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The NBA is exciting to watch and perhaps even more exciting to bet on. You'll need to know the best NBA odds before placing your wagers, but whether you're looking at the lines on this page or on your favorite sportsbook, you might feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, we're here to explain how the numbers work when looking at NBA betting odds. Read on to learn more about how to read NBA odds and use different strategies to get the best payout available.

What Are NBA Odds and Betting Lines?

NBA odds are pretty easy to understand, working similarly to lines in other sports like the NFL, NHL, and MLB. They indicate who the favorite to win a game is and who the underdog is, and the projected margin of victory.

For instance, let's consider a moneyline wager in a game between the Pacers (+160) and Knicks (-190). These odds show that the oddsmakers believe the Knicks are more likely to win and will pay $100 out if you bet $190 successfully. If you take a chance on the Pacers, you'll get $160 if you win a $100 wager. Athe Knicks are favored by 3 (listed Knicks -3), the Knicks to win by four or more points if you place a point spread bet on them.

NBA games have odds for various wagers such as point spreads, moneyline bets, game totals, player props, and same-game parlay bets, so read on for more info. Note that oddsmakers set lines based on various factors, and lines may change as the event draws closer or even as the action unfolds. We recommend staying on top of daily news with our help of our NBA starting lineups page. Check out our NBA betting guide for more NBA basketball betting tips beyond what we cover here.

The Basics

When choosing a team to bet on, several factors come into play. It's ideal to look for a team that's built its roster well, be it through high lottery draft picks or free agency. Or, during the postseason, it's useful to check out a team's recent success in the NBA playoffs.

Betting stats such as a team's record against the spread (ATS), point totals, and how they play at home vs. on the road can also be important factors. Looking at these statistics before placing a wager will help you make more informed wagers.

Additionally, bettors should always focus on finding the best odds before placing a wager. Sportsbooks offer different prices, and by doing your research or using our comparison tool, you can increase your chances of a bigger payout. A bigger payout means more money for you to withdraw or use on other NBA betting options.

Here's some important NBA betting terms to know, some of which we'll expand on further on this page.

How to Use NBA Odds in Sports Betting

Using NBA odds in sports betting is as simple as it gets—read the lines on your preferred mobile sportsbook and add bets to your bet slip.

Every NBA bet will feature different odds. In general, a bet with higher odds is less likely to happen but will result in a bigger payout, while a bet with lower odds is the more likely outcome. So that means you can place a bet with high odds and look forward to a more profitable outcome or play it safe with low odds for a lower payout.

For instance, sportsbooks might list a team's moneyline differently at -180 versus -190. The -180 odds are higher, as the sportsbook is slightly less confident in the team to win and requires the bettor to only wager $180 versus $190 to win $100 on a winning bet.

Odds Boosts

Sportsbook apps offer a wide variety of promotions. Odds boosts are some of the most popular promotions offered. For example, DraftKings Sportsbook has offered a 25% odds boost on NBA same-game parlay bets with at least four legs. So a same-game parlay with +400 odds would have boosted odds of +525, meaning a bigger payout if all of your legs hit.

There are generally betting limits for these odds boosts that vary from user to user. While $25 is the common maximum for NBA odds boosts, keep an eye out for $50 maximum bets as well.

Where are the Best NBA Odds?

You can use the NBA odds tool above to find the best odds on a given game. This page compares the odds across sportsbooks for every point spread, moneyline, and game total every week of the NBA season.

Right now we compare odds from seven major sportsbooks. Sign up with the bonus codes below to get the best sports betting promos and begin betting on basketball today.

And of course, even after you've signed up with sportsbook, continue to use this page to find the best NBA odds for any game, any way you want to bet.

If you're looking for more information about basketball odds, continue reading.

Types of NBA Odds and Betting Lines

Check out the different types of NBA odds and betting lines below:

NBA Moneyline Bets

Bettors looking to simply wager on which team will win the game can bet the moneyline on NBA games. The underdog will have plus sign (+) money odds while the favorite will have a minus sign (-) ahead of its odds. Since moneylines concern the outright winner of a game and don't even the playing field in any way, the favorite tends to have a lower payout while the underdog has a higher payout.

