• Tpcslj47

    Things have been pretty funky over there lately, and tomorrow there are yet again more drastic changes.

    I was hoping a yahoo rep could chime in with what exactly is going on over there, as my emails always go unanswered, with the following topics.

    - All contest sizes seem to be trending downwards over the last few weeks. There used to be $1 entry $9k gpps multiple times every week, and now we are down to 5k for tomorrow’s $1 gpp?

    - The addition of the single entry contests today is nice to see, however why has the main $1 gpp (down to 5k?!), only a 10 entry limit? It used to be at least 100 and scaling down to 10 seems extremely restrictive for a contest with nearly 6,000 entrants.

    - The $1 decuple up used to pay 150 places everyday with a 20 entry max, and is now 100 places with a 10 entry max…again things are trending down but why? I play every day, have all NBA season, and it has been VERY rare for there to be an overlay. Maybe once a week there are some contests that do not fill…is that really enough for such a terrible overreaction of shrinking contest sizes?

    Overall, these are not good changes to see.

  • DanielHaight

    • Yahoo Representative

    Please check out our site today and check your email this morning. We are announcing a few changes to our operations. This is not reactive to overlay, but a new positioning for ourselves in the market.

  • ComicFx

    From LSR

    Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports Rolls Out Changes To ‘Make Contests More Transparent’

  • pokerrob1970

    DraftDay BLB Finalist

    love the changes! Now if only Canadians where allowed to play you would be getting all my action. Any news on that?

  • Bando28

    As a single lineup player, this really does not affect me much. But I can see why the mass entry people would be upset with the 10 lineup limit. Cant say ill miss getting run over by 150 lineup trains though.

  • DFSNick

    I like the new changes. I’m strongly considering switching from FD to Yahoo for dfs.

  • gregg323

    YAHOO !!! I’m coming your way.Especially since FANDUEL is breaking up with me in Texas.

  • infulfx

    Looks like I’ll take a break from FD and try Yahoo in the next couple of days.

  • gregg38

    Good for you Yahoo Sports, it will be nice to play against real people instead of computer programs.

  • Rexstardust

    As a low stakes player, this pleases me greatly!

  • Avgplayer

    I love the changes. Yahoo!

  • redlishus

    Might be saying goodbye to the programmers at FD and Hello to Yahoo

  • edro990

    Not a fan of mass multi entry so this is great news as far as I’m concerned. Great job Yahoo, hopefully this becomes a trend in the industry. Taking my action over there…………….

  • srolleDFS

    This great. Now everyone can win money playing dfs!

  • falldown

    Big fan of these changes at Yahoo! I think it’s kind of funny that I received a veteran’s tag, but that’s not a deal breaker.

    I want you to start running golf DFS!! Something to keep us going until football season.

  • bassic

    love it.

  • PrenticeGT

    Yahoo setting the standard for the future. Will be interesting to see how FD and DK follow up.

  • vacaylife

    whats the startategy for yahoo? i just joined being that fd and dk is now banned in ny

  • ballabal

    Looks like I may be going over to Yahoo since FD is leaving Texas.

  • falldown

    Yahoo apparently just stopped allowing NY players. (read in another forum, not confirmed)

  • ThatStunna

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    • 2016 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    • 2017 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    Instead of adding in a H2H limiter, Yahoo goes for this obviously more important change? Meh.

    Reducing entries in the $1 and $5 tournament is justified (especially for the $1), but the limits overall are awfully low. I expect to see the contests shrink further. I assume that these changes are in part due to lineup trains popping up in the tourneys; I have an anti-lineup train idea but I doubt anyone cares.

    I think that the overall goal of a casual site is a good idea, but the changes are a messy way to get there. Maybe add in some more small tournaments to compensate? A 3max $2 for instance, or some of the gimmick tournaments that draftkings runs.

  • Agent47

    I’m a fan of the changes. Not all of us have the bankroll or resources to enter 100s of lineups a night, and this should help level the playing field a little bit. I can understand why the guys who enter 100s of lineups would have a problem with this, but I’d be lying if I said I felt bad for them.

  • tbuzz2234

    I started playing on Yahoo a couple of months ago and I have to say games and players have really reduced. Hopefully more players are on the way now.

  • falldown

    Were those couple of months ago during the NFL season and now is after the NFL season? That would explain it.

    Especially with how many year long leagues Yahoo runs that people show up for and click the try a weekly pool button thing…

  • joshshafe

    This is great news. I just entered one of their free contests over there at the moment for tomorrow, but I will be depositing some money in the next few days and start playing there. I may move half my bankroll from Draftkings to Yahoo and just use Draftkings for MMA/NASCAR/PGA and Yahoo for the rest.

    The changes in entry limits and max sizes really appeal to me. I would love to hit it big playing DFS, but realistically, I will not. By lowering the entry limits and top prize, this actually excites me more than seeing a higher 1st prize.

    Good job Yahoo!

  • noddy

    How can Yahoo or any other DFS site (other than FD and DK) still operate in NY? Why is it just DK and FD that can’t?

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