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RotoGrinders is the daily fantasy authority. Founded in 2010, our site has been at the forefront of DFS news and analysis since the industry's beginnings. Over time, we've grown into a legitimate one-stop resource for the DFS community.

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Meet The Team

  • Derek Farnsworth

    • Current Ranking: 54
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 48

    Top-Ranked Derek Notorious Farnsworth graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Utah, but has since joined Team RotoGrinders. He is currently spotted in the Top 50 Overall rankings on RotoGrinders, and has been ranked as high as 5th. The talented Mr. Noto was a 2012 DSBC Finalist, 2013 DSBBC Finalist, 2013 DSBC Finalist (x2), 2013 DD BLB Finalist, 2013 DFBBC Finalist, and 2015 DK King of Boston Finalist. He also won the 2015-16 FCK NBA Players Championship. Notorious was nominated for the 2013 Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year and the 2015 Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA).


    • 3x FD/DK Live Finalist
    • Top 75 Super Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 50 NFL/PGA Ranking
    • Top 100 NBA Ranking
    • Top 200 MLB Ranking
    • Nominated: FSWA 2015 NBA Writer of the Year
    • Nominated: FSWA 2013 Golf Writer of the Year
  • Justin Van Zuiden

    • Current Ranking: 63
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 130

    Justin Van Zuiden (fantasy alias STLCardinals84) is a leading RG contributor for NFL, NBA, MLB, CFB and golf. One of the game’s best, he is currently in the Top 10 in the 2015/16 Tournament Player of the Year race and has six live final appearances to his name, as well as a second place finish in the 2015 FantasyAces College Football Championship..


    • Top 50 Superheavyweight Ranking
    • Top 100 NBA/MLB/PGA Ranking
    • Top 250 NFL Ranking
    • 4x Live Finalist
  • Dan Back

    • Current Ranking: 187
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 341

    Dan Back (db730) is host of the RotoGrinders Daily Fantasy Fix podcast, and The GrindersLive VideoCast. Dan, who took home the 2014 FSWA award for “Best Podcast”, has over a decade of fantasy sports experience and is consistently one of the top ranked Grinders. He has become one of the foremost authorities in weekly college football over the past two years and has shown his prowess in a number of other sports as well.

    • 2013 DFBBC Finalist
    • Super Joust I Champion
    • 7x Live Finalist
    • Top 100 NFL/NASCAR/PGA Ranking
    • Top 250 NBA Ranking
  • JM Tohline

    • Current Ranking: 598
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 3,556

    JM Tohline (Tuh-lean) – DFS alias JMToWin – is a novelist and a DFS player who specializes in high-stakes MLB and NFL tourneys, with a strategy geared toward single-entry play in multi-entry tourneys. He joined the DFS scene at the beginning of the 2014 MLB season, and has since won five DFS championship seats and two separate trips to the Bahamas. His tendency to type a lot of words leads to a corresponding tendency to divulge all his DFS thoughts, strategies, and secrets…which is exactly what he does in his RotoGrinders articles and RotoAcademy courses. You can find JM on Twitter at JMToWin.

    • 2014 DraftStreet DSBC Finalist (x2)
    • 3x FanDuel/DraftKings Live Finalist
    • Top 200 MLB Ranking
    • Top 750 NFL Ranking
    • Professional Writer/Novelist
  • CJ Kaltenbach

    • Current Ranking: 49
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 163

    TheSeige is a contributor to RotoGrinders who appears frequently on GrindersLive. He is a proven DFS winner, ranking in the top 50 overall. TheSeige has also had great live final success with 12 live final appearances with not only a win in the Fantasy Aces College Football final in 2015 but with a 2nd place finish in the Fantasy Aces NFL final only a couple weeks later. When he’s not contributing to RotoGrinders, you can find him watching sports somewhere in St. Louis.

    • 2015 FantasyAces FAFC Winner
    • Numerous Live Final Appearances
    • Top 75 NFL Ranking
    • Top 50 NBA Ranking
    • Top 75 MLB Ranking
    • Top 200 NHL/NASCAR Ranking
  • Dean Shavelson

    • Current Ranking: 111
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 371

    Dean entered the DFS world around the 2012 MLB All-Star game with an initial deposit of around $140. Thanks to a Cody Ross dong (vs a LHP of course) Dean took down his first GPP, and he never looked back. Dean is indefinitely committed (some may say obsessed) to tracking down Doc Brown, Biff Tannen, and a very specific almanac. Despite his lack of success in locating the infamous “Grays Sports Almanac”, Dean is consistently ranked as a Top 60 Overall Grinder. Additionally, Dean is putting his UCF Radio-TV degree to good use as an on-air GrindersLive co-host and contributor of written RG content.

