• BurrTheBaddestB

    I know that I am undoubtedly beating a dead horse here with the creation of this new thread, but I gotta get something off of this massive chest ‘o mine that is beginning to grind at my inner “bitch”.

    This season – more so than ever before – pros, so-called “gurus”, and yes, even some decent-sized “sharks” seem to be flooding the “$250 NBA Mini Swat” GPP’s over on FanDuel. Some of them are very recognizable names in the DFS game (as well as being members of this site to boot). With such large amounts of money already won over time and seemingly limitless bankrolls at their disposal, this is as unsettling to me as it is humorous.

    Why are they even wasting their time (and mine) and why do they also seem to be seeking out each and every empty or unfilled “novice” and/or “small fish” opportunity that is possible nowadays?

    Is it an ego thing?

    Is it some kind of power play to remind everyone that you’re going to have to go through them no matter where you may try to play and no matter what amount that you’re willing to wager?

    There has got to be some underlying reason(s) as to how and why this is more prevalent now than during any other season/sport that I’ve noticed to date. If not for any of the aforementioned ones that I just questioned above, though, certainly for a different one…right?

    Any further thoughts and comments on this new(ish) (and absolutely pathetic) trend that I’ve noticed is welcomed and encouraged, gang. Thanks!

  • artvandalay12

    @billholler said...

    There are multiple websites (including this one) that offer free tools that are just as capable of making the same lineups as the pros. Just have to learn how to use them efficiently. Maybe spend a little time doing more research instead of whining about losing. For NBA, you can pick a core 4 every night. If those 4 go off, you usually make a profit. The so called pros do the same thing except they don’t come here and cry when they lose. The average to moderately advanced players never complain when the “pros” lose but bring out the tin foil hats when they win.

    Oh stop lol. Just stop. If you can sit, lay, stand what ever it is your doing when u type and tell me the pros just “pick the right guys” everynight, then yeah, I’ll sell some serious bullshit too. They put stats into a model and let it spit shit out. I’m going to sites and manually looking shit up and doing it that way. So, trust me. The research is there. And yes, i have used rotogrinders. But rotogrinders to me is generic. I’ll do my research and come up with the same thing they throw at me. And I lose with their advice more often then not. I been winning but its because my research and hard work. Point to this is the pros use programs, models and spreadsheets. And there is nothing wrong with that. Im just saying they should be in every small contests going against the little guy that looks things up the old fashion way.

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