• WillCola

    Ok i made a question for nfl stacking. But is there a nba stacking strategy and is it efficent.

  • JSteele

    depends on the game. There was a miami game where they played min priced scrubs for 48 mins and they were a good stack but generally its not viable to stack more than 2 in most cases

  • escot4

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    Game stacks of 3-4 players from a high scoring game work great. Also, stacking 3-4 players on the same team can be big on occasions where a team is really thin on depth and only has 7 or so players in the rotation. It also works well to stack a PG who racks up assists with a good finisher.

  • VChair23

    I think it depends greatly on the slate that night. But in general I would say NBA stacking of the same team reduces your ceiling but can increase your floor in certain situations. As escot4 alluded to though a GS/whoever stack with an O/U 130 can definitely work out , but I wouldn’t take more than 2 players from 1 team. Has anyone seen numbers on this? I.E. Bales’ MLB/NFL books?

  • AssaniFisher

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    I would really like to see some hard data on this. Intuitively it seems as if the following aspects are in play:

    -Overtime obviously benefits stacking teammates and/or their opponents
    -There is some reverse correlation between teammates in that any FG scored by one means a possession in which the other did not score a FG. Or same thing with a rebound or an assist. As such 2 teammates who both get their value from the same thing(whether it be points, rebounds, steals, etc.) are bad to stack.
    -Having one teammate who can attain most of his value through assists and another who primarily scores can make them correlated. However if they are both super expensive then I think they are probably more uncorrelated than correlated due to them both needing to be good in multiple categories to attain value. For example I would expect CP3 and Blake Griffin to be slightly reverse correlated even though its easy to think of CP3 as an assist-guy and Blake as a finisher.

    I didn’t play a ton of NBA GPPs last year, so I haven’t done much real work on it. I play on playing a ton more next year, so I’d love to see more insight posted on it(especially with actual data to back it up).

  • BreakingBacon

    Depends on pricing and depth. My big placing a this year in April were from a min/sac game where both teams had very little bench depth due to injury, went with 7 players from that game due to minutes. Best thing for nba is the dfs rule of minutes=production, while not always true it’s still good to watch for small benches.

    Ps pretty crappy way for tousen to go out, bleach nerd…. Too bad it’s gone down the toilet.

  • hambazaza

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    if you’re goal to win a GPP is to have as many players score 50 fantasy points as possible, you’ll find that teammates scoring 50 points in the same game is a rare occurrence. it can happen, but you’re decreasing your odds of hitting that performance milestone if you take two players from the same team

  • Mindofigor

    I remember late in the season miami rolled out like 6 players for the entire game and guys like michael beasley had like 40 points LMAO

  • escot4

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    @AssaniFisher said...

    -Having one teammate who can attain most of his value through assists and another who primarily scores can make them correlated. However if they are both super expensive then I think they are probably more uncorrelated than correlated due to them both needing to be good in multiple categories to attain value. For example I would expect CP3 and Blake Griffin to be slightly reverse correlated even though its easy to think of CP3 as an assist-guy and Blake as a finisher.

    I would agree with this point for the most part… however, if you changed it to CP3 and DeAndre Jordan, especially if Blake was out with an injury, then you’ve got massive ceilings for both players since their stats don’t conflict as much. Injuries play a huge part in how stackable a team is for NBA. It’s tough to stack a full-strength team and have major success. You need the guys with the role increase, particularly if that role increase happens after the salaries are set.

  • VFL

    I agree, stacking in NBA rarely works. It sounds good on paper, but Basketball is a game of intangibles. Yes you need 1-2 superstars (i.e. Jordan/pippen, Kobe/Shaq), but too many cooks in the kitchen are a recipe for failure in the NBA. Just ask Lebron lol

  • CrazyGabey

    It can work in high-scoring games with little defense being played. Just remember that unlike baseball, one player “going off” generally chips away at his teammates’ ceilings.

  • deactivated84892

    Generally I try not to have more than 1 player from a team. Every day on FanDuel, there were always those guys that full stacked a single game to see their name in 1st place for 5 minutes but free fall once the action spreads out.

