh, now I see. Basically if the state of NY can’t find a way to skim off the top then they declare it illegal or gambling……

  • tacoface

    @Maddad2020 said...

    So if FD and Draftkings is considered gambling in NY then why is the lottery allowed? Oh wait, the STATE gets that money. Ahhhhhhh, now I see. Basically if the state of NY can’t find a way to skim off the top then they declare it illegal or gambling……

    Can I play and use my FPP’s on Draftkings to play right now even though I may live in NY?

  • MickFucci

    @tysim19 said...

    I’m not going to worry until DK and FD stop me from playing. Until then, it is safe to assume that this will be either a negotiation or a long drawn out legal battle.

    Exactly! I love FD comment. He changed his opinion. Imo DFS is skill/luck combined. There’s no way that the government should be able to step in and shut down a growing Industry that’s all over every sporting event now.

  • baywood99

    I totally agree with you- not sure why the moderator also keeps taking my posts down about the so called “whales”
    The atty general needs to just link up the bank accounts of these whales and see if they are even paying to enter the tournaments- I for one don’t believe they are- I believe they are playing with house money to “fleece” the public and in turn keep the money “in house”. This was very much the same as what the poker companies were doing and some of these same poker people run these companies.

  • VChair23

    As of this morning I can still deposit on each site.

  • Putz

    @Gotembaseball said...


    The consensus from the general public was to ban scripts. Both sites decided banning scripts was bad for their bottom line although scripts are proven to hurt the ecosystem. Now the sites want those same players (the 99%) to stand up and fight for them by reaching out to the AG and signing petitions.

    If you want the voice of the people to stand up for you and fight then you should’ve stood by the people and listened to their wishes.

    Fair point. Agree.

  • healeymr

    I think what DFS players have to consider is that the US has what can be best described as a complicated relationship with topics like gambling, alcohol, etc. The source of the complication is two conflicting forces, the strong sense of individual liberty that is a cornerstone of society, and a powerful puritanical streak. There is a strong contingent of Americans that feel the government should enforce morality. So it is important to realize that while DFS players are upset at this decision, in other areas the actions of Schneiderman are being celebrated. For example here is a post in the comments section of the NYT article:

    AG Eric T. Schneiderman should be commended for this courageous action! Fantasy betting is gambling and gambling by all accounts is a scourge to society. I sincerely hope this ruling spreads to other states and is supported in the courts

    That is by no means the only comment in support of the action. Additionally, not all the comments support the action. Several bring up the hypocrisy that has been so thoroughly pointed out here.

    It is exactly this conflict that results in the complications, hypocrisy, and conflicting rules.

    What I personally find amazing is that the DFS operators didn’t see this coming and try to get out ahead of it. The naivete of assuming that since a federal law said the activity was legal that they could operate in an unfettered way free of any state regulation was stunning. Federal law said alcohol is legal and yet there are still significant state and local regulations that go as far as banning the sale of alcohol in some counties. 2 or 3 years ago, the DFS sites needed to go to state legislatures and gaming boards and devise a way to regulate and tax DFS before it grew to the size it is now rather than simply assume that they could operate with impunity. The result of that mistake is this was bound to happen.

    DFS brought this on themselves.

  • baywood99

    From the start they should have been regulated- no way with that much money at stake you have no regulations- it is the AG duty to protect the public- if there was nothing for FD & DK to worry about they would have had the state on board from day 1 to protect there business instead of trying to skirt around a loophole. Judging by the statements these two companies have made they appear to be in over there heads. If you had any integrity you would have welcomed regulation and been pro-active, not reactive.

  • Putz

    @desertfire05 said...

    Coach… Nevada was simple. All they had to do was apply for license, but then they would be admitting that DFS is gambling. Warped reasoning. Very timid strategy…Now they are getting pushed around.

    You forget they filed for a gaming license in Europe this summer, already admitting to this. Not sure why they didn’t do this in Nevada.

  • fanturds

    @VChair23 said...

    As of this morning I can still deposit on each site.

    that may be intentional. are you allowed to make wagers with it?

  • Putz

    @Gotembaseball said...

    Fighting for an unregulated animal with an allegiance to only a handful of players makes no sense to me. If I’m to go to war or do battle I want to fight for those that have my best interest in mind.

    So I ask you? What has either site done for you that makes you want to fight for them? If they want foot soldiers now is the time they should be breaking bread.

    Another good point. Where are the CSV files and matchup blockers? Scripts are still active, and they allowed a player to return after a 4 hour suspension for violating the script non-TOS.

  • alabama9608

    This guy is corrupt. Time for these companies to hire a Pi

  • tgowen

    • Blogger of the Month

    Overall this is absurd. However, as others have said, the sites need to look themselves in the mirror for all of this.

    For years, sites have done nothing but make decisions that truly benefit the high BR players. And while that is well within their right to do, it alienated a vast majority of their players. For me, the tipping point came this year when I realized ganondorf was entering 200 entries into a small/medium sized $0.25 league while also playing over $10k in the Millionaire Maker. The sites allow all of this nonsense to go on for too long without even acknowledging it might be a problem. Now, they have the government breathing down their neck and they are asking everyone to save them.

    I’m more than happy to help save the game of DFS, but I couldn’t care less about whether or not FD or DK get steamrolled.

    As for the petition, I tried to sign it but “this action is not available to people in my area.” Typical.

  • MickFucci

    Why are lineup builders bad? I used one and it made 800 lineups for me. I’m a small fish ( but I’m ahead overall since I switched to only tourneys) so I couldn’t play all of them. So aren’t the big whales gonna play all of the lineups either way?

  • Fishman

    And the Domino’s begin to fall……

  • MickFucci

    I never understand people who complain about whales. Simple answer don’t play.

  • alabama9608

    This is a ridiculous theory. They have major investors who would have full access to their numbers and business practices before they made those investments.

    The reason you’re post keeps getting deleted is because it’s ridiculous!

  • osuryanf

    @Fishman said...

    And the Domino’s begin to fall……


    Where have you been the last month or two?

  • MickFucci

    @alabama9608 said...

    This is a ridiculous theory. They have major investors who would have full access to their numbers and business practices before they made those investments.

    The reason you’re post keeps getting deleted is because it’s ridiculous!

    Amen! And why compare DFS to poker? Those companies were illegal and off shore

  • CDonaldson83

  • Fishman

    Is DFS a game of skill or chance, that’s what this is all about. The same people win day after day and year after year which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it is a game of skill. I would love to see some of the people against DFS play for 30 days against a top rated player and then claim that it is a game of chance.

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