• ManuGino20

    Hello Everyone. I started DFS sports this NBA and NFL season. it started with doing soccer with buddies and realized that I should probably do NBA since I’m a huge fan of every team pretty much and absolutely obsessed with the sport.
    I think I will be a DFSer for life.

    So my question is: What the best way to built a bankroll?

    I’ve lost about $400 since the nba started. pretty much broke even with nfl so far on draft kings but I actually killed my buddies in 4 man nfl sunday tourneys. thanks to rotogrinders podcasts.

    I definitely thought I’d do a lot better in basketball, since I know the most about and have been a loyal fan of the NBA since 98. But its been frustrating!! Not sure what I need to do so I’m reaching out to the community for help.

    if you’re from around metro Detroit I’ll buy you a drink for your tips :)

    So I’m looking to possibly learning a discipline strategy that works. Please advise what works based on what you have personally done to grow bankroll, and win on a consistent basis.

    thank you so much for reading this and please help with your advise.



  • badlands92

    My advice…avoid playing guys coming off injuries. Avoid playing guys with the potential for injury. Avoid playing guys in bad match-ups. Avoid playing guys in potential blow-outs. Avoid playing guys who will be heavily owned. Avoid playing guys who are streaky. Avoid playing guys who are “guarantees”. Avoid building a LU you like too much or don’t hate enough. Avoid playing guys whose middle names begin with P or F or whose paternal grandparents come from states with more than seven letters in them.

    In other words, AVOID this frustrating, built-to-lose hobby. We are all sick human beings :)

    Otherwise, best of luck to ya!

  • tvsfrink

    @Cameron said...

    You can keep the money in PayPal if you’re more comfortable not having it all on the sites

    I cannot recommend this enough. I nearly learned it the hard way with the whole FantasyHub debacle.

  • pmsimkins

    • 2014 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    • 2015 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    @Cameron said...

    1) “Never withdrawal”. You can keep the money in PayPal if you’re more comfortable not having it all on the sites, but in general make sure to treat it as a separate fund, not an extension of your checking account.

    Disagree here. Take advantage of credit card rewards by depositing.

    Also, psychologically money sitting in my bank account or on a credit card balance is more painful to spend than what is in my FD/DK accounts.

  • Cameron

    RG Co-Founder

    • 2014 FanDuel NFL Survivor Champion

    • 2016 RG Season Long Champion: NFL

    @pmsimkins said...

    Disagree here. Take advantage of credit card rewards by depositing.

    Also, psychologically money sitting in my bank account or on a credit card balance is more painful to spend than what is in my FD/DK accounts.

    Obtaining a credit card reward isn’t really related to the point I was making, but that is definitely a great tip in general, to maximize any bonuses a player may receive through their CC’s.

    To clarify, my point in not withdrawing is to re-invest your winnings into growing your DFS bankroll/fund (if you feel you are a winning player, or your goal is to be a winning player). – Personally, I wish I had re-invested my winnings the first year or so, instead of cashing them out.

  • deactivated51600

    @pmsimkins said...

    Disagree here. Take advantage of credit card rewards by depositing.

    This won’t work on DK unless you are a losing player as they will simply refund the CC if a withdraw is requested. Credit card companies won’t allow you to keep rewards/points on purchases which are credited back. Their system would be ridiculously exploitable if they did.

  • flappabledock

    I am also new to DFS, and played only several weeks in NFL and literally only one game on NBA so far, but this is my understanding of the best way to approach it. Take my advice for what it’s worth but please someone chime in if this sounds off base.

    First off, I have some experience in betting game lines and I think the bankroll strategy should be fairly similar. You want to start low stakes, in DFS I would suggest cash games at $1 to start. I know this is no fun to start but if you jump in at high stakes, it would be similar to going off a black diamond ski run your first time on skis, you’re going to have a bad time. No matter how confident you are with knowing the NBA, DFS is a different animal and it takes time to understand and get the intuition of playing night in and night out. By starting low stakes you will be able to test your process before moving up.

