• joerapjr

    Even though the winners were announced last week, people still kept telling their stories! Love it! Keep sharing your sweat stories, they are a blast to read!

    WINNERS ANNOUCNED – Congrats to our winners jstevens2k11, OhioState241 and RiverJack! Please check out my latest response in this thread to learn a little bit more about their stories!

    Do you have a story about a crazy sweat you’ve experienced in DFS?

    Perhaps it was an NBA slate and you started climbing up the leaderboard with a few low-owned guys in West Coast games. Or maybe it was an MLB slate, and just when you thought your night was over, a few dongs skyrocketed you within contention of a GPP takedown.

    Whatever the story, we want to hear about it and share your story of triumph (or misery) with the RotoGrinders Community! Post below with the story of your craziest sweat!

    We’ll select a few notable/hilarious/thrilling stories and compile them into a blogpost, and we’ll send the selected users a fun prize, courtesy of RotoGrinders.

    You can be as detailed as you want, and be sure to include any events that may have preceded or followed the slate.

    So please, share your sweat story with your fellow Grinders! I am looking forward to reading them!

    -Joe, RG Community Manager

  • rog11sm

    O.K A few years ago I was playing on fantasy aces ( Jun 4th, 2015 $109.00 3 / 275)
    This tourny was for a seat in their live event in California, top 2 won a seat . I was cruising and was sitting in 2nd place and only a few points out of first. I had 1 rockie with odorizzi who nobody had.. He gets 1 out in the 5th inning and grabs his side. He trys to throw to the next hitter and throws 4 balls and gets yanked. He gets minus what ever . I think it was minus .5 for a walk. I drop to third by like .3. All the games are ending and the rockies games has an 1:55 rain delay. I have D.j. in a game that is 6-2 and he is due up 5th and both guys that are a head of me are done.(Not sure but i think it was one guy named (rad thad and the other was gneiffer ,dont hold me to that though) First 2 guys get on /they bring in the closer and it is strikeout /blackmon pops out and D.j. lines out to center. GAME OVER the closest i have ever been to any type of live final.

  • jstevens2k11

    British Open 2015, $20 Milly Maker tourney on DK and I had 5 bullets in there. Thurs/Fri rounds were all over the place bc of bad weather and it pushed the final round to Monday (this added a funny layer to be mentioned later). After the cuts I had 1/5 lineups that was 6/6 and it was doing OK, nothing exciting, but I remember the 6/6 percentage was very low that year. As Sunday (Round 3) was underway my team was picking up some steam and dropping birdies and I was creeping in the 1000-2000 spot range, I just kept telling myself its a longshot but its a shot at some life changing money.

    Well, come Monday (Round 4), the perfect storm started to take place as all 6 of my golfers were dropping birdies and eagles non-stop and all the other golfers at the top of the leaderboard kept dropping bogeys. I was literally moving up the leaderboard 100-150 spots on every DK stat update. Now at this point, I’M AT WORK! I work with my Dad and he comes into my office, who knows I play golf DFS a lot, and asked what was wrong because I was pail white. I showed him I was in the Top 100 with 3 players tied for 1st (Spieth, Zach Johnson, and Leishman) with a handful of holes left, so he naturally says lets leave work RIGHT NOW and watch it at his house. Birdie birdie birdies, BOFRs, I kept getting points.

    Fast forward to two holes left in the entire tournament and I’m sitting in 3rd place, 1st place is a cool $1 MILLION, and the guys in 1st & 2nd don’t have Spieth. Hole 17, Spieth hits his 2nd shot short of the green, simple up & down and lets go to 18. NOPE, he chunks it, misses his next chip, and bogeys and falls to 3rd (two golfers are T-1). At the exact same moment, Louis Oosthuizen makes an insanely long birdie to T-1, Spieth goes to 4th, and I drop to 12th.

    Round 4 finishes with a 3 man playoff and I have 2/3 guys. After the 3 hole playoff Zach Johnson wins and I jump to 7th cashing $15,000. My Dad and I are jumping around, my Mom asked if I won a million bucks, and by now my wife is over at the house with $$$ in her eyes lol. Greatest sweat of my life, almost had multiple panic attacks, my phone died with how many texts were coming in and out, but in the end walked away a very happy man.

  • JTSnow4091

    Be prepared. I have a funny/sad story. Small time DFSer here compared to you big dogs.

    Back in December 2015 I was playing on DraftPot when it was still around. Bit the bullet and got an entry into the $100 NBA double-up, which is considerably more than I should have been playing back then considering my bankroll.

