• OystersAndBeer

    Wanted to see what you guys thought I should do. I won it playing NFL and didn’t really think I’d get first. I really would rather trade it in for cash but that’s not an option. I’ve played NBA a couple times this year and haven’t smelled victory. Should I get a crash course and read some books on NBA DFS? Which ones? I know I can burn 1500, put a lineup together and not feel good about it while watching my team lose but I really wish there was something I could do (it is 1500!!). If I could just cash I’d be happy as possible. Anyone else been here? Thanks for any kind of advice

  • Mocexx

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    Get a one week trial pass somewhere. Hit optimize. Pray.

  • KindGuy

    Wow, that’s tough, man. Sucks that FD won’t let you cash it for FD credit instead. Is it meant for a specific date? If not, stash it and study the shit out of NBA DFS until you feel confident. There are some free roto academy courses on this site.

  • sochoice

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    Talk to some friends who know NBA and then YOLO the lineup.

  • wolfjb1

    Gee, I wish I had your problem, lol.

    Agree with the posters above.

    Play some NBA in the weeks leading up to the big one, just so you can get a feel for what the sharp players are doing. Devour all the content you can find online, whether free or premium. Read all the stuff on RG on the big day. Listen and watch the RG shows that day. Focus on NBA Twitter, etc., on the big day.

    Enter a lineup. Go down to the bar or get a six-pack and a pizza and sit on the sofa and sweat it out.

    It’s free money. Don’t overthink this. Enjoy.

  • lwel21

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  • eaglezzz

    maybe ChipotleAddict will buy it from you for half price and it can be one of his 150 lineups.

  • feekdogg

    If it’s for next Wednesday, play Kemba Walker and Rudy Goebert.

  • dolphinkick182

    Jump in the NBA forum and let them know what you have. Many people there will want to help you win. Make a day of it. Good luck man, hope you take it down!!!!!

  • mtdurham

    could always sell some of your action to friends (if that is allowed in their Terms of Service ?)

  • bigez952

    How is it possible to win a ticket for that value on a sport you don’t play? Maybe that is just me thinking it is obvious question but I have never been in a situation where I entered a contest that I didn’t want the prize awarded.

  • zline34

    Don’t play chalk. Watch the money roll in. Do not play it safe. Dead serious.

  • jimmyquinella

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    NBA is tough and usually close, take a few chances and go for the gusto.

    Good luck.

  • joephoto

    I wish I was you.

    I won 23 $5 EL “Friday Frenzy” tickets for Dec.28th.
    Thought it was soccer,which I’ve taken a stab at before. – it’s a european basketball league I’ve never heard of.
    Good luck to me.

    HELP !

  • thegeneral391

    @joephoto said...

    I wish I was you.

    I won 23 $5 EL “Friday Frenzy” tickets for Dec.28th.
    Thought it was soccer,which I’ve taken a stab at before. – it’s a european basketball league I’ve never heard of.
    Good luck to me.

    HELP !

    did you win all 23 TKTs on the same day?

  • MHDU2424

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    It shouldnt be hard to make a decent lineup with a shot if you’re familiar with DFS in general and use the resources here

  • joephoto

    @thegeneral391 said...

    did you win all 23 TKTs on the same day?

    Same weekend.
    Been going for Achievement bonuses and playing lots of 10 cent entries.
    Won 23 EL tix, 7 MMA, 7 Nascar, 3- $20 NFL Milly and 3 NBA Holiday tix.

  • bigperm0107

    I have never even watched an NBA game but I jump in the NBA forum from time to time and just read who people are talking about. If some says a play is good and someone else agrees I really take it seriously. I then look at the previous game logs and see if the player has a decent 6x or 7x history. I also look to make sure the point per minute is decent because I have gotten burned by those low point per minute guys too often.

    So I take all of the early info and just plug in the popular consensus good plays then the spots around them I just randomly pick minimum priced guys to fill it in as a holder. I then reserve it and come back later in the day to read some more and fill in those last spots. I would say to me the most important thing I do is look at the logs to make sure I see at least a history of 6x + or I dont play the guy.

    Using this I managed to take first place in back to back weeks in the RG NBA contests earlier in the season. There is so much good info in those forums so just read there and then do your own analysis on the popular plays. I hope that helps some.

  • jgAllDay

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    Work out a deal with someone good st NBA.

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