    The good thing with DFS is, each night even at low stakes you can compare your lineup to larger stakes games and pros and see how you might have faired. You need to stay disciplined in this area, because after a few nice days of winning you may be kicking yourself you are not at higher stakes, although if you make that switch before your ready, your bankroll will ultimately suffer.

    GPPs, as I understand it, are an extremely complex animal that involves game theory, correlations, player exposure and ownership predictions. Therefore, I would suggest starting at cash games because of the low variation and less complexity. This can be the base for your bankroll. Once you have a strong process and have faired well with cash, then make the moves to GPP and approach it a similar fashion – low stakes, test process, move up. GPPs have much higher variance so you have to be very disciplined, be confident in your approach and have a big bankroll to succeed long term.

  • jbhfootball

    @awesemo said...

    The best way is playing on smaller sites, especially if you can find ones with overlay. The smaller fields allow you to have more consistent results.

    Sage advice! Any ones you want to name!

  • Cpjttogether

    That was funny badlands92

  • shockermandan

    @Cameron said...

    A few basic tips I often give are:

    1) “Never withdrawal”. You can keep the money in PayPal if you’re more comfortable not having it all on the sites, but in general make sure to treat it as a separate fund, not an extension of your checking account.
    2) Simple one, but only have 3-10% of your bankroll in play a night. – That will force you into the right buy-in sizes and contests for you.
    3) Pay attention to rake. This helps.
    4) Make sure you truly understand variance, and how that effects what game types you should be playing.

    Whether or not you agree with these specific tidbits, this is the type of advice you should be looking for.

    Rake is 12%-15% depending on game selection. There is no efficient way to build a bankroll other than being consistently better than the people you’re playing against.

    To add to #4, If you’re playing GPPs, think about your play style and the GPP’s payout structure.

    For example,

    The big NHL Quarter Arcade on DK today pays out 2% to 1st place, but the top 25% of the field at least doubles their $. If you find yourself typically more chalky, you would want to focus on a structure like this because there isn’t a ton of value-add to coming in 1st.

    The big NHL $4 tournament pays out 17% to 1st place, but only the top 6% of the field doubles their $. If you find yourself consistently against the grain (e.g. lower owned players), you’d want to play in a tournament that has a payout structure like this, understanding you’re going to more ups and downs until you get yourself a big hit.

  • Joshmstar

    Realize that just because you can build good lineups, doesn’t mean you will build a bankroll.

    Game selection and having a solid BR management strategy that you stick to are just as important.

    If you like tournaments play smaller fields. Can’t stress enough to be disciplined with your BR strategy (don’t get too high on yourself because of a couple nice GPP finishes and play a high % of your BR). Pick a range of % you will play and stick to it. If you play GPPs only make it less than 5%.

  • MrFantasy

    Get a time machine and go back to 2013. That would be the most efficient way to build a bankroll.

  • KindGuy

    @MrFantasy said...

    Get a time machine and go back to 2013. That would be the most efficient way to build a bankroll.

    Those were the days man. Wish I took DFS more seriously back then UGHH

  • sochoice

    • 2017 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    • 2017 FanDuel WFFC Champion

    Play only 50/50s and enter that one lineup in one small stakes GPP per night. Figure out what your budget is for the remainder of the season and try to play less than 10% per night. Good luck.

  • thekushhammer

    i think gpp only because u will luck into some great teams and the one day reward of those could trump several days of up and down cash games, if you want a slow grind build to bank roll some 50/50s to cover gpp entries is probably the move

    but lets say on draftkings, there are so many 3 entry max and single entry tournaments that pay out to 25%. usually a pretty decent team can get into the min cash and keep you going for another day and a really great team can give u many multipliers of your buy in

  • JPep2370

    Here is my humble opinion. I’m a very small time player. I use to play on DK. I played only NFL my first year. Won enough to be in the green, took care of all my season long league fees and still had money left over. It was a good bit to me, about $500. I was content. Then I decided to play again this year. Put money back into DK only. Not sure why but never looked at FD. Anyway I didn’t really win enough to get too excited this season but did make enough again to take care of all my season long league fees.