    • Top 20 Middleweight Ranking
    • Top 200 NFL Ranking
    • Top 150 NBA Ranking
    • Top 100 MLB Ranking
  • Eric Crain

    • Current Ranking: 29
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 31

    Eric Crain is a former professional poker player who started playing DFS full time in October of 2015. He is a five-time live finalist who specializes in tournament play and is ranked in the top-40 of three different sports (NFL, NBA, MLB). He has multiple five-figure scores and had his biggest win in June of 2016, when he won $100,000 by beating out over 112,000 people in a $4 MLB contest. Crain writes multiple articles and hosts multiple shows each and every week on RotoGrinders.

    • DraftKings Millionaire Maker Winner
    • Top 25 Super Heavyweight Ranking
    • 2x FanDuel Live Finalist
    • 5x DraftKings Live Finalist
    • Top 50 in NFL/MLB/NBA rankings
  • Stephen Young

    • Current Ranking: 481
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 691

    StevieTPFL has been playing baseball since he was five years old, and if it weren’t for a few rotator cuff injuries, could have played at the highest level. Luckily, rotator cuff injuries don’t impede your Daily Fantasy game, and his baseball knowledge has led to much DFS MLB success. In addition to finishing 3rd at the 2015 FantasyAces Basketball Championship, Stevie has qualified for six live events total. Stevie has stapled himself as a very consistent tournament player, and has had a lot of success with NASCAR, MLB, NFL, and NBA. He was a finalist for the 2015 and 2016 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Racing Writer of the Year award. He is currently the lead NASCAR analyst, and the host of the RotoGrinders Morning Grind podcast.

    • 2013 Starstreet Playboy Championship Finalist
    • 2014 FantasyAces Fantasy Basketball Championship 3rd Place
    • 2015 FanDuel Playboy Baseball Championship Finalist
    • Top 400 MLB Ranking
    • Top 50 NASCAR Ranking
    • Top 750 NFL Ranking
  • Christopher Gimino

    • Current Ranking: 179
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 327

    Chris Gimino is a top ranked grinder and contributor at RotoGrinders. He is a three-time live finalist, attending the 2015 DraftKings Fantasy Football World Championships as well as the 2016 DraftKings Fantasy Basketball and Baseball World Championships. He is currently ranked inside the top 80 in the Super Heavyweight division, and focuses primarily on GPP formats.

    • Top 100 Super Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 200 MLB Ranking
    • Top 300 NBA Ranking
    • Top 750 NFL Ranking
    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist
    • 2016 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist
    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist
  • David Kaplen

    • Current Ranking: 130
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 200

    Since beginning his Daily Fantasy voyage in 2008, headChopper has been crushing the competition. His accomplishments in DFS include: 2013 DFBBC Champion, a 3x FFFC Finalist, 2x DFFC Finalist, PFBC Finalist, PFFC Finalist, PFBBC Finalist, & a DSBBC Finalist. With all that said, College Football might be his best sport. He’s been near the top of rankings since 2009, during the infancy stages of Daily Fantasy. He’s been ranked as high as #3 Overall, and is respected as one of the best GPP Grinders in the community. He finished runner-up for the 2012 TPOY, and finished 10th in the 2013 TPOY.


    • Top 25 Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 200 NFL/NBA Ranking
    • Top 300 MLB Ranking
    • 2012 TPOY Runner-Up
    • Nominated: FSWA 2013 College Football Writer of the Year
    • 2013 FanDuel WFBBC Champion
    • Numerous live final appearances
  • Mike Petta

    • Current Ranking: 78
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 91

    In 2014, Mike “Hoop2410” Petta left his career as an Accountant behind when he decided to pursue Daily Fantasy Sports full-time. Since then, life’s been great. Hoop2410 is a Top 25 ranked Overall Grinder, a 2015 FanDuel WFBC Finalist, and is ranked as a Top 10 Overall Grinder. Mike lives in the Metro Detroit area and is a regular contributor to RotoGrinders.