    Was placing pretty well in this $100 NBA double-up, but then OT happened for IND-UTA game. That’s ok, still placing well, but the cash line is creeping up especially with Stuckey and PG13 going off. In comes the LAC-ORL game. I decided against rostering Oladipo, and of course he has a stellar night with season-highs in points and who knows what else. Now I’m getting antsy because the cash line is dangerously close. They just CAN’T STOP Oladipo – HE’S ON FIRE. I have one opponent who is 1.75 points behind me who has Oladipo. 4th Q and it looks like I’m not gonna cash. Then someone (I think J. Crawford if I remember correctly) drives to the basket, Oladipo tries to take the charge, but is called for the blocking foul. He gets up, but starts limping. Heads off the floor and into the locker room. I’M SAVED. Rest of the 4th quarter plays out and ORL falls apart without Oladipo, allowing LAC to mount a FURIOUS comeback. LAC has the lead with like a minute remaining. BUT GUESS WHAT, OLADIPO IS SUDDENLY FINE ENOUGH TO PLAY and comes back in. I’m praying HE DOES NOTHING OR AT LEAST GETS A TURNOVER, and you know what -> HE DOES DO NOTHING and the game is over. I check the contest and I just barely cashed by being 1.75 pts ahead.

    But then, I check the box score on and for some reason 2 pts were never credited to Oladipo in the contest for a shot he made, who knows when. Page refreshes, the 2 points are rightfully awarded to him.

    I don’t cash by 0.25 pts.

    …pulls out the world’s tiniest violin…

    Sad boys, but I STILL can’t stop laughing as I’m typing this. Couldn’t have asked for a more drama filled ending myself. Haven’t recovered since.

  • jimfred82

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    Mine was actually this season, and if any of you happened to see my blog week 6, you’ve already heard about it:

    It was December 1st and a six game slate and, I believe, the first time this season that the Rockets and Warriors played each other, so obviously I wanted a few shares of that action, so I put my three $1 lineups into the Swat and figured what the heck. I also remember it was a strange night in that there weren’t any PG’s, PF’s or even C’s that I liked that weren’t dirt cheap, so I went with the ultimate “Stars and Scrubs” lineup that 99% of the time is too good to be true, but it allowed me to squeeze in Hayward, Durant, Alphabet and Harden. I also remember this was about the time that Frank Kaminsky was coming on and I opted to go the Ryan Anderson route, despite the fact he hadn’t done anything for a while, because the game was in GS and we already had five weeks of sample size to know he did better on the road. Well, despite a 10.2 turd from DJ Augustin, Alphabet and Hayward were having big nights, my random bigs in Green and an 8% owned John Henson were coming though, and I went from not cashing to sitting in about 500th place for a solid cash at halftime of the Houston/GS game, with all three of my guys (even an 8% owned Ryan Anderson) contributing. I went to bed optimistic for a double digit night night and maybe even $20 or so (I’ve done this long enough to keep my expectations in check) and woke up about 1 am central time (when games have usually been over for a good 45 minutes) and check to see how it went… and I cashed over $500 because two of my lineups are tied for third place.

    Now, I’ve been doing this for a while now and those of you who know me know I’ve been seeking that elusive huge cash for years, so you can imagine my elation. But something didn’t seem right for some reason… so I checked my team and saw that little number next to Harden, Durant and Anderson… 3:09. In my state of elation/delirium (it was the middle of the night after all), it took me a few minutes to realize that the games were somehow still going (triple OT), and so I went out and watched in horror as highly owned (except for me)”(player-popup)Draymond Green”:/players/draymond-green-13976 (who I have always and will always hate, and not just because of this) get a bunch of dirty rebounds, while Durant fouled out, and Anderson and Harden did nothing, knocking me all the way down to 26th place, which was $34.55 each (instead of $255 each). Small potatoes for you big time grinders, but has completely changed the way I check my scores from now on; If I had woken up to see that I had won $70 in the morning, I never would have known I was cashing $500 at one point and been overjoyed that I had such a big night from $2, but knowing that I was at one point cashing so much more and not even considering the fact that the games were still going? Ugh. Now, if I’m not following along with the games throughout the night, I never allow myself to check my lineups until I am 105% sure they are completely finished. It took me a good three weeks to get over mentally (and my wife was sick of hearing about it) and actually knocked me into a cold streak.

  • thehazyone

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    I don’t need swag but just wanted to share my story that I once wrote for the #FantasyForAll campaign back in 2015 that we were going to post here on the site but we ended up never publishing it. It’s appropriate considering I am getting married tomorrow.

    There is 36 seconds left in the game. I take a peek at the computer and it’s still there. I can’t believe it. I am less than a minute away from winning $15,000. I only have to avoid a touchdown from one player. It’s 3rd and 6 from the 41 and the team with the ball has only one timeout remaining. This is life-changing money for me. I pace nervously.

    Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) over the past few weeks has taken a hit in the eyes of the public. Many media outlets have released critical reports against the industry, and those reading have started to question the legitimacy of DFS. While there is validity to some of these questions, much of what has been said has been unfair to both the companies representing DFS and to those who play at those sites.