    Fast forward to the end of the NFL season I knew I wanted to continue DFS because I dabbled in NHL last season and actually enjoyed it. NBA wasn’t in my mind just because I haven’t watched basketball in a long time. I heard about RG, listened to sirius xm and decided to bounce over to FD to see what all the fuss was about for those beginner contests. Believe it or not it was legit. No sharks, no experts allowed in the beginner contests. You can still play in other contests but I enjoyed playing in the beginners just to get some confidence. I’m now up to the intermediate level, not sure how long I’ll get to stay but doing well.

    Since about Jan 25th I’ve made about $80 just playing the double ups and 50/50’s both NBA and NHL. I have about a 78% winning percentage, 89-114. Of course I play in contests that are intermediate, anywhere from 10-22 players and only doing the $1 and $2 contests. I do toss my cash lu in a SINGLE ENTRY GPP here and there. Once NBA starts back up I probably will do that again. Again only $1 contest. So really I only use about $6-$10 on a given evening. Next day it’s doubled or thereabouts.

    My point is even as a small guy you can still have fun, play small contests and yes even build a small bankroll. Don’t worry about the big GPP’s. Not going to tell anyone not to play because I do think anyone can get lucky once in a blue moon but for me I’ll never play the large GPP’s. With Sharks and pro’s max entering it’s a losing cause if I only put in 1 or 2 lu’s. That’s my stance on that. But again do what you feel comfortable with and what you have a better chance of winning. The smaller the entries the better. Do single entry only. Stick to low $ contests. After you build it up a little and get some confidence then you could move onto trying a bigger contest or two but I think you still need to play the smaller ones just to off set any loss you might take.

    Just my humble opinion. I’m no means an expert just speaking from a regular small time player.
    Best of luck!

  • cburg74

    I see this question asked in many posts over the last couple of years…How do I build a bankroll? I think the real question to ask is, how do I become a winning player? I say this because as a DFS player you should always strive to build(increase) your bankroll. The only way to build/increase the bankroll is to be a winning player. Here are a few concepts I have enlisted in my daily process.**Disclaimer—I am a fairly low volume player who plays cash and gpps at low to medium stakes.
    1.Take full advantage of the Rotogrinders First Look articles. I use those religiously.
    2.Listen to multiple podcasts to and from work.
    3.Don’t play a slate if you don’t have time to complete your research.
    4.Being willing to change your opinion on lineups due to late breaking news……especially in the NBA.
    5.Be selectively aggressive with your bankroll. Don’t go crazy, but take a stand some times and escalate your bankroll exposure if your research is sound.
    6.Study “winning player’s” lineups, not the lineups that may win a particular slate, but study the tendencies of the “big dogs” of DFS.
    7. Play to win….but don’t lose any sleep over it if you don’t.

    These are just a few of the things that come to mind. Since I have committed to a “process” that works for me I have 6 ggp wins to show for my efforts in the last 13 months. I hope you find something useful in my rambling. Best of luck…..

  • tonytone1908

    @Heggybhoy82 said...

    Go big or go home, for $3 it’s worth a shot I want to win $1000 haha


    I was going to take the easy way out and say the most efficient way would be to take 1st in a huge GPP with 1 entry the very first time trying. THAT would be the absolute MOST efficient way to build up a bankroll. Alas, you probably have better odds of being struck by lightning. That being said, if you’ve been struck by lightning, you should probably start playing GPP’s.

    In all honesty though, limiting yourself and sticking to it is the best way. I’ve tried to focus on 1 lineup a day, my best lineup. Most times I’ll focus on late slates. On FD at least the prizes are pretty decent and you only have to worry about a few games.

    If you do go the 1 lineup route, most people find it hard to be too contrarian because it’s hard to have faith in most of these scrubs. Unfortunately, you’ll look at the winning lineups every night and undoubtedly see a player, or two, or three, or four, that you would have NEVER felt safe playing in your 1 lineup. Be contrarian without being stupid and limit yourself. Don’t let one win give you too much confidence and play more LU’s then you’re comfortable with. Stick to 1, maybe 3 at the most if there is a spot or 2 you have concerns about.

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