• kantiger77

    I am liking FanPicks already – I don’t mind the smaller pools of people and think their pricing is actually fine, though some may disagree. However, it does need improvements, both to the site and to the game selection. I thought this thread might be a good place for those of us who enjoy college football to make suggestions to FP for their site for college football contests. Here are some of mine:

    So far, most of the contests are Top 10% only (20 of 200) for instance. I’d like to see some be Top 20%, or top 15%.

    I’d like to see some smaller slates of games offered on Saturdays, comprising 3 to 7 games. Conference specific slates in the future would be fun.

    I’d like to see some better data as far as the stats go – maybe more commentary on each player ,though I will say I like the fact this requires people to do research.

    I’m still not sure what Voucher Funds means.

    The Bonus Pool thing is weird and I still can’t figure it out. IT’s like this pool of $55 and it goes down like a trickle…only .08 so far? I don’t get that and wish it could be better explained/reformed.

    That’s just for starters – any others?

  • deactivated84892

    Not dogging on the site but genuinely curious.. Do you guys feel safe with your money on a DFS site that offers College Football DFS?

    I was gonna check them out but that was a giant red flag for my gut.

  • kantiger77

    DFS is 100% legal in Kansas, where I am, so yes. I think college football is technically only illegal in like two states, it’s just the bigger sites have refused to offer it as a way of improving their chances of being legal overall everywhere. It’s my hope that one day DK and sites like that will bring it back, once the dust settles.

  • nickrock23

    Supposedly improvements are coming so let’s just wait and see. I am more concerned with the site not freezing, crashing as it did last night for about an hour, and the very first night which was really bad. But they’re doing pretty well, and at times I think it’s held up better than DK and FD in the past.

    Voucher funds allow you to play in voucher games, and the prizes in these games are a combination of cash and voucher funds. There aren’t enough voucher games IMO in CFB. There’s a bunch of MLB voucher games and I’ve been playing those maybe 1 a night during the week.

  • Hkhotsskhotb

    Couldn’t sort by games which meant you had to scroll all the way down to the 2000 players. On the huge slate that was just too much to bother playing. They said this was on mobile and they’d be working on it. Didn’t fix by the evening games, just wasted a whole Saturday.

    If you want positives, they offer CFB. Streamline the slates to a more reasonable amount. Not a handful but not where the options are limitless.

  • James23

    - Export function doesn’t work – Can’t edit multiple lineups at one time – Ability to sort by slate in Lobby

  • nickrock23

    @Hkhotsskhotb said...

    Couldn’t sort by games which meant you had to scroll all the way down to the 2000 players. On the huge slate that was just too much to bother playing. They said this was on mobile and they’d be working on it. Didn’t fix by the evening games, just wasted a whole Saturday.

    If you want positives, they offer CFB. Streamline the slates to a more reasonable amount. Not a handful but not where the options are limitless.

    the export function works for me, but when I have edited LU’s from the “my lineups” page, what that does is just edits one of them. Unless I am doing it wrong. That creates a new LU with the one I just edited, but if there are multiple entries with that same LU, those stay. You have to go back and change all of them..
    I have never tried to do a global swap out. I had to go and find every LU I had with Fournette and get him out one by one. Probably 20 or so.
    The sort function on “Live Contests” doesn’t really work. I don’t understand it’s logic but it defaults to sort by highest entry fee to lowest, which is cool. But If i wanna sort by the ones starting the soonest, whenever I click on start time it rearranges them but in an order that has nothing to do with when they start. That I don’t get.
    I play all types of games and LU’s so there’s a lot to keep track of. When I needed to get Fournette out, I had to find the contests that were starting at 7pm in my upcoming contests tab. So I tried to sort it so the ones upcoming at 7 would be listed at the top and the late slates at the bottom that didn’t need to be edited.. but no matter what I did the 7pm contests were all over the place, from the top to the bottom no matter how I tried sorting them… Hopefully that is remedied when the new set is implemented.

    Like I said, they told me that they are doing an overhaul and updating the site so hopefully it’s a smooth transition and the site is truly 100% ready when it’s unveiled. But most important thing for me is having the site be reliable, which for the most part, it has been.

  • winning9191

    It drove me crazy trying to find players on my phone. But it was not a big deal. Glad to here it was just a glitch.

    I just wish they get rid of some of the body bag games and only do fcs.

    I was depressed after the first week because it felt like it was built for sharks that do it all day. This weekend was better and I gould a way to do research and used the process I learned on here. Just wish there was content on here for bargin bin players such as those who are staring for someone who is hurt or who is taking over a starting job.

    I will give it another week.

    Week 1 lost every contest by about 70 points. Week 2 won most all and the one grouping grouping I lost at 7 pm was by 15 points and that was with the LSU back on my team. A freaking 10k dead spot.

  • nickrock23

    the only way to get an edge is doing research and finding that player that’s low owned. Last week i did crazy crazy research, eventually I found guys worth using at 100% in my LU’s, and rotated some other guys. James Summers was the guy I used at 100% based off research. Listed as a WR, I was confident he’d get time at wildcat, so that was the safest play on the board to me cause of the high floor and his low price. D’Ernest Johnson and Darius Tice I had one of them in 100% of my LU’s, cause I was confident Marlon Mack wasn’t playing, even tho Athlon kept reporting he was playing. Johnson was carried off the field in week 1 but I researched and found out he was 100% on Wednesday. So those 2 RB’s are just from following USF closely and researching the situation… Then sometimes you have to make educated guesses and take a leap of faith.