    Only time I recall a full game stack in the regular season working was that ridiculous Heat/Spurs multi-overtime game.

    I did lean on the Timberwolves late in the season for extra value once their bench was depleted and guys were playing 40+ minutes but early in the season when benches are thicker and minutes are fewer, Stacking isn’t the way to go.

    My opinion doesn’t mean much but I much prefer NBA simply because stacking a team doesn’t work (unlike MLB).

  • crazypaul

    In the NBA, Minutes = Money. The most I normally use from 1 team is 2 players, and thats not because I think they will help each other, it’s generally because both players have great matchups with high projected minutes.

    On rare occasion I’ll use 3 or more players from the same game, but its only due to the reason I stated above or because a team is depleated by injuries and have minimal bench depth, forcing the starters into heavy minutes. Unlike the other sports, 1 players success does not generally equate into success for his teammates.

  • peachfuzz

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    Agreed that stacking in NBA generally is not the way to go. There are only so many possessions to go around, and apart from minutes, the player usages generally aren’t high enough to stack multiple players. Not only that but it’s a case of diminishing returns as the players with the highest usage rates actually directly affects other player’s usage rates on the team, so unless you’re in a situation where you were stacking Russell Westbrook with a #2 this past year (anyone was a #2 for Westbrook this year, and it’s not going to work as well this year because Durant is going to be back) where Westy was racking up 10+ assists each game, then it just isn’t a very feasible idea.

    Sure, there will be select games where it will work, but the vast majority of high dollar winners will be an almost complete mixture of players from different teams.

  • pmsimkins

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    I go PG and PF/C quite often. I wouldn’t really consider that stacking. Occasionally you will see a ridiculous 4 man stack crush in a multiple overtime game. Generally those people are donating the other 150 days of the season though. You do see some of the massive multi entry guys target that strategy with a LU or two in projected close games, but if you’re playing just a couple LUs that strategy may as well be the lottery.

  • 3rdDFS

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    Stacking an overtime game is absolute gold.

  • escot4

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    Two of my best days in NBA were 5-man game stacks.

  • Yukerboy

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    Stacking can be done and successful, but temper it based on the stats the stackees will put up. Going Harden/Ariza was rarely a good thing as both were so scoring dependent and 3point dependent to boot. Same with Gasol/ZBO with rebounds and points. Only so many rebounds to go around. However, an Aldridge/Batum/Lillard stack would complement well as well as a Butler/Rose/Gasol stack. Different players on the same team can go off in different stat categories together, but rarely together if they are dependent on one or two stat categories.

  • shockermandan

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    Historical slam contests winning lineups suggest that, unless it’s a 2-4 game slate, you should not be stacking more than two players from a given team, and that you should be representing between 7-9 teams.

  • Yombo

    only time I really stack in NBA is a shorter slate 3 games or less, but that kinda goes without saying as you don’t have a choice. And even on smaller slates, spreading your players among the 4 teams works out better than targeting 1-2 teams anyway

  • tone17

    I generally take the players with highest projected points. It does not matter what team they play for. So yes, sometimes I have a few players from the same team.

  • bengalboi

    Will be plenty of stacking come playoffs.

  • teachmehowtocutty

    I’ll stack if we are talking clippers vs suns lol Vegas is very good at projecting over unders generally and more points means more fantasy opportunity. Of course I’m not playing the entire starting 5 for a team. But a 3 man stack of let’s say, cp3 Reddick DeAndre can be very profitable. Pairing a high assist pg with a shooter is the equivalent of a qb wr combo in football.

  • neogamer

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    Partial stacks are just fine but full stacks are very risky. That being said, there are occasional instances like the 76ers a few years ago where getting as much exposure to the oposing team as possible was a winning strategy.

  • noddy

    How big are the NBA prize pools going to be this year? Going to be hard to win a GPP with so many entries.

  • walkoff9

    Good teams with no bench always make for good stacks

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