    I love sports. I always have. When I was a kid, I used to take a deck of cards and create my own games using pen and pad and assigning certain actions to the value of the card. I’d keep statistics for seasons… careers… for baseball, basketball, and football. I’d always, of course, be the star player on the team. My parents thought I was weird – they didn’t really understand my obsession. Most kids watched cartoons. I was watching professional sports at the age of 8.

    There has been incredible growth in the DFS industry over the last several years. The reason for this is simple. People love sports. They like being involved. They like dreaming of scoring that last second touchdown… of being the hero. It’s why they call it “fantasy” sports. It’s as if each player is living out a dream every time they make a roster.

    I started playing fantasy sports as soon as I found out about them. I’ve always done well. Not great, but good enough that I didn’t lose money and would make enough to treat myself to a nice trip or dinner out every now and then. I’d won four figures a couple times my first year in DFS but all in all I was probably just a little more than break even. This was about to change in less than a minute. I could taste the money hitting my bank account. I already knew what I was going to do with the money.

    Think about why you are here. More likely than not it’s because you are passionate about a particular sport. You like the idea of drafting a team of players and following along as they play. The fact that you can win life-changing money is just a bonus. You’re here because you like to compete. Because DFS is fun.

    I love DFS but the one thing I love more is my girlfriend of nearly eight years. She puts up with my sports obsession and understands that it is more than just a hobby for me. It’s a way of life. The night before I told her what was on the line.

    “What would you do with the money,” she asked.

    I know what she wants to hear. It’s been a long time coming and it’s bothered her that I haven’t yet.

    “I would get you a ring,” I said.

    She sighed, not believing me. It’s something I’ve said before and never followed through on. I’ve always used the excuse (and it was probably precisely that) that I wanted to get her a ring that made her feel special. Wanted. She would always say that it didn’t matter what kind of ring I got.

    36 seconds and I’d be able to get her that special ring. 36 seconds.

    DraftKings wants the world to know how much fun DFS is. They want you to get your story out. Why do you love fantasy sports? How did you get involved with DFS? They are starting a #FantasyForAll campaign with a goal of changing the narrative currently surrounding DFS to one of positivity. Share your stories with the #FantasyForAll hashtag as well as signing up for the campaign which will include action items for people in certain states.

    The elusive quarterback breaks free for a long run giving the team a first down at the 17 yard line. Two plays later it is 3rd and 10 with just 12 seconds remaining. The quarterback hits their tight end down the middle and he lunges towards the end zone. I don’t mind if he scores. In fact, I want him to. He’s stopped just short. Five seconds left. Five seconds from $15,000.

    In addition to sharing your story via the #FantasyForAll campain, DraftKings encourages you to sign their petition at the following link: DraftKings Petition

    Get involved. Let people know how much fun fantasy sports are. Let them know why you play.

    The one player I don’t want to score lines up at quarterback in a wildcat formation. This isn’t good, I think to myself. Not good at all. I pace in front of the television as my girlfriend looks on. I know she’s nervous for me. The running back gets the ball and starts to sprint to his left. The defense converges on him as he pushes forward. He stretches out his arm just as his knee is about to hit the ground.

    The referee extends his arms upright. Touchdown!

    “No,” I scream, slapping my hand against the wall. “No,” I say, slumping to the ground.

    My girlfriend walks over to me and wraps her arms around me. “It’s ok,” she says. “I love you no matter what.”

    I know she’s disappointed almost as much as I am – she assumes this means I won’t get her the ring. I went from winning $15,000 to $6,500 in a matter of seconds. That’s a lot of money. The most I’ve ever won playing DFS. I smile. I can’t be mad for long. Man, was that fun. Exciting. That’s why I play fantasy sports. That was me on the field trying to make that game saving tackle. That was me trying to win the game for my team. I failed but there’s always the next game.

    And my girlfriend is finally going to get the ring she deserves. Just don’t tell her. It’s a surprise.

  • eaglezzz

    OK my biggest sweat ever was back in 2012 on FanDuel. I made it to the Footballguys FanDuel Championship where 30 entries competed for the top prize of $15,000. It was Week 16 of the NFL season and I can still recall that I drafted Matt Forte, Tony Romo, Miles Austin. Those are the three players that stand out in memory. A little background and history, I am LDS (mormon) so I go to church every Sunday and I am a die hard Eagles fan. I think the Sunday church thing has only fueled my love for DFS as I often just stare at my phone and track FanDuel and DraftKings all day long (It makes the 3 hours of church much more enjoyable). I remember that day at church as I was tracking the Bears game and when Matt Forte scored his second touchdown I shared some high fives with some of my friends sitting around me and I might even have cheered pretty loud in the middle of a Jesus lesson.

