• Loudo2002

    I have been playing dfs for about 2 years.

    I literally play 1-3 dollars a night. Mostly GPP.

    I use the free fantasy labs app for my “research”. I deposited 20 bucks two years ago and as of last week, it was up to 100 dollars. It’s been mostly fun. Hoping for the big score and just giving me something to do.

    Last week, I hit 3rd in the FanDuel 100k squeeze for 5 grand.

    Here’s my dilemma: do I get a subscription here at rotogrinders or one at fantasy labs and try to turn that 5k into something more? Or just cash out and keep playing a dollar a night like the old days.

    I’m a teacher so I’m about to have some time on my hands in another month.

    What do you guys think? Any low level players have anything like this happen to them?

    Any advice is appreciated

  • Mikeluschen1

    I’ve had basically the same experience— IMO its best to take everything out. If anything start playing about $6-10 a night allowing you to play 2 lineups into a gpp instead of one (throw one with your favorite pitcher then hedge it with a stack against that given pitcher—1 coors 1 without, etc)

    So many tools nowadays if youve been playing for 2 years already you should have a good grasp on things— plus you did just win 5 grand without these tools so I dont really see a benefit especially if youll have more time to research on your own.

    Ive had big wins- then find myself trying to chase Q’s, multi enter larger gpps, over thinking every play, etc. — next thing you know half your bankroll is gone in a matter of weeks.

    All in all— stick to what you’ve been doing- Don’t get ahead of yourself over a big win- but DO congratulate yourself. It is a great feeling.

  • phillygamecox

    First off, congrats – always good to get a big score and validate the grind. IMO, much like mikeluschen1 mentions – cash out all or a very large majority of it. I’ve been in your situation before and thought “wow, this is pretty easy – let’s just up the bets.” After a few days of that, I realized there is a reason why i should stick to lower limit games which is where I’ve also been for most of the time playing DFS.

  • TheRyanFlaherty

    My experience over the past few years has been nearly identical…put on $20, grinding it out to a few hundred, playing a few bucks a night, etc…only you’re up on me because I never hit the 5k type prize yet…lol

    But as a similar player, it’s something I’ve thought of and my plan if I ever hit something bigger has been…keep it 50/50 (on site/withdraw) up to $500, keep 10% of the winnings after that on the site.
    So in your example, I’d keep $950 on the site (probably just make it an even 1k), then withdraw 4K. (if my math off the top of my head is right)
    Then I’d adjust my play/bankroll managment accordingly…I’d probably be hesitant to jump too far up immediately…so start with, say $3 GPP’s instead of $1 and some additional entries etc.
    To me that would be the happy compromise, where I’m taking the majority out, yet know I have enough to not worry about going broke while allowing me the chance to really trying to grow my bankroll.

    But again, that’s always been my plan and a theoretical…congrats on having that be a reality.

  • ndogg78

    Congrats! I won a $2 NBA GPP on Draftkings for 5k in 2014. Withdrew $4500 and kept $500 on the site. Lost it in about a week when I started playing $25-$50 GPPs. About a month ago I won a $4 MLB GPP for 4k, withdrew $3500, kept $500 on the site. This time I’m staying at the lower limit GPPs enjoying the fact that my winnings are still paying my entry fees.

  • Loudo2002

    Great advice fellas. I appreciate it.

  • qatman

    It really depends on your comfort level with risking more money, which is hard to know until you actually do it. Are you going to be incredibly mad at yourself for losing thousands of dollars if you don’t withdraw it now? Are you at all likely to tilt off a large sum in one shot? If so, I’d lean towards withdrawing all but say $500 (or even more). That’s still a sizable jump over your current bankroll, and will let you ease into playing higher (if you want).

    Remember, you can always redeposit money after having withdrawn it, but you can’t withdraw money you’ve lost.

  • WCHprime

    This kind of question gets asked a lot around the forums and is very situational. You just have to play what you are comfortable losing. A lot of people recommend just withdrawing it and that is perfectly fine too. It comes down to whether your goal is build this 5k into something bigger or if you are just content playing $1 a day. You also have to ask yourself if this 5k win was just luck or is your process good enough to keep having an edge over the field. The worst thing you can do is immediately jump to mid-stakes and before you know it your 5k is gone.

    My recommendation is playing no more than 5% of your BR per night if you want to build this up. Do what you’ve always been doing, but now you have more money in play.

    You can DM me if you have any more questions, I’m happy to help.

  • Neil_Hines

    Hi, friends, everyone discusses nicely it’s really great community. :-)

  • CUTiger81

    I’ve been fortunate enough to take down a few sizeable GPPs and every time I do I inevitably bump up my GPP play and go on a couple thousand dollar losing streak. Not sure why, just always happens that way for me. There’s no real reason to bump up your play much unless you’re a successful cash player and the bankroll influx allows you to increase your action on that front.

  • MrFantasy

    Play DFS for fun. Whatever amount of money allows DFS to continue to be fun should be the amount you play. I don’t see a reason you can’t bump up your play to $25 a night though.

  • Njsum1

    There’s no correct action here. It’s a personal choice and it comes down to one thing: you goal as a DFS player.

