• joerapjr

    Even though the winners were announced last week, people still kept telling their stories! Love it! Keep sharing your sweat stories, they are a blast to read!

    WINNERS ANNOUCNED – Congrats to our winners jstevens2k11, OhioState241 and RiverJack! Please check out my latest response in this thread to learn a little bit more about their stories!

    Do you have a story about a crazy sweat you’ve experienced in DFS?

    Perhaps it was an NBA slate and you started climbing up the leaderboard with a few low-owned guys in West Coast games. Or maybe it was an MLB slate, and just when you thought your night was over, a few dongs skyrocketed you within contention of a GPP takedown.

    Whatever the story, we want to hear about it and share your story of triumph (or misery) with the RotoGrinders Community! Post below with the story of your craziest sweat!

    We’ll select a few notable/hilarious/thrilling stories and compile them into a blogpost, and we’ll send the selected users a fun prize, courtesy of RotoGrinders.

    You can be as detailed as you want, and be sure to include any events that may have preceded or followed the slate.

    So please, share your sweat story with your fellow Grinders! I am looking forward to reading them!

    -Joe, RG Community Manager

  • Boooooourns

    • 2016 DraftKings FHWC Finalist

    Last March, Draftkings Fantasy Hockey World Championship Qualifier.

    I had not entered any qualifiers unless they were the cheap 3 dollar ones. Saw the LAST CHANCE in the title of the contest with an entry fee of 20 bucks and decided to give it a go. Made a few line ups on my lunch break at work.

    My shift runs from noon to midnight. I work for a 911 dispatch centre. It was a night from hell, non-stop calls, back to back to back, crazy busy and we were down staffed. I couldn’t even sneak away for 5 minutes to check my line-ups.

    It was close to 11pm before I got to take my break. Check my phone and all my line ups are busted except one line-up with a chance. Only reason it has a chance is the high PMR. Went with Nashville’s second line, the first line was on fire lately and figured to be highly owned so I went with the second.. They won 3-2, James Neal, on the second line, with the hat trick. This was fine and dandy but the other games that night were pretty high scoring. The lowest total of any of the 7 games that night was 5 goals. The Flames put up 7 against the Blues, there was a hat trick in that game as well. I would need big games from my late players. My only hope was the big number in the PMR column.

    To compliment my Nashville stack I went with some pricey D-men, Duncan Keith and Big Buff Dustin Byfuglien. I also still had the Ducks goalie and third line, Kesler, Silvferberg and Coglian in the late game.

    At 11pm, when I was checking my phone for the first time since lunch I noticed Big Buff. Big Buff… the late scratch. I Couldn’t get away from the desk to check the late game scratches. My only line up with a chance only has 8 players on it, so in a contest with around 1300 people in it. My only line-up with a chance pretty much has no chance now.

    Got home after midnight to watch the end of the late game, no goals in the first period. “Welp, that’s what I get for entering into a qualifer.” No chance now right? But then in the second, it’s high scoring, the third line I picked gets a combined 7 points to shoot me up the leaderboard. If only I had been able to switch out Big Buff I could be winning this thing.

    Enter Jakob Silvferberg, 1.4% owned Jakob Silvferberg. In a beat down of the New Jersey Devils, with 7 minutes left in the 3rd period, he scored the goal that got him the hat trick. 4 point night for Jakob. Kesler got 3 points and Cogliano got 3 as well. Was coming down to the last few minutes and I was closing in on first, I was less than 3 points out, with the goalie win still to be added to my total. Was I really going to win a seat at the live final with only 8 guys on my roster?

    3-2-1, it’s over…. Anderson gets me the goalie win, that’s the 3 points I need to take it down. See my username, Boooooourns jump into the top spot. Highest point total I have ever scored in NHL without Big Buff stepping on the ice earns me a ticket to the Live Final World Championships in San Diego.

    I am dry heaving with excitement. Flew to San Diego 2 days later. Took 17th for 8k, also sold a Shattenkirk jersey that I won to some dude from Boston (shout out to pimp) for 900 bucks. One of the best experiences of my life.