    On the part of being an Eagles fan, you would ask why in the world would I roster Romo/Austin Dallas Cowboys combo, but when it comes to fantasy football I have no favorites I just do the research and plug the best players in for that day. Romo was a solid play but it was Miles Austin that made all the difference in putting me into first place with a garbage touchdown late in the game.
    The best part of all, Miles Austin was the last guy I put onto my team and I only rostered him because my sons name is Miles and I thought it would give me some extra luck. I won the $15,000 that day and the money was a blessing to my family as it helped pay off debt and helped us buy our first home. An even bigger blessing was that it got me in with Footballguys as I was hired shortly after as their first DFS writer.

    I have had some more big DFS wins but that first win back in 2012 was the game changer. #DFSforever

  • joerapjr

    Great stories so far everyone! Keep them coming, this is such fun and great stuff for the RG Community to read and hear!

  • PigskinaBlanket

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    Not the greatest of stories….but in Hockey.

    In a two night span, I am leading the FHWQ by a 11 points or so and need to only fade Brad Marchand and Bergeron in the 3rd period. He scores a meaningless goal with about 5 minutes left, so I am still up by 6. Bruins up by 2. Other team pulls goalie down by 2 and with .06 on the clock Marchand scores from mid-ice in the empty net…. from Bergeron, to complete the HatTrick. I lose my Live final seat by less than the Hat Trick Bonus…and get passed by one other…..finish 3rd which is basically uour money back.

    the VERY NEXT night, I am doing well in the shootout. Have a $10k score coming with a Bishop win for the LAKings vs Coyotes (Mar 14th). Kings up late….. Coyotes score with goalie pulled with 44 seconds left. goes to Shootout. goes 11 Rounds!!!!! Kings going each round they have the chance to win on last shot…and fail. Finally they lose in round 11.

    $20k lit on fire over a span of less than 24-hours. Sigh. good times.

  • kbarnhill7523

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    In NBA this year, the night before the All-Star break, I ended up coming in an 8-way tie for 1st in a Fanduel Basketball Live Final Qualifier. I got notified that there would be an 8-way playoff once full-slate NBA resumed A WEEK LATER. So, if waiting a week wasn’t bad enough… some other guys that also tied with me were guys named SahiilSud, paulyshorts, and escot4.

    Anyway, so I spend the next week studying one NBA slate. I had come in 2nd and 3rd a few times already in the year. I had gotten really focused on the qualifiers and it had been my goal all season to qualify.

    I’m a 1 lineup NBA player on most full slates and I also play the high dollar buy-ins. So that night I entered my 8-way tie breaker lineup in a bunch of other tournaments, including the Baller, Monster and another live final qualifier. I had swapped in Willie Cauley-Stein, Jusuf Nurkic, Lebron and Kevin Durant when some injury news broke for the Kings and Blazers. Early on, my team erupted.

    I was left with Kevin Durant in the late game and I had already scored like 305 points. Most of the lineups in the 8-way playoff were dead and I looked like I was going to win that one pretty handily. But, throughout the night I had been in and out of 1st place in the Baller/Monster/2nd qualifier as well. So the night was shaping up to be huge.

    I was living and dying with every Kevin Durant play and ran my score up in to the 350s. In the 8-way qualifier no one else scored over 300.

    The Warriors were up pretty big in their game so he got subbed out with like 10 mins left in the 4th quarter. I was top 5 in the Baller/Monster and 2nd in the other qualifier I had entered so I was really happy with the live final seat, plus a bunch of extra cash. Well, for whatever reason, Kevin Durant got put BACK IN with like 2 minutes left in the game, even though they were up like 18. He proceeds to hit a 3, get a steal, block a shot, get a rebound… it was nuts.

    I ended up passing moklovin for 1st in the 2nd qualifer and took 2nd in the Baller and 5th in the Monster. So I ended up taking 2 live final seats and like another $40k in cash on the night. I had won more money before, but I had never qualified for a live final.

    But yeah, a week long sweat with a great finish.

  • bhdevault

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    I’ve told this story on here before, but I’ll tell it again. Helps sooth the pain that has never went away.

    I’m a cash game player. Each day I throw a lineup early in the day and sign up with all my cash games. I also normally play 15% of my day’s action in GPP’s. I normally create a different lineup and sign up for my GPP’s with that one.

    On this particular day last season, as I was scrambling towards lineup lock. I accidentally put my cash game in the Super Rally, and whoops, put one of my GPP lineups into all of my cash games. A Colorado stack, on the road against a solid pitcher.

    I can honestly tell you I had never made that mistake before, and will never make it again. Immediately after lock, I realized it and was so worried I would get crushed in cash.

