• chunkybangles

    Had a nice run in February so I decided to treat myself to a nice outdoor stone paver fireplace that I put together last night. Looking forward to enjoying some summer beer and bar-b-q’s fireside with friends, and maybe playing some MLB out there. Last year I was able to get a pretty sweet leather sofa after a couple of nice GPP finishes in NFL. I’m just a casual player but its pretty neat to be able to enjoy the competition of DFS and also see the real life rewards with the bit of luck/success I’ve had. I’m mainly a cash player outside of NFL GPP’s, so I’m sure my winnings are much less than some of the GPP only players on here, but I’m curious to hear from others if you’ve hit it big what kinds of things you were able to do with the money. Anybody have any cool trip, indulgence, or unique purchase with your winnings after uncle sam got his cut?

  • Truufinator

    Winnings? What winnings?

  • jimmyrad

    Two chicks at the same time

  • tvsfrink

    I think if you were a millionaire you could hook that up ‘cause chicks dig dudes with money.

  • tipandpick

    • 2016 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

    • 2014 FAFC Champion

    DFS has been kind; this is a highlight:



    [I did the work, but DFS paid for the goods; I enjoy that kind of work.]

  • jimmyrad

    That’s very impressive work.

  • Warbucks79

    @Truufinator said...

    Winnings? What winnings?

    This +100^^^^^^^^

  • Cameron

    RG Co-Founder

    • 2014 FanDuel NFL Survivor Champion

    • 2016 RG Season Long Champion: NFL

    @tipandpick said...

    DFS has been kind; this is a highlight:



    [I did the work, but DFS paid for the goods; I enjoy that kind of work.]

  • Motovin

    @Bam79 said...

    I’m currently putting every dollar towards debt..Then, I plan on travelling.

    Same. DFS has really helped me eliminate my student loan debt

  • jojo491048

    @Sleepyfloyd16 said...

    I bought a pack of gum. Trident I believe.

    ^ winner in my book =)

  • jojo491048

    Winnings go toward paying off those student loans, towards the lady friend, and for an upcoming Vegas trip in a few weeks, where I will hopefully not lose it all.

  • dude_abides7

    “Hookers and cocaine”

  • deejones49

    Trying to win enough so i can hire a maid

  • wmyrick8

    I was fortunate enough to win competitions to both of the NHL stadium series games this year. Awesome experiences with hotel accommodations, transportation, and was given as many things you can think of with a Draftkings logo on it.

    Along with that came a good chunk of change and I used some of that to buy season tickets at Coors Field this year. Can’t wait to watch my Rockies pitch muffins to visiting teams all year and hold up the bottom of the league!

  • manleyyy

    After grinding for almost a year I finally hit some big winnings for my standards. I brought a couple pairs of jordans couple yankee jerseys, pt cruiser(used). Also brought my mom a iPhone lol she still thinks It’s considered gambling but she’s coming around and supporting me. Looking into an apartment and season tickets for swb railriders (Yankees triple a team). It feels great hopefully I can keep up the momentum and stay strictly to my bank management and not tilt when I go cold. I love dfs and don’t know what I would do without It.

  • DAR207

    I’m new but was lucky enough to finish 5th in the $150,000 grand slam with a single bullet. I withdrew some of it , and made a kick ass home office, dfs minded. Its quite the set up. Splurged on it for sure.

    Using the rest to play more volume daily now.

  • sprom

    • 2012 DraftStreet DSBC Finalist

    This has always been a constant struggle for me. Always pull out money so the wife is ok with me spending too much time on DFS, but it hurts my bankroll building. There has always been some sort of debt (loan, wedding, daycare bills, CC, etc…) that took priority. I think I am finally in a spot to not have to cash out and start to build a bankroll.

  • Epicsic

    Cocaine and hookers

  • jonsousa46

    I’ve paid a lot of my fraternity dues with DFS winnings, and I’ve been lucky enough to not have a part-time job in college because I’ve been playing DFS for decent enough money to survive off of. I’ve also been able to treat my girlfriend to some nice dates/gifts, but she’s still a little skeptical of the whole DFS thing.

    When I graduate from college in a month, I’ll most likely grind DFS in conjunction with my full-time job to help pay off my student loans/debt. Additionally, I want to get a nice setup in terms of a home office, so I’ll most likely turn to DFS for that too.

  • peachfuzz

    • Blogger of the Month

    paid bills months in advance, paid off some debt, paid off car, bought a PS4, and some golf clubs/accessories.

    That’s the way my life goes pretty much in that order. Bills/debt first, toys if there’s anything leftover. Stupid adulting sucks, but at least I have a pretty sterling credit report, and don’t have collectors chasing me around.

  • JGallo1018

    Used my recent $10K winnings towards paying off a solid chunk of debt, a Movado watch, put the rest away in my savings. 25 years old. Going to have some serious big life things happening over the next few years.

  • osuryanf

    - Paid off my student loans – Paid off all medical bills – Purchased a house – Went to Vegas – Sent a huge chunk to the wonderful US Government

  • skillzxiv

    NBA DFS was very good to me this year and has truly been a blessing:

    - Paid Uncle Sam his cut – Paid off student loans (yay!) – Looking into buying a new car – Looking into buying a house (condo)

    “Looking” since NYS made DFS illegal and I’m afraid to spend the $. The house is a wise investment though.

  • coachwood

    McPick Two!!

  • flip4flop

    Started up a small e commerce business with most of my winnings from 2015 with enough left over to still have a nice cushion for DFS

  • Aniesdad

    I give most of it to my wife who now thinks I need to spend more time on this. I also paid for a 7 day all inclusive vacation to Disney World this past Christmas but then Basketball happened. Thank God baseball season is here.

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