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Yahoo is making a strong push into the daily fantasy sports world with an innovative platform that will be familiar in look and feel to those who have used their season-long fantasy platform in the past. They are taking their knowledge of fantasy sports and focusing it into their DFS offering to make sure their sports platform has something to offer to both seasoned veterans of DFS as well as newcomers giving it a try from their season-long leagues.

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Game Offerings

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Yahoo enters the DFS world with offerings in the four major US sports, MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL. As for the offerings, Yahoo offers some guaranteed contests, 50/50s, group games and head-to-heads.

There are already a decent number of user-created games in the lobby, including both “group” games, as well as cash games such as 50/50s and head-to-heads. Yahoo may have the largest user-base of any DFS site that it can tap into, as the number of users in Yahoo’s regular season long offering far exceeds any DFS site. As more and more of these players give DFS a try, the volume of games will continue to grow, which is great for people looking for a new place to play outside of the major DFS-centric sites.

Sports Offered

As presently constructed, Yahoo Daily Fantasy only offers NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL.

Yahoo Scoring and Roster Rules

Yahoo rosters and scoring look very similar to some of the existing offerings such as FanDuel or DraftKings. Many players will notice a similar feel for roster construction and scoring.

For MLB, Yahoo roster settings are similar to DraftKings with two pitchers, 4 infield spots, three outfielders and a catcher. The scoring is similar to FanDuel, but with almost every scoring category doubled.

Let’s look at Yahoo’s baseball scoring in detail:


— Hits (H): 2
— Doubles (2B): 2
— Triples (3B): 4
— Homeruns (HR): 6
— Runs ®: 2
— Runs Batted In (RBI): 2
— Bases On Balls (BB): 2
— Stolen Bases (SB): 4


— Wins (W): 8
— Strikeouts (K): 2
— Earned Runs (ER): -2
— Outs (O): 0.6

For NFL, Yahoo has decided to not include kickers and DEF/ST in their roster settings and to include a single QB. Scoring mimicks a standard 0.5 point PPR league and no bonuses.

For NBA, the nine roster spots closely resembles Yahoo season long contests, with similar scoring to FanDuel’s and no bonuses for player milestones such as double-doubles or triple doubles.

Interface and User Experience

The best thing about Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports is what looks to be a fresh clean look for their home page. It allows a seamless transition from their season long to their daily offerings and the filters at the top of the page make it clear what kind of contests exist in each section.

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There are four different submenus to navigate to:

Lobby – Where all the games are posted, you can filter this page by sport, price range and contest type.

My Contests – An overview to your upcoming contests, your live contests and your completed games.

My Account – A summary look at the total wins you have achieved on Yahoo Daily Fantasy so far. Also includes options to view your public profile and to edit your profile.

Help – Opens a new window that includes a few of the most frequently asked questions as well as a location to interact with Yahoo customer support through email, facebook, or even twitter.

Lineup Creation

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The lineup creation process on Yahoo is fairly simple. The player pool is located on the left, with the team you’re selecting located on the right. The top of the page tells you the budget remaining, as well as the average salary remaining per player. The search feature at the top of the page allows you to locate a specific player to include in your roster. If you’ve already created a lineup, there is an option to import an existing lineup into the page and continue editing from there.

Once you are done, you can submit your lineup where you are taking to a confirmation popup screen and then to your upcoming contests page which shows a detailed look at all your players you’ve selected in each lineup.

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Late Swap

When Yahoo entered the DFS fray, they threw their hat squarely into the “late swap” bucket. Following the lead set by Yahoo season-long and DraftKings, you can edit your lineups right until that specific players’ game starts, which adds a layer of flexibility and strategy for all players when constructing your rosters.

Mobile Offerings

Yahoo entered the market with an already popular mobile app that can reach all its users at once. If you have an iOS device, you can download the Yahoo Mobile app and begin playing Daily Fantasy right away. Unfortunately, if you’re using an Android device, you are not currently able to download an app to access your daily games and must navigate through your mobile browser to Yahoo’s daily fantasy sports page.

The iOS app does offer a slick interface with all the same features as the desktop site, including the ability to create and enter contests, view your contests as they happen and edit teams right up until the game locks.

Rake and Deposit Bonuses

Players earn Yahoo Sports Rewards Points by entering any real money contests on the DFS platform. Additionally, being a RotoGrinders-referred player on Yahoo gets you a sweet bonus!

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Deposits and Withdrawal

Yahoo allows you to link your PayPal and Yahoo accounts for easy withdrawals and deposits. You can also deposit using a credit card. Withdrawals are easy to do and are sent to a linked PayPal account.

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