    I’m sure you already know, by the way I have set this up, the Rockies end up exploding for 15+ runs (I can’t remember exactly), and I absolutely CRUSH my cash games that night. In fact, I had the highest score that I could find as my one off’s all hit as well. However, my winnings paled in comparison as I would have won the Super Rally and $50,000 dollars that night as my score blew away the highest score.

    By a click of a couple buttons, I cost myself 49k. I’ll never live that one down. Make matters worse, my fellow moderators all knew I made the mistake early as I complained about it immediately after lock. They all knew I blew my chance at taking it down.

  • tristanwolf

    Small timer compared to all the high roller stories but i started dfs in summer 2015, the height of the boom and a million commercials from both big sites. my buds and i were playing like $20-40 a week when football started. ff to thanksgiving. i think i had 4 entries in the $2 thanksgiving. not a big dog tourney but 11,494 people and top prize 1,500. only a 3 game slate, started hot with stafford- calvin johnson for i think 3 tds. next game was key – carolina dallas, carolina smoked em, i think mostly to d which most had, and i did, but most were also on dez bryant who had a stinker game, i had cole beasley at like 5% who had like 50 yds and a td vs dez 25. so i have a decent chance/lead and its ends up a lot of people on my ass have rodgers/ cobb or lacy on a rainy lambeau night where the bears actually showed up. i told my dad and brother in law, i would win 1500 if the bears could stop em on the last drive. packers were cruising! down to the bears 8 with less than 2 minutes!? I thInk I’m done? rodgers goes incomplete jones, incomplete rodgers, incomplete adams, incomplete adams. 0-4 from the 8 from one of the greatest qbs ever. any td and i’m done. my dad and bro and i were jumpin up and down, drunk on beer and turkey and lucky bears win (i’m from chicago). keep hope alive small timers!

  • jakz101

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    Am I eligible?

  • ohiostate241

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    April 11th 2013. I am in second in a GPP with Carlos Quentin remaining to his Zach Greinke they are facing each other. There is no one else who can catch us so it is going to be one of the two of us winning the GPP. I am down about 1.5 points, and Greinke is in line for the win as he is throwing a shutout so I need something good to happen. Needless to say, Zach Greinke hits Carlos Quentin, which puts me in a small lead but knowing that Greinke is dealing at this point I wanted more than a HBP.

    The next thing that I know, Carlos Quentin is charging the mound. I have written if off as it is an immediate ejection and Greinke was not ejected. With almost all hope lost at this point I see Greinke holding his shoulder. He is still in line for the win at this point so while I’m currently in the lead, the Dodgers are up 2-0 in the 6th. Needless to say they bring in Chris Capuano to replace Greinke and he quickly gives up 2 runs in the same inning which clinches me the win.

  • depalma13

    It’s a Monday night. I had come up with a few teams I planned on playing that night in MLB, nothing special, just $15 in the Moonshot. So I put my teams in and head off to our weekly poker game. I don’t think much of them as I’m really more concerned about winning the Poker game that night. I am still addicted though, so I must must check my score every so often.

    During the course of my several check-ins, I see my best team is in about 350th place. If the team can get up to about 200, I should break even or maybe get a small cash. The poker game is getting late and I flop a set of kings, but lose to a river flush and am done for the night. Out of the game, I decide to check my team one more time, 412th place. Oh well, the poker game is a bust and looks like my DFS night is too. Than it happens.

    If I wasn’t looking at my phone, I wouldn’t believe it to this day. The score refeshed and I’m in 92nd place. Some one must have hit a home run, It was Davis for Milwaukee, The phone refreshes again and I’m in first! How? A grand slam by Xander Bogaerts. Not only am I in first, but I’m in the lead by 13 points.

    Since I am out of the game, I become the dealer for the rest of the night. No time to check my phone now. So, there’s nothing really I can do but hope.

    At about Midnight, the poker game ends and I head off for home. A quick check of the phone finds me still in first, but this time up by nearly 16. What a night this is going to be! There is only one game to worry about and it is the Arizona / LA game.

    I’m listening to the game in the car on Sirius XM as I drive home. Top of the fifth game is tied 2-2. Hill leads off and goes yard. I quickly check my phone. Still up almost 16, no big deal. Pollock follows with a double and Goldschmidt singles. I check my phone and still up almost 16. Maybe there is no late night hammer coming. I might be safe. Castillo than singles and Pollock scores. A couple of plays later Goldschmidt scores. I’m still winning by almost 16. Arizona 5, LA 2.

    Top of the six, two outs and Pollock doubles, Goldschmidt gets walked and I pull in my driveway. I grab my phone for a quick update. Still in front, but the guys that were behind me are no longer there. New faces have appeared and my lead has shrunk to just under 13. Inning ends harmlessly. No more damage. I run into the house and throw on MLB.TV turn on the computer and watch intently.