For example, you can place an NBA moneyline bet on the Miami Heat (+250) facing off against the Milwaukee Bucks (-310). If you win a moneyline bet on the Heat, you'd get $250 for every $100 you bet. Of course, if you bet less than $100, your payout would be proportional to your wager.

NBA Spread Bets

Point spreads are particularly popular in NBA betting, with the spread acting as an equalizer between two uneven teams. NBA spreads work the same as other sports, where the points are adjusted from the final score.

The spread evens the playing field between two teams, so the Dallas Mavericks could be +4.5 underdogs against the Denver Nuggets. That would mean the Nuggets would have to win by five or more points to cover the spread.

Odds are attached to point spread bets and are generally -110 on both sides, though you might also see a game where one team is -105 and the other is -115. The similar odds account for the point spread evening the playing field. If you win your point spread bet, the payout works the same as it does for moneyline bets.

NBA Futures Bets

For a more extended wager, basketball fans can check out the variety of NBA futures bets. NBA futures odds are set before the start of the season but shift throughout the year.

For example, a popular NBA futures bet could be on the Milwaukee Bucks to win the NBA Finals. Other types of futures bets include division winners and regular season win totals, as well as individual awards like Defensive Player of the Year or Sixth Man of the Year.

NBA Parlays

If you're looking to place multiple bets on NBA games, you can put together a parlay. A parlay is essentially one bet that needs numerous single wagers to win if you want to see a payout.

A parlay could require the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Clippers to cover the spread for +596 odds. For a single game, you can also create a same-game parlay by combining numerous types of bets.

Since parlays require lots of things to fall into place to payout, you'll take home more than you would if you had bet on each game individually.

NBA Over/Under Bets

Bets on the over/under (also known as the point total) are simple, as you're just wagering on the total points scored in the matchup between both teams. Similar to spread bets, totals bets typically feature odds around -110 on both sides.

Let's say the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks are facing off with a projected point total of 215.5. If you bet the over on this game, you need 216 or more points, while you'll need 215 or fewer points if you bet the under. The outright winner in the game doesn't matter for over/under bets, just the combined score of both teams.

If the odds are -110 on both sides, you'll win $100 for every $110 you successfully bet.

NBA Betting Resources

Finding NBA betting resources is essential for bettors, as they can find the best odds and get larger payouts. Our NBA best odds page compares odds from different sportsbooks, letting pro basketball fans get the best number before placing a bet.

Responsible gaming tools are also available for anyone looking to combat a gambling problem, with plenty of online resources such as the National Problem Gaming Hotline at 1-800-GAMBLER.


Want to learn more about how to bet on the NBA and find the best NBA odds? See these common questions and answers below.

How do NBA point spreads work?

NBA spreads add or subtract points from the final outcome. So, if Team A is a -3.5 favorite and beats Team B 110-106, they've covered the spread since factoring in the point spread would make the final score 106.5-106 with Team A still winning.

What are the stats to watch when looking up NBA odds?

Bettors should always be aware of current trends when trying to find the best odds on an NBA game. Factors to consider include current roster injuries, rest, and opposing team stats.

Where do you find the best NBA odds?

You can find the best NBA odds by comparing numbers from different available sportsbooks. If the Los Angeles Lakers are facing +110 moneyline odds on one sportsbook and +100 on another, you should bet with the first platform for the best odds. This page showcases the best NBA betting odds right now.

How does NBA live betting work?

After NBA games have tipped off, you can still place live bets on the spread, total points, and more. The odds for these NBA bets will shift as the game progresses, meaning you could get a better number as the game continues.

What is an NBA open line?

The opening line for NBA bets is the initial number released by sportsbooks and Las Vegas before a game begins. This number usually changes from the release of the open line to the start of the game due to injuries or how much is wagered on one side. Some bettors will look to grab the opening line for the best odds, while others might wait for the number to shift before tipoff.