    For instance, USF WR Rodney Adams was a 100% for me. I used him in 100% the previous week and he totally flopped in the passing game – luckily he scored on a run. In my mind, there was no way he was going 2 weeks in a row without a long TD catch. Sure enough he caught a bomb for a TD, and had plenty of rushing yards too which was a added bonus.
    I used James Washington at near 100% for similar reasoning. He is very high risk high reward, always has been. There is something definitely wrong with OSU’s offense – I wished I still bet CFB when I saw CMU was getting 21 points.. He actually had a horrible game fantasy wise until a very late TD, still under-performed IMO. I have to use him next game just based on that. Only a matter of time before he catches a 90 yard bomb. But up to that last second TD, he had 4 catches for 76 yards or something like that. Which sucks for a $6600 WR. He might even be 7600, I forget but he’s up there. He remains high risk high reward going forward. Same mentality can be used for Jehu Chesson. Is he really going to go 3 games in a row without a TD? Total risk so a decent % of people will use him just based off that thinking.

  • nickrock23

    I just heard they added a qb slot, fixed pricing , smaller slates and only 3 WR.. hopefully still a flex position !!

  • Stangs13

    Looks like 2 QBs 2RBs 3WRs TE and Flex. I like the improvement. The friday slate however you can fit anyone you want in your lineup. Im fine with it on a short slate. Saturday pricing looks much better, but is all priced in order of points per game to this point. Should make for some interesting construction.

  • nickrock23

    hopefully they get a Thurs-Fri slate ?

  • dtrain187

    The bonus money trickles out at 1%, which is really weak. It was 5% when I signed up last year and then they all of the sudden changed it to 1%. Now I have $200 in bonus money that would take me so much time and effort to try to grind out. Also the voucher program is a waste of time, you have to get first place to win maybe 1 or 2 dollars, all the rest of the money won is just more voucher money. Even though I am being negative about some things, I still like Fanpicks for the soft pricing and competition…I destroyed last year in basketball.

  • nickrock23

    can’t wait for CBB. but cfb is my bread and butter.
    I agree about the voucher funds. I have 200 as well in voucher dollars and all I keep doing is winning more vouchers.. they should make then redeemable for those tickets !! I’d gladly spend 100 in vouchers for one of those platinum tickets. still I am so happy to be playing CFB… improvements they make is just gravy to me, but long term if the site improves enough I’ll use it more for NBA , nfl, golf, whatever . I have no allegiance to the big sites. their customer service blows I’d be happy to find something better

  • kantiger77

    Smaller slates, which i already mentioned, and then a wider variety of games I must emphasize again. It’s a few H2H, a few small 50/50 and a couple top 10% leagues. We need more than that.

  • yostradamus

    Fix the player cards to reflect accurate stats….

  • kantiger77

    @yostradamus said...

    Fix the player cards to reflect accurate stats….


  • BabyBuster


    1. Tighter pricing
    2. Instead of a bunch of small contests, fewer large contests (size measured in terms of $ of entrants)
    3. Tiered GPPs – Top guy wins x% and then waterfalls down with each person receiving less of payout, only top ~20% get paid
    4. New LU is great. Would love to see one more Util spot to match the old DK format (could fix #1 nicely)


  • nickrock23

    I like the way it is now, they’ll have 25 entries where 5 get paid so thats a 20%, 100 with top 20, 200 with top 20, so 20, 15, 10 and 5 % winners pool so I can mix it up. I do like having the option of small dollar amount but big field with 20% payout so I can multi entry, and diff LU’s.
    Ideally we want bigger contests, but it’s just not possible right now. So many people are still sitting on the sidelines.. whatever.. they’ll come around eventually.
    I did play 50 bucks in DraftWorld tomorrow, there’s 2 slates and the pricing is tighter, but there are still plenty of absurd prices for at least a dozen players. The best 2 plays of the day are near minimum priced. Pricing is never going to be perfect.

  • BabyBuster

    I get pricing isn’t perfect, I’m fine with that. DK wasn’t perfect, but it was within the band of being OK. I don’t think FP is.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    Hey guys Scott here from have been lurking for a while and felt it was high time I introduced my self so Howdy all. We have been improving the site weekly and still have all hands on deck to continue to do so. I am hoping no news is good news as far as post go and everyone is semi happy but if you’re not please let me know. I am aware of some of the major issues such as no export feature slow scoring and some not being happy with our salary structure but other then that where do we need to improve?

    Thanks in advance,

  • icebergslim

    Yes you can export. Just click the import button at bottom if you’re on your phone. At bottom of your lineup when editing I mean. Works good for me. If you wanna sort by slate in the lobby it’s easier if you just click the 100+ person league button and change the entry fee amount. It puts everything in order for me when I do this. Multiple lineup edit would be nice though.

  • hoffs812

    I would like it to be improved where I can look at all my lineups if I am in a multi entry contest….right now it will only let you view one of the lineups

  • hoffs812

    Also what is the ruling with the current UCF game which is postponed until November 5th which is part of the thursday-friday contest

  • icebergslim

    @hoffs812 said...

    Also what is the ruling with the current UCF game which is postponed until November 5th which is part of the thursday-friday contest

    Don’t play anyone from that game. You’ll get a 0 for anyone taken. Has to be played within 30 hours of the start of the tourney it’s in.

  • fabrownii718

    Scott, like you mentioned, if you could sync the scoring quicker and improve the pricing like Draft World, no one would be playing there. I play both currently just because I like how quick their scoring updates and some donkey cant pick every top player in a contest.

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