• SmartWater

    Marketing and Social Media Manager

    We’re excited to announce the third edition of our Single Entry Series in partnership with FanDuel!

    Here are the details:

    o There are 6 weeks of contests. You can enter the featured contest as many times as you want during the week. Your top 4 weekly scores will count towards your total.

    o The top finisher each week gets an all expense paid trip to Miami to compete in a live final for a shot at $10,000 first place prize.

    o On top of the prizes in each contest plus the live finals, top finishers will earn free entries into other contests on FanDuel – including tickets into the Slam and Jumbo Dunk.

    o The entry fees for each week range from $2-$100.

    We’ll keep the Leaderboards updated so you can follow along with all the action. You can check out the leaderboard here

    The complete list of prizes and full details can be found on FanDuel’s announcement page.

    Good luck!

  • mattyd2420

    @Ross said...


    Your username should link after our next update.

    Alright, cool thanks!

  • davidryan

    why has the entry size, the field, been getting reduced this week?

  • mike579uk

    Hello , like mattyd2420 … I was wanting to make sure I’m linked because I have played in every single contest since it started last week in the $2 GPP (RG Single Series) – I’m still not sure exactly what the tournaments are for (besides trying to win $ on FD). If someone could clarify, I’d greatly appreciate it.


  • graybros

    intense sweat tonight to qualify for Miami but ended up in 3rd (at least I think according to my calculations).

    On to next week…

  • graybros

    Needed just 6 more points from James Harden to get the ticket to the Live Final!!!!!

    …and of course he has his worst game of the year with 31 FD points.

    Thanks to all the RG writers/podcasters for all your great content and I’ll keep on grinding.

  • Mccloud4203

    how much is entry fee this week? Looking on fanduel cant seem to find it?

  • db730

    RG Admin

    • 180

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      RG Overall Ranking
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      DraftKings FFWC Finalist
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      DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

    $100. Appears to have sold out.

  • jimmyquinella

    @db730 said...

    $100. Appears to have sold out.

    Yeah, very quickly as well.

    Make sure to get in early each day I guess?

  • BenjiBenjamin123

    @jimmyquinella said...

    Each week is different amount, this week is $25 each day. (all week long)

    Good luck to all in week #2

    Thanks for this information, It was useful for me too!

  • Nosuckoutplz

    @Nosuckoutplz said...


    Also, in on this for the first time. Thanks for doing it and good luck RotoGrinders people!

    Just finished my 1st full(ish) week, week 5 at the $5 level. Played 5 times and got 4 scores over 300, finishing with 338 on the last night. Do I have any chance? Sure seems to me I’m running good lol, so if I don’t make the leaderboard, this is how most people do? 😮😂😏

    Because I can’t remember a time I’ve ever cashed 5 nights in a row (on a single lineup). If that’s not that rare, I’m further behind the curve than I thought 😬, and I learned from years of poker how to be honest with assessment of my ability and normally not under any illusion 😂

    Glglgl ev1

  • Nosuckoutplz

    @graybros said...

    Needed just 6 more points from James Harden to get the ticket to the Live Final!!!!!

    …and of course he has his worst game of the year with 31 FD points.

    Thanks to all the RG writers/podcasters for all your great content and I’ll keep on grinding.

    ^^ that’s pretty gross.

    I was under a bit of illusion and I’m gettin’ diddly squat… lol

    I guess It’s more of a token bonus for those who’ve already significantly won, rather than an avenue to win a ticket to shot take that a person otherwise wouldn’t have.

    I think the only way it could be the latter and wouldn’t require a top ten finish in one of the games is if 0, 1, or maybe 2 scores are dropped? Seems the extra sample size would flatten it out, but I suppose it’s entirely possible that just creates more separation too.

    Good luck to those playing the $50 week 6 👍🏻

  • Bay101

    Is there one next week?

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