    The seventh comes and goes, no drama. Go to the eighth and quickly two outs, Goldschmidt steps to the plate and hits one deep to left. It’s gone and I guess so is my night. I check the score fully expecting to shut it down and head to bed. Wait, I’m still winning. Is the home run in? Yes, and I’m still winning by nearly six! Glorious!

    Bottom of the eighth, Grandal hits a two run shot. A quick check finds that a lot of people have Grandal and one of them moves into second 3 points behind me. This can’t be happening! The inning ends and as the top of the ninth comes, I’m furiously scanning to see who can catch me with the Arizona bats. Drury can hurt me if he scores more than five, other than that, it all looks safe as long as Pollock and Goldschmidt don’t get up again.

    Come on DFS gods 1-2-3 inning please! The gods had other ideas. Owings pinch hit single, Drury singles. The guy with Drury passes the guy with Grandal. My lead down to under three, Ahmad sacrifice, one out. Peralta to the plate, singles and drives in two. No one has him, because he didn’t start. Drury scores and my lead is down to under one point. There is no quick checking now, my face is glued to my computer. Inciarte lines out. Two down! Hill up, Pollock on deck. Just get Hill out and I’ll worry about Grandal later.

    Peralta steals second. WTF! Why! First base is open and Hill is walked the scores tighten behind me. Pollock comes to the plate. If he walks, gets hit by a pitch, singles etc, I lose. It’s nearly 1AM on the east coast and I can’t lose this game! Strike his ass out I scream! Waking my wife up. She’s not happy. Contact, ground ball to short inning over I’m safe! NO! I shout! E-6 everyone is safe! My wife screams at me from the bedroom. I could care less. No points at least, but bases are loaded and Goldschmidt to the plate.

    Why are the DFS gods so cruel! Why?! My wife is now pissed and I’m about to lose. Get Goldschmidt out! Please get him the F out! Bases loaded , two outs and my nightmare at the plate. He takes the first pitch, strike one called. He swings at the second, foul ball. 0-2. Third pitch, Goldschmidt takes….Umpire calls STRIKE THREE! I scream YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! The wife is now out of bed and in the living room chewing me out. I am completely ignoring her. I have survived the Arizona bats! She will get over it. Now don’t let Grandal bat.

    The last thing she shouts as she goes back to bed is “you and your damn fantasy baseball”. Three outs baby, three outs… It’s all I need and you will be loving my damn fantasy baseball, I say to myself.

    Bottom of the ninth. Crawford and Utley make two quick outs. I’m down to one out and the GPP is mine. Gonzalez doubles to deep left. A new name pops up in the standings. Are you freaking kidding me! A quick check reveals he can’t win unless Gonzalez steals third and scores. It than dawns on me that had the ball went out, I would have lost. Super lucky! The gods smiled on me this time. Just don’t get to Grandal. Kendrick to the plate. Strike one looking, strike two swinging. STRIKE HIM OUT! “Shut the hell up!” I hear shouted from the bedroom. “Not a chance woman!” I shout back! Crack! The ball flies harmlessly to left. Caught! Game over!


    Wife was pissed the next day, but she got over it when I showed her my account.

  • brodie908

    This one isn’t on my rotogrinders profile, but I can back it up that it did happen lol. I’m a huge New York Giants fan and an even bigger fantasy football fan. I had been playing season long fantasy since I can remember, but never on a DFS site.

    One day (November 2nd 2014) I’m at my computer making sure my season long teams are all set for the upcoming games. As I’m about to shut my laptop, I glance at my TV. Playing in front of me is that old DraftKings commercial. “You can win a SHIP-LOAD of money!” I think the whole community remembers that one haha. So I log on and decide to deposit 25 bucks. What the hell. I’m pretty good at season long, and thought I could have a shot at these contests.

    I enter 2 lineups in 2 separate contests. One in the $5 Flea Flicker and one in the $2 Hail Mary. Now, back then I had no idea about ownership %, game theory, etc. So I just went with my gut and played who I thought would do well. I ended up an hour before the games kick off, I shut my laptop and head out with some friends to get lunch and watch the games.

    I had Carson Palmer, Jeremy Hill, Ronnie Hillman, Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Jeremy maclin, Deandre Hopkins, Gronk, and the Cardinals D. Again, I had no idea how to really play, and now I know that pairing the D and QB of the same team isnt exactly +EV haha.

    I completely forgot I even played on DraftKings that day until I got home to watch the Sunday afternoon game, which on the east coast was Broncos at the Patriots. I didn’t even have the app on my phone. Gronk caught 9 passes for 114 yards and a TD, but Ronnie Hillman only had 16 yards rushing with 1 TD. Thankfully though, towards the end of the 3rd quarter, Peyton shovel passed one right to Hillman for a 10 yard touchdown. At the end of the Sunday games, I believe I was in around 100th place, winning around 100 dollars. I was thrilled, and thought that it was pretty much it.