  • centaur83

    • 823

      RG Overall Ranking

    November 23, 2014. At this time i was still a season long player who was playing some DFS every week. I signed up for Rotogrinders the day before this contest started. I entered 3 lineups in the milly maker. I rostered Demaryius Thomas at 5% and after his 3rd TD vs the then tough Miami Defense, one of my teams was showing promise. That night was the Odell Beckham “catch” game and he put me in about 500th place with a Brees/ Stills stack to go vs the Ravens. This was my favorite stack because of the Ravens strong Run D and Drew Brees being forced to throw at home. I told my dad we needed a Big game from Brees ,and hoped for the best. I was excited to watch MNF , but it snowed a ton that night (I live about and hour from Madison/Milwaukee Wi)and there i was shoveling snow due to a broken 1970s POS snowblower. Finally I got to watch the second half after reading Cinderella 3 times to my then 3 year old daughter. The ravens offense came alive in the superdome and Drew Brees did what what he does at home . Kenny Stills missed the 100 yd bonus by one yard and Jimmy Graham scored the winning TD . When the game was over i checked and saw i finished 4/70501 for $40,000. So close to that top prize but i was really excited to see the 4th place finish. I think my best cash before this was around $200. DFS has grown on me over the next 2+ years. Rediscovering baseball, finding a new sport to follow in PGA, gradually playing more and more. I found a community of people who share the same passion as myself. I will keep grinding here , and i know imy next DFS sweat story will be even better.

  • riverjack

    May 22, 2015. I am a relatively small player, but decided to commit a $100 to try to qualify for Draft Kings Live baseball final. A few days earlier, I won a $33 satellite to have a shot in the 1k qualifier…70 or so entries and 1 seat awarded.

    The night started off well with a Brewers stack that did great + my starters Cole & Archer were above average. Beginning the late games I was sitting near the lead and had Fowler and Rizzo for the Cubs vs Arizona. A Fowler HR in the 3rd inning gave me a decent lead and the sweat was on. I started looking at the teams chasing me and it was looking like I needed to avoid a big game out of Greinke. Greinke pitched well, but was pulled before he would damage me, so I was just hoping for the late games to end and it looked like I was home.

    The Cubs/Dbacks game was last game on board and of course has to go into extras. The Cubs scored 2 runs in the top of 10th to go up 5-3 and were 1 out away from ending it. Goldschmidt proceeds to hit a 2 run hr in bottom of 10th to extend game and when I update standings, there is an entry with a stack of 5 dbacks that moved into 2nd place and is 8 or so points behind me…I wanted to vomit. At that point, I decided that I couldnt handle the stress and headed up to bed. Of course, there was no way I could sleep, so I layed in bed for 2 hours before I had the courage to update the standings. Finally I checked at 4 am and saw that I held on by less than 2 points! Game ended in bottom of 13th inning on an rbi single (I think an rbi double would have beat me).

    I proceeded to Min cash for 10k in the DK live final, but had an amazing time in Vegas with the DK team. They treated us like royalty for 4 straight days !

  • jdelsas

    My most recent sweat came back in December 2016. I was playing NBA that night and decided to go with two 10K studs that night and fill out my roster with value, as there was a chance some value would open in the late games. I built this particular roster around James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins and Nikola Jokic. This was a point in the season where Harden and Cousins were both < $11K and Jokic was around $8.5-9K.

    Dorian Finny-Smith was getting the start for Dallas that night, so he was my boom or bust punt play of the evening at $3K or just above, and he ended up finishing with 37 DK points at low ownership. My other value play that was critical to this lineup was Omri CasspiRudy Gay was questionable going into the late games and most of the news was pointing to him not suiting up, but wouldn’t be confirmed until pregame warm-ups occurred. I decided I’d pair Casspi with Cousins, as they were playing the Lakers and you always stack against the Lakers, especially when it’s two terrible teams facing off.

