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    Congrats and check your RG DM’s!

    Hey guys!

    With the Belmont Stakes happening this Saturday, we’re running a free contest for Grinders to participate in the excitement of the race!

    How to Participate:

    All you have to do is make some picks and post them here in this thread:

    (1) Pick the winner of Belmont (10 points)
    (2) Pick the runner up (7 points)
    (3) Pick the 3rd place finisher (4 points)
    (4) Pick the 4th place finisher (2 points)
    (5) Pick the 5th place finisher (1 point)
    (6) Estimate the time of completion for the race winner in the following format Minutes:Seconds: Milliseconds (used for tiebreakers – closest to the actual without going over – The Price is Right style)

    We’re offering up multiple prizes for the top place finishers!

    1st Place: 1 year of Combo Premium + RG SWAG (Shirt and Hat)

    2nd Place: 3 months of Combo Premium + RG SWAG (Shirt)

    3rd Place: 1 month of Combo Premium + RG SWAG (Shirt)

    4th/5th Place: RG SWAG (Shirt)

    2019 Belmont Stakes Picks, Odds And Post Positions Article

    Post here in this thread with your predictions before 3:00PM (ET) Saturday, June 8th to be eligible. 1 Entry per RG member, so choose wisely and best of luck!


    We’ve also partnered with TVG for anyone interested in taking a real money chance on the race. Bet the Belmont Stakes Racing Festival with TVG’s exclusive offer for new players.

    Register now and place a single horse win bet on any race at Belmont Friday & Saturday, and they will refund your first bet if it loses!

    Click here to create your new account

    Let us know if you have any other questions and enjoy the races!

    *You cannot edit your post once posted. If done so, you will be disqualified.

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • krury714

    1- Intrepid Heart
    2- Tacitus
    3- Sir Winston
    4- War of Will
    5- Tax
    Time 2:29:06

  • Grantturi

    1- Tacitus
    2-War of Will
    3-Sir Winston
    Time 2:27:29

  • 15RTPlus

    1- War of Will
    2- Tacitus
    3- Intrepid Heart
    4- Master Fencer
    5- Bourbon War
    Time 2:28:41

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • tommockjr

    1st- War Of Will
    2nd- Intrepid Heart
    3rd- Tacitus
    4th- Bourbon War
    5th- Master Fencer
    6. 2:29.24

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • jwood20

    1st – Tacitus
    2nd – Tax
    3rd – War of Will
    4th – Everfast
    5th – Intrepid Heart
    Time – 2:28.44

  • dabouch1988

    1. Tax
    2. Tacitus
    3. War of Will
    4. Everfast
    5. Master Fencer

    Time 2:28:97

  • Gqinxs

    • 104

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    • Ranked #69

      RG Tiered Ranking

    • x2

      2016 DraftKings NFL KOTB Finalist

    1st – Tacticus
    2nd – Bourbon War
    3rd – Everfast
    4th – Intrepid Heart
    5th – War of Will
    Time – 2:28:03


    Time 2.27.74

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • gregoriousthewise

    1-War Of Will 2-Tacitus 3-Intrepid Heart 4-Master Fencer 5- Sir Winston Time 2:28:35

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • jcdilly80

    1st – War of Will
    2nd – Tacitus
    3rd – Sir Winston
    4th – Intrepid Heart
    5th – Spinoff
    Time – 2:08:03

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • skholbrook77

    (1) Tacitus
    (2) War of Will
    (3) Intrepid Heart
    (4) Master Fencer
    (5) Sir Winston

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • Z28nba

    1-War of Will
    3-Bourbon War
    4-Master Fencer
    5-Sir Winston
    Time 2:26:25

  • manstr88

    1. Tacitus
    2. War of Will
    3. Everfast
    4. Intrepid Heart
    5. Master Fencer
    Time 2:29.00

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • PorchRocker

    1 – Tacitus
    2 – War Of Will
    3 – Everfast
    4 – Intreped Heart
    5 – Master Fencer
    Time 2:28:59

  • him

    2- Intrepid Heart
    3- War of Will
    4-Sir Winston
    5- Tax
    Time 2:26:18

  • drg51502

    1. War of Will

    2. Tacitus

    3. Tax

    4. Everfast

    5. Master Fencer

    time: 2:27:55

  • mbika

    1- Sir Winston
    2- Tacitus
    3-War of Will
    4- Bourbon War

  • MBroncos

    1 Intrepid Heart
    2 War of Will
    3 Tacitus
    4 Spinoff
    5 Everfast

  • colemanwt22

    1st – War of Will
    2nd – Intrepid Heart
    3rd – Sir Winston
    4th – Tacitus
    5th- Everfast
    Time- 2:28.28

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • snibbodmot

    1. Tacitus
    2. War of Will
    3. Intrepid Heart
    4. Sir Winston
    5. Master Denver
    6. 2:28.56

  • Mickeybu26

    1st Bourbon War
    2nd Intrepid Heart
    3rd Tacitus
    4th Everfast
    5th Spinoff
    Time 2:27:06

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • livinglegendpic

    2-war of will
    3-intrepid heart
    4-bourbon war
    5-sir winston

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • wgben22

    1- Master Fencer
    2- War of Will
    5-Sir Winston
    Time 2:28:15

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • Bmorgs13

    1. Bourbon War
    2. War of Will
    3. Tacitus
    4. Intrepid Heart
    5. Sir Winston

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    • Last Updated 3 months ago
  • dubchr7

    • Blogger of the Month

    TIME 2:28:15

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