    However, as I said, I’m a huge Giants fan, so I had to have OBJ in my lineup. The Giants took on the Colts in the Monday Night game, and were getting absolutely annihilated. The good part though, was that they had to play catch up the entire game. Eli continually looked Beckham’s way and in the 4th quarter alone he caught 5 balls for 70 yards, which gave him the 100 yard bonus. Only one person ahead of me had Beckham, and by the end of the Giants game, I was in 2nd place in the $5 Flea Flicker, winning a cool $10,000 dollars.

    I woke my entire house up and went nuts. Probably the best feeling of my entire life. First ever contest on Draftkings and I won 10k. Been chasing a sweat like that ever since. Beginner’s luck is a real thing I guess!

  • ChrisGimino

    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    I was winning $40,000 in 2014 with a marginal lead going into MNF. Had to sweat Dez Bryant , Desean Jackson, Demarco Murray, and others for an entire game. I was praying for punts and field goals.

    The game on October 27 2014 ended up with just 4 total TDs. BUT after fading any loses for 4 quarters…. it went to overtime! I had never won any Huge money in DFS before, so this was hard to watch. The sweat was really intense.

    I ended up fading everyone, and keeping all the cash! a few days later, I signed up for a site called Other stuff happened after that and i’ll never forget that crazy night that changed my life.

  • larin1477

    • Blogger of the Month

    Some have heard this before…Masters Milly last year (2016) I had a crazy good team that included Speith and Willet. I got all the way to 3rd with that team and even my wife who normally could care less I when I check my teams was getting annoyed because I couldn’t put my phone down. I was in 13th looking at 5 figures before the Speith meltdown. Ended up in 194th which I shouldn’t complain about since I even won the ticket in a .25 qualifier…Sure didn’t feel like a win tho…

  • mrboyer206

    4/10/2017 $500K Mon NBA ENORMOUS Shot ($100K to 1st)

    Getting ready for bed and I know that I am doing well with a few line ups so I check before hitting the sack.

    I immediately begin to sweat like I have a fever, text a few buddies and they follow along. I can’t take it and log off. I see the CLE/MIA game go into OT (double OT?) and Deron Williams goes off for 50 some Fanduel points, crushing my soul and 6 figure payday. I drop from 1st to 59th

    Like JimFred, had i just woke up the next day and saw that I had profited close to 1K I would have been ecstatic.

  • Tolpeko

    July 29, 2015: I had a great setup with a 6-man A’s stack, with a good chance of winning if they went off. They got off to a nice start and put me within striking distance of 1st with a few innings left. They did nothing, and I was ready to give up, until Brett Lawrie worked an 0-2 count into a majestic center field home run against Kenley Jansen with 2 outs in the 9th (last game of the night, too). It didn’t help the A’s win, but it put me in 1st for a much needed $12,000 after a prolonged slump. :)


    • $1M Prize Winner

    • 2019 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    I was a small time player and still am relatively. Back in December 2014 I made four lineups in the DK Milly Maker. Usually I enter just one but I had cashed a bit during the week before and decided to let it ride lol

    I get distracted on Sunday afternoon with some family obligations and check my scores mid-day to see that one of my entries was in first place at 303.02 and all my guys had already finished playing after the early set of games. I’d never seen a score even close to that. I immediately began to freak out a little but I Know from experience that when you are high in the standings earlier in the day you eventually tumble down as the day goes on, so my expectations were definitely tempered. The late afternoon games then come and go… and I’m still in the lead. At that point, I’m getting more anxious but I knew that my fate was eventually coming in the Sunday night game as the Broncos and Peyton Manning were playing and he was rolling every week so someone must have him that’s gong to leapfrog me. Well that game gets played and it was low scoring… so I check and I’m still leading. Whoa. I believe the next closest to me was 12pts but there were a handful of others who were in striking distance but this was just pure insanity.

    The next morning I call my girlfriend at work to tell her what’s going on. She was not a big fan of DFS at the time. Ironically, one night we were watching TV and she saw a DK commercial then immediately looked at me and said “don’t even think about it!”. Little did she know that I was actually playing on it already lol. Anyway, I proceed to tell her that I think I have a chance to win a million bucks. You could tell that she didn’t believe it but was intrigued (of course). That night, we are glued to the TV watching the Dolphins / Jets game. The closest entry to me has Mike Wallace. He catches a couple of short passes and is creeping up on me. So I believe it was the 3rd quarter… a pass goes down the sidelines to the corner of the end-zone and seemed like it was in slow motion. Wallace jumps and looks like he’s going to make the TD catch that sinks my dream… a catchable ball imo but it goes off of his fingertips… disaster averted lol! The rest of the game goes back-and-forth with little action but I’m watching close as even a defensive TD can kill me, since there were other entries were within striking distance to me still. Finally, the Miami QB kneels on the last play of the game and reality officially sets it. A million bucks is in my DK account within the hour. Just madness…

  • Tyler245

    One time my car broke down while my phone was dead (1 hour before lock) i was about 30 min from my house. I never ran so fast or hard in my life, the sweat was real. My shirt was drenched. Needless to say i made it home in time to construct my lineups and realized i was sweating so much my chair had puddled up. Pretty crazy sweat if you ask me

  • joerapjr

    tyler245 ^ hilarious!