    The sweat: So, all my early game guys had done their part. Beal, Carroll, Beverly, Harden all went for 6+ salary price in the early slate of games. The Denver/Dallas game going into halftime had DFS crushing value and Jokic was sitting at about 19 DK Pts. The sweat started when Jokic got HOT in the second half – he put up 30 DK points in the second half to get to just under 50 total DK points. Going into the late game slate I had Cousins and Casspi left and I was sitting in the top 3000 out of 132K entrants. I knew I had a good shot at big score if Cousins put together a good performance and Casspi just reached value (~15-18 DK points). Fast forward to the 4th quarter and I have jumped all the way up to anywhere from 10th to 18th, just jumping back and forth, winning $1,000 at one moment, winning $2-300 only the next moment. Well, Cousins was highly owned (per usual) and SAC was starting to blow out the Lakers in the 4th quarter. By this time, Cousins was also the second highest total point scorer on the night (behind Harden). Cousins gets pulled during blowout, but Casspi gets to see some additional garbage minutes with Gay ruled out, and a limited bench at the SF position. I settle into what I think is a top 10 score in 9th place, until Casspi hits a (meaningless) three pointer with under a minute to go and then immediately steals the inbounds pass. I jump from 9th to 4th and was cashing for $8K vs $1K a few minutes earlier. Time expired and I was still left in awe on what Casspi just did in garbage time to catapult me up the standings.

  • jimfred82

    • Blogger of the Month

    @jdelsas said...

    I settle into what I think is a top 10 score in 9th place, until Casspi hits a (meaningless) three pointer with under a minute to go and then immediately steals the inbounds pass. I jump from 9th to 4th and was cashing for $8K vs $1K a few minutes earlier. Time expired and I was still left in awe on what Casspi just did in garbage time to catapult me up the standings.

    Those kind of moments are what DFS is all about; trying to explain the exhilaration involved in those huge meaningless swings to a non-DFSer is a waste of time, but us DFSers know exactly how awesome and exciting that is!

  • Landa501

    This past football season in Week 7, I had an entry into the $12 tournament on FD. The whole day everyone was having a big day from Jack Doyle to Spencer Ware to Eagles D. I knew I was doing really well, but I have a strange thing where I don’t like to check the standings if I think I’m doing really well. I guess maybe because I think it’s a jinx. Well 7:20 comes around and my best friend tells me I have check after a Julio Jones TD late is almost sure to have me doing well. Turns out I was in second winning over 40k all together, and 40k in second place with just that one entry. It was one of the biggest rushes of my life. Obviously not life-changing money, but I finally had a taste of what it felt like to be successful in a large GPP. So all I need is for Matt Ryan and Atlanta to go down the field and kick a FG and I lock up second place, which should have been easy because they were already on their own 40, and couldn’t be stopped all day. But Ryan throws a pick and all of the sudden the Chargers are in FG range right away. Well a Josh Lambo FG drops me all the way to 8th for $1,500, but still over $2,300 for the day, but man I still can’t believe I was that close to a big hit like that. It was really exciting and I can’t wait to get back to having a sweat like that. It really brought on my passion for DFS even more because I finally felt like I was good enough to compete. Now all I need is some RG swag, so hopefully RG can make that happen!

  • gjle8140

    2013 DSBC Finalist

    2013 DSBC final four. I was up less then a point going into the 9th inning of last game of night stlcardinals84 had Crawford and Puig who were scheduled to hit 5th and 6th in the inning with the Dodgers trailing by two runs. Latroy Hawkins gives up a 2 run shot to pinch hitter Andre Ethier and then Crawford singles to lose the lead by less then a point. This was also when strikeouts by a hitter were minus points so if Puig would have K’d after Crawford I would have taken lead back but he didn’t ( I had Buck who hit a bomb to the wall in the top of the 10th). Games ends up going to extras and Puig doubles and scores to make final margin like 4 or something but if Hawkins gets out of inning I make it to finals so that cost me at least $15,000 and maybe $90,000 depending on how I would have done in championship game. I have had some others but this is the only one that I will remember forever. Here is the inning that cost me tens of thousands of dollars

    Mark Ellis : Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Ellis singled to center.

