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    Well, Maybe… I will spend some time linking good relative people with the background to tell the truth, things we should all know about the upcoming financial Crisis. How we got here, who is too blame and why, and how you can possibly hedge your family and money vs mass inflation and or a depression.
    All of my info is learned online, I am not an economist, do listen to several and what they expect to happen. A real timeline is impossible to predict. Just ask Peter Schiff who called out the 2008 housing bubble for the previous 2 years. Since 2012 he has been calling for the upcoming crash. His numbers are correct, his theory is correct, but no one can predict how long the FED, our politicians, and the sheeple will continue buying the “Make America Great, or Things will get better theme” when in reality, it is 100% financially impossible that things will get better.

  • Quadhole

    Must see HFT Video by Brad Katsuyama

  • Quadhole

    My Opinions with some facts from online :

    So much for the FED raising rates and Quantitative Tightening (QT) as the promised to do and continue to do no matter the pressure from Wall Street. This is how you know for a fact that a collapse is without a doubt coming. Normalized interest rates should have reached 6%, they stopped at 2.5%. QT which mean they would reduce THEIR balance sheet should be Zero, even 1T would be respectable. Since the market slowed, which everyone knew it would without the FREE money dumping by our Govt and the FED. Trump decided to Blast the FED, and make Wall Street happy. This in turn make the Sheeple happy as they pretend to be wrapped in a warm blanket economy.

    The FED now holds 4 Trillion in Securities.

    “The Fed implemented QE in three phases from 2008 to 2014. The Bank of Japan and later the European Central Bank followed suit.

    The Fed purchased huge amounts of US Treasury bills and mortgage-backed bonds that swelled its balance sheet.

    Its securities holdings surged from nearly $900 billion before the crisis to $4.5 billion by the end of 2017.”

    This should worry anyone with a savings or a family to support.
    As should the Petro-Yuan. We are turning away from the easy life of an American and it’s DOLLAR as the Worlds reserve currency. No, this is NOT Donald Trumps fault. Yes, he is continuing to kick the can, even push for more of the easy money to enter the system. You cannot as the WORLD leader continue printing and giving away easy money to the RICH, lend it to foreign nations dirt cheap, and not protect your own working class.

    Basically our country has thrown away our power in the financial system to profit for the few while Lying to the public. It is all legal now that they have changed all the rules, Deregulated everything to help the Rich and trap the poor, working class, and middle income families. This is now going to start hitting those in the Upper Middle Class thru severe inflation. If you have not noticed yet, Inflation, or as our Govt/FED call it now, CPI moves between 0-2.5% per year. That is a FARCE at best. We have been trapped in a 5-7% inflation year over year since 1998. They love to tell you when the price of GAS goes Down, or when you can purchase a TV dirt cheap. What they dont tell you is the Price of Food which has tripled since 2000. How about your Local Tax, or road tolls, College and or basic school tuition, House and car insurance. None of which is included in CPI. They change the rules each time something gets in the way.

    Now too, Jobs, pay the same as they did pre-crisis. it seems for each and every article written about how bad it is. There is always the Professional out there to lay out a GOOD line.
    1. Wage Increases are up almost 4% over the last year.
    2. GDP is “SKYROCKETING” under Trump.
    3. Gas Prices have dropped to the lowest they have been in 20 years.
    4. The S&P return if you entered the market in 2009 has tripled.
    5. My favorite one, If you have enter the market when it first opened you would be a millionaire by now.
    6. Cant think of another.

    Then you have the guy that is still doing good because he is a saver, his job is steady, and “HIS” family is doing ok, thus, everyone else’s family can do the same. He loves to tell you :
    1. Go back to school, educate yourself again.
    2. We should have never “LET” china take our jobs. (he fails to remember that the UNIONS and Democrats begged to stop this in the 1980s. That we were allowing the Super Rich here to shutter factories so that they could make mass amounts of money. The Theory went (this will allow us to bring in cheap goods for the working class saving them money in the long run). The other excuse was at the time by Republicans : Legally it is their Corporation, they can move it wherever they so chose, we as politicians have no right to tell them what to do !
    3. Now, this same guy wants to shut the boarder. Great ! Dems and working class wanted it closes in the 1980s also. Here we go again with the excuse given at the Time by the rich and powerful. It went like this : We need cheap labor in this country, no one wants to pick the oranges, or fruit, who will pick the Vegetables ? Who will do the labor jobs ? Cut Grass, work in the Gardens ? No American will do that job for 7$ an hour, correct ? That was true, and still is, that is why if we had kept things the way they were we would have had 20$ garden jobs Americans would have done. That in turn would have stimulated the economy.

    Plain and simple : We have given all the money the working class should have received going back to 1984 and the huge tax cuts to the RICH. The Opening of the Boarder, and the Moving of Corps overseas without the added Tariffs (at the time) has transferred the working class income to China and the Mega Billionaire in this country and others. There are some doing better than others. You can be sure, that sometime within the next 20 years there will be a meltdown of our entire system that is born out of PURE Greed.
    I want to hear other opinions.. This is mine.

    I only know these things from going online and doing the research others don’t want to know about.

    In my opinion we have got to go back to the pre 1984 tax cuts, tax the wealthy at a much higher rate than the working class. If we dont, then end game is a country with 20 really rich Trillionaires and 350 Billion people making between $3 hour and 50$ hour.

    Remember when Bush ran on…. “Read my lips, no new taxes” What he really meant was, Reagan was duped into cutting the taxes on the RICH that FDR had put in place and help our nation prosper, I am going to extend the TEMPORARY cuts Reagan put in place forever and destroy our working class to help the rich and greedy.

    By the way : There is no one that reads this thread that falls into the category of RICH. Rich now is over 20M in assets. We should not be raising taxes on people making 500K a year. We should triple them on billionaires.

  • Quadhole

    For those wondering how the VC’s Venture capitalists get garbage corps into an IPO, then dump into unsuspecting 401k accounts, watch here.
    LYnette does a good job of showing just how corrupt our LEGAL system is…A corp. like Snap Chat has no business ever making it to a Publicly traded corp. Let alone put into a 401K account. This is what your BANKER friends do for a living, not all, but many, just crooks.

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