  • kieff5280

    • Blogger of the Month

    Hey guys, so it was July, like almost 100 degrees. I was wearing a Parka with a sweatsuit underneath (don’t ask why, I just was), and I got this itch to go for a run……. Oh wait, not that kind of sweat right?

    I don’t have any classic or amazing sweats. I think the best one was my first one: It was in 2015, I set a lineup within a few minutes not knowing anything because I was at the Rockies game against the Reds. I stacked the Reds and played Cueto at Coors and had some one-offs. I didn’t even know stacking was a strategy but I did it because I wanted to watch the players in my lineup. When the game ended, I went home and checked my Fanduel and saw I was making money. Because I am a baseball nut, I turn on the Astros game because it was the last game left. I believe Evan Gattis hit a walkoff homerun in the last game on the slate, and I won a tournament! From that point on, I was hooked on MLB DFS. It was a small tournament with a small entry free, but I went like 13x on my money that night.

    Little did I know how challenging doing well at this would be! I figured if I could throw together an MLB lineup to win some cash, that I could do it every night!

  • Rycol19

    October 2015 I put 10 lineups in a $3 DK golf tournament. Unknowingly I played one lineup twice. First day I’m in top 20 and realized what I did. No biggie I was there before and didn’t get my hopes up. End of day 2 in in the top 50 with the 2 line ups so I’m happy I have 6/6 going into the weekend. Day 3 my golfers are on fire and I’m in first place with both lineups Top pay out $100,000, 2nd place is $50,000 so my two lineups are tied for 1st at $75,000. I haven’t told anyone, not even my wife for fear my LU would take a dive on Sunday. All Saturday night I’m looking at each player below me and trying to figure out all the scenarios. I concluded I could win at least $10,000 so I figured that’s what will happen to me. Sunday morning my son picks me up for the 4:15 Eagles-Dallas game and I tell him what’s going on, he said you mean $15,000 I said NO 150k!!! The ride Dow I plummet to around 400-450 since my golfers are all starting late. We get to the game, my LU’s are climbing fast and my phone is losing juice as we sit down. I have one guy who is right on my tail but I’m holding him off. As we proceed to watch the worst football game ever my phone is at 3%. Eagles recover a fumble, everybody is high fiving I look at the phone and I won the $150,000!!! I look at my son and say “ I just won $150,000!!!” We hug and some plastered fan behind me says” You fucking bet on Dallas your an asshole” CLASSIC. Went home told the wife she was ecstatic then says how much did you bet. I took her to Arizona April 2015 for a week to visit her best friend she hadn’t see in years.we came home made plans to retire (I’m 62) but she got sick and at 56 passed in July 2015. I’d give it all back to have her back but the fact that she got to see her BF and we had the best vacation ever softens the blow…it was also the week of the Masters and thanks to Spieth’s meltdown I won $1500 that weekend which made for a good time watching it. DFS isn’t for the ones looking for the quick fix it’s as frustrating as anything but the wins are awesome. On her birthday Sept 14th last year, we had a dinner at my son’s house and I won $7500 in a baseball tournament tied for 1st place by someone who got a 9th inning stolen base by a player who’s team was up by 8 runs. No defensive indifference since the team was ahead.

  • cburg74

    MLB 2016 FD Slam. I get off to a big lead in the tournament. By 8:00 pm(eastern)I’m in first by 30+ points and Carrasco is still dealing. I extend my lead and have no players remaining for the late dodgers/nationals game in LA.
    I’ll skip to the sweat……by the ninth inning someone has pulled with 15 points and he has Puig at the plate with a man on and LA down by a run. As long as puig doesn’t homer then I’m golden. Puig RIPS a ball over the shortstops head and I cheer for joy, no HR! But wait…..the runner on base scores and now Puig is trying for a triple, he rounds for home and scores the game winning run on a inside the park HR. I know I have finished second…..but there is more. I noticed in the post game interview they asked Puig about the “game winning hit“and not about the “inside the park home run”. During the final play I never realized the outfielder over ran the ball and committed an error, thus giving Puig a double, RBI, and a run scored. I WIN!!!!!!! After all that craziness, I had $10,000, shot nerves, and a great story.

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