    Jerry Hairston Jr.: Strike looking, Ball, Hairston grounded out to pitcher, Ellis to second


    Andre Ethier : Ball, Foul, Ball, Ethier homered to left, Ellis scored.

    Juan Uribe : Uribe flied out to center.

    Carl Crawford : Strike looking, Crawford singled to left.

    Yasiel Puig : Strike looking, Puig grounded out to pitcher.
    End of Inning (2 Runs, 3 Hits, 0 Errors)

  • SirGiant

    • Blogger of the Month

    One time I had to fade 6 points Tim Hardaway Jr. in the 4th Quarter of a game to win two tournaments on FanDuel.

    He got poked in the eye in the first minute of the quarter and left for the game.

    That was pretty sweet.

  • joerapjr

    Wow, I am blown away by the responses here! Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their story and let us all relive your sweat with you! There’s no doubt that DFS can lead to some thrilling moments, and it’s undoubtedly a reason why we all play. No matter the end result, there’s nothing quite like being a close race for the finish line!

    While all the stories here were fantastic, a few stood out above the rest when I read through them all, so without further ado, here are the winners!

    jstevens2k11 for “A Family Affair”

    In this hilarious and touching post, jstevens2k11 told the story of the time he had an intense PGA sweat. The reality that he could finish at the top of a huge GPP set in while he was at work with his co-worker, who also so happened to be his Dad. His Pops got right into the excitement, and before you know it, the two of them were back him, sweating with the rest of the family! There’s nothing like sweating with good company!


    OhioState241 for “Thank You, Carlos Quentin”

    This story stood out to be because of the sheer one-in-a-million circumstances that had to unfold for OhioState241 to win this GPP. On an MLB slate, OhioState241 had had a great night, but Zack Greinke was taking the mound in a late game and was a highly owned, stud pitcher. All of us who have been there know that there’s nothing worth than sitting pretty on top and then watching a chalk play go off, propelling thousands of other entrants ahead of you.

    In a remarkable twist of fate, Greinke pegged the batter, Carlos Quentin, and rather than just taking the free bag, Quentin decided to charge the mound! The ensuing scuffle left Greinke with a sore shoulder, and he was pulled from the game! Suddenly, the Greinke lineups were dead and OhioState241 had a victory locked up!


    RiverJack for “$100 to Live Final”

    Our last winner certainly deserves the mention because they did what many small-time players dream of. RiverJack took a modest shot at qualifying for a live final and, lo and behold, he did it!

    Without squashing his bankroll or winning one of the high-stakes qualifiers, RiverJack got himself a seat to the Draftkings MLB final. It was a once in a lifetime experience, yet the excitement of winning the seat may have even surpassed it!


    Thanks again to everyone for writing, and winners, please check your DMs, as I need your information to hook you up with some RotoGrinders swag!

  • jstevens2k11

    Awesome!! Great stories and I’m sure there are plenty more out there on the forum, thanks RG!

  • jgootz421

    Last week, seconds winding down in the hou/sas game 3. Spurs up by 11, and the shot clock is turned off. At this point I am sitting in a 7 way tie for 1st place in the DK big $8 tourney which would win me $19k. Mills is dribbling out the clock 9 of 10 players are just standing around waiting for the last 10 seconds to wind off. Patrick Beverley decides to go for a pointless steal….. (see video in tweet below)

    The refs blow the quickest pointless whistle ever, and call jump ball. Beverley wins ensuing jump, counts as a turnover for mills, drops me out of 1st by .25. Go from winning $19k to $600 because of that. Got zero hours of sleep that night.

  • jimfred82

    • Blogger of the Month

    Patrick Beverley is arguably top five worst humans ever created. Just ask Russell Westbrook.