    1) if your goal is to continue playing as you were and aren’t looking to up your nightly play, then Id take it all off the site with the exception of a few hundred bucks so you can continue your current level of play

    2) if your goal is to try and make a decent side income from DFS and see if you’re truly good or just lucky, then I’d leave about 1k to 2k on the site and play around 5 percent of that on a nightly basis as someone had mentioned earlier. If that goes well, up your exposure again.

    Whatever you do, just stay within your comfort level, and be OK with whatever the outcome. Good luck

  • Roma315

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    Don’t jump up in entry fees until you hit another bit score. Maybe double your action and keep doing what you’ve been doing. Besides that congrats on the score.

  • Jvanspro

    My opinion, cash most of it out and play on the rest. At this point there is no need for any subscriptions. Once you have your own process, subscriptions seem to muddy the waters and a lot of times take you off a play you would otherwise make. They are very good for newer players trying to figure the game out. After that, not much assistance.

  • mannmicj

    Congrats on the nice score. I would strongly urge you to cash out most if not all of your winnings. The current environment in DFS is very very competitive and the rake just continues to grow. You’ve done something that few will ever do with or without a subscription. A subscription only adds to your operating cost. Keep having fun but do something important with your winnings. Even if that is just saving it for a future financial goal. I hope that helps. Again, congrats.

  • draped

    My thoughts are along the lines of what everyone is saying, but I wouldn’t necessarily say to definitely take all the money out. I think you should do what will provide you the most entertainment/happiness. It seems like you have fun playing small amounts, so MAYBE the best route is to continue doing that and use the money you won to do something outside of DFS that will give you even more entertainment/happiness. but maybe you have always wanted to try slightly higher or way higher stakes contests and that will provide you with the most entertainment (maybe you don’t need the money to spend outside of DFS). at the end of the day we don’t know what YOU want to do or your life situation, and that’s all that should really matter. Spend your money in the way that you think will end with you as the happiest version. If you do play higher stakes or buy a subscription, know that it could very well end with a big zero. but if that’s something you are ok with, and you think the entertainment value of trying to play higher stakes is worth it then go for it.

  • crazydaisy2013

    I doubt 5k will change your life but 5 or 6 figure scores could. Before you commit to premium info like fantasy labs or here you’d be better off getting coached by someone here. The info you’d be paying for would be useless if you didn’t know how to use it.

  • WidumBoise

    Cash out a majority of your win and don’t increase stakes/volume until you feel comfortable.

  • pick6er

    I won $8,500 during the NBA playoffs a few weeks ago. Withdrew $8,000 and left $500 to play with. I was a small stakes player as well, usually running $25/night in gpp’s + 50/50’s. Long story short, I busted down to $100 bankroll in no time going for the high entry gpp’s in hopes of hitting again.

    Needless to say, I got too big for my britches! Back to my normal entries until football season comes up.

  • usna1993

    Cash out – keep doing what you are doing ( if not maybe double or triple ) – but mostly keep at the same level. Unless you are able to handle large losses and variations to your bankroll, best to keep small.

    I play small and once I get up to 200-300 I’ll cash out to around 50 and then work back up from there. When I do hit decent wins, I cash out. I have learned that if I don’t, I’ll blow through it pretty quick as you start chasing bigger pots…

  • wolfpack8181

    Congrats on the win!!
    I would cash out 4k or 3500, and try Fantasy Labs for the month. I have just started with fantasy Labs after using the free app myself.
    You are a little luckier than myself as you have a free month off being a teacher. The free app obviously helped you win and set you in the right direction. In your free month see how much more you can learn and improve. Your a teacher so being I assume more analytical than most Fantasy Labs would probably benefit you with all the stats they have.
    If you are in need of the money than cash out most of it and use what you can afford to spend. However I would still recommend trying the Labs for the month. If nothing else you will see and learn a lot of cool stats!!

  • crazydaisy2013

    Why would everyone cash out just to cash out? What would you do with the money other than spend it? Unless you’d find another way to invest it or pay off a nagging debt or buy a specific item you’ve been wanting what’s the point?

  • PujolsJunkie

    Cash out $1000 and spend it on the person that puts up with you playing DFS. Use the rest of the $4000 playing $300 GPPs with your single entries just like you have been. If you completely whiff for a week straight, you’ll still have $2,000 or so left, at which point you can cash the rest out and leave yourself the same kind of roll you had before while having some nice money to use in the real world.

    More likely though, you’ll hit big in one of the $300 GPPs and you’ll win an even bigger prize. Just got a feeling about you.

  • Loudo2002

    The gambler in me really, really likes this post.

  • wolfjb1

    I would get a subscription if I were in your shoes. RG or FL, whatever. You’re already good. You can get better. We all can. You can cancel after the summer when you have to go back to school if the sub isn’t paying off. You can really, really learn a lot from these sites if you’re paying attention.

  • TeamTwerk

    Don’t be a fish. Cash out at least 90% of it and continue playing at about the same stakes. You’ll probably win a big prize like this playing a few bucks a day every 5 or 10 years . That’s a long time of losing in between winning.

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