  • old_T

    • 2016 DraftKings FHWC Finalist

    Last season’s end-of-season big Qualifier only EPL contest, which includes all 20 teams playing at the same time – it’s a ridiculous sweat as it all happens at once and ends in under 2 hours start to finish w/ huge variance events (goals) throughout.

    I had the max four entries in what was not a large field, so I obviously had high hopes heading in. Things did not go my way for much of the day – I really didn’t even have one lineup in contention to finish near the top heading into the final 10 minutes – I didn’t even have one player I was watching thinking “please get a late PK to save me” or something like that.

    A depressed me suddenly sees my score on my main lineup shoot way up. I nervously say: “I think something just happened – I think something really good just happened”.

    However, I seriously refused to believe his scored could’ve gone up by so much and so quickly, given that he is a right full-back (that means defense). I immediately changed to his game and rewinded a few minutes.

    With his already-relegated Newcastle side playing down a man vs top-4 side Tottenham, Janmaat grabs me a late assist…AND THEN BOMBS UP THE RIGHT WING AND SCORES A GOAL ABOUT 90 SECONDS LATER.

    He was almost literally unowned and he was in my main lineup, which means that goal and assist won me the Q-only and just about every other GPP that day.

    Hopefully variance rides with me this again year as I only have only entry for tomorrow morning’s end-of-season EPL contest.

    Come join the best sweat in DFS in the various GPPs tomo morning.

  • msr427

    It’s great to hear this story after reading the part in dans book, Dueling with kings. . Awesome bro, great story. Glad you shared that, not many times that will happen, especially in a lower buy in.

  • MrMadness001

    I don’t play much on Draftkings but on a Sunday last NFL season I decided to throw in a random $4 buy in for a THU-MON night week long contest. I built my LU Sunday morning and decided to go with a Cardinals stack (Palmer, DJ, Fitz, and JJ Nelson). The only other player I was dead set on starting this day was Golden Tate who had a great matchup against the Saints. I had him in all my FD LU’s for the day and was happy with what I built and settled in for the slate of games.

    I try not to check my scores until way later in the day as it ain’t over until it’s over as I have learned playing for the past 3 years. Well Golden Tate went bananas in the 1pm game in the Superdome. Then as the 4pm games started I saw the Cardinals stack pulling it’s weight and my random hailmary play of Ladarius Green doing work against the Giants in Pittsburgh.

    So not thinking much I check my scores on FD. Doing well. Nothing crazy but I’m super anxious to check that 1 DK LU. As I check the score I am shocked to see I am sitting in the top 30. But I am horrified to see for some brain fart moment I had replaced Tate with Donte Moncrief remembered that while building and rebuilding the damn LU I took him out thinking he was to much money to fit with the Cardinals stack! Then as I checked and rechecked the salaries I felt beyond sick seeing that Moncrief and Tate were basically the same price wise and Tate would have fit with no issues.

    So I went into Monday night pinning my hopes on the Colts playing my god awful Jets. Everyone I spoke to about it said it would be a long shot for Moncrief to give me the 29-31 points I would need for a top 3 finish. As the game trudged on I saw Dwayne Allen score every damn point on the receiving side for the Colts. I wound up finishing around 40-50 spots and won $75 bucks. Yes, I was still happy to turn 4 dollars into $71…..But had I left Mr. Tate in my LU I would have came in 2nd place and took home 10K. Would have been the biggest score ever for me but alas it was not meant to be. How I wish Doc Brown’s delorean really existed so I can say leave TATE IN!!!!

  • jrgum3

    Today was my biggest sweat and my biggest score ever playing DFS. I took down the $1 PGA short game on DraftKings thanks mainly to Billy Ho and Jason Day. I started the day out in 3rd Place and went down to around 20th or so before rallying thanks to the great play of those two guys for the win and a cool $1000. Couldn’t have done it without the great info here at Rotogrinders and of course the Tourjunkies and Grinders Live PGA podcasts which I tune into every week to help with my research.

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