    • Top 75 Superheavyweight Ranking
    • Top 100 MLB/NFL/NBA Ranking
    • 2015 FanDuel WFBC Finalist
    • 2016 FanDuel WFFC Finalist
  • Dave Potts

    • Current Ranking: 199
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 5,400

    Dave Potts (CheeseIsGood) is a full-time fantasy baseball player and analyst. Dave has won at the highest level of both season-long and DFS baseball, including not one but TWO $1 million wins in the 2014 FanDuel DFBC and the 2015 DraftKings MLB Main Event. He has also previously won the Main Event Overall Championship in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship, and the NFBC Platinum League (the highest buy-in entry level). – Follow Dave on Twitter – @DavePotts2

    • 2014 FanDuel DFBC Champion ($1M Prize)
    • MLB Millionaire Maker Winner ($1M Prize)
    • NFBC Season-Long Main Event Overall Champion
    • NFBC Season-Long Ultimate Auction Champion
    • Top 100 MLB/NHL Ranking
    • Multiple Live Final Appearances
  • Tony Niehaus

    • Current Ranking: 41
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 245

    In December of 2014, Tony “BigT44” Niehaus gave up his job of running a poker room after ten years in the industry. After playing part time and proving he could win consistently, it seemed like the right decision because of a lifelong love of sports and fantasy sports in general. It certainly looks like the right decision, considering BigT has climbed into the Top 100 of the RG Overall Rankings (Top 10 in the Heavyweight Division). He has over a million dollars in winnings and has qualified for four live finals, with a pair of Top 10 showings. You can find him on Twitter at BigT44DFS.

    • Numerous Live Final Appearances
    • Top 25 NFL Ranking
    • Top 50 MLB/NBA Ranking
    • Top 25 Super Heavyweight Ranking
  • Brit Devine

    • Current Ranking: 6,661
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 3,199

    Brit is a former low/midstakes Online Poker Pro/Coach who quickly transitioned to DFS in 2011 after Black Friday. He has focused on all things DFS as a fulltime job starting in 2013, where he became Operations Manager at FanThrowdown. After mutually parting ways with FanThrowdown in early 2014, Brit started playing DFS fulltime and qualified for the 2014 Starstreet PFBC by winning the Streak for the Mansion. Brit has become a staple on GrindersLive since he started at RotoGrinders in June 2014 and is a top 150 Grinder.

    • 2014 PFBC Finalist
    • Former Top 150 Ranked Grinder
    • Former Operations Manager at FanThrowdown
  • Chris Prince

    • Current Ranking: 1,018
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 879

    Chris “Beermakersfan” Prince has been playing fantasy sports for over twenty years and has been playing daily fantasy since the early days in 2009. He was a finalist for the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship in 2010 and was the 2011 FFFC Champion. You can find his mug all over fantasy magazines and TV commercials and now right here on RotoGrinders.com providing picks and analysis. Chris was born in Milwaukee, WI and is a huge Packers and Brewers fan and now resides in the Detroit suburbs, where he is married and has three beautiful young daughters. Beer loves to help new fantasy players find their way in the industry and is always accessible through RG or on twitter @beermakersfan.

    • 2011 FFFC Champion
    • 2010 FFFC Finalist
    • Previously Ranked #1 Overall
    • Top 250 Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 1000 NFL/MLB Ranking
  • Chris Lowery

    • Current Ranking: 7,916
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 17,907

    Pepsi7 has a long of history of fantasy sports, winning many high stakes experts leagues across baseball, football and hockey. He jumped into Daily Fantasy Sports in a big way in 2012, qualifying for the FanDuel DFBC that year, finishing in 7th. After a very successful football season, he dominated the 2013 DFS baseball season. Highlighted by his 1st and 3rd place finishes in the 2013 DFBC for $235,000, and being crowned the 2013 DFBC Champion. Pepsi7 will be sharing his insight and picks in regular contributions on RotoGrinders, covering hockey, baseball and football.

    • 2012 WFBC Finalist
    • 2013 WFBC Champion (and 3rd place)
    • Former top ranked Hockey grinder
  • Paul Errington

    • Current Ranking: 40
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 113

    Boggslite has been playing fantasy sports for over a decade and has recently made the transition to playing DFS fulltime. A University of Arizona graduate and Southern California native, Boggs has had tremendous success mainly as a GPP player, having earned an entry into the 2013 DFBC. He is a top 25 TPOY candidate and also a top 100 MLB, top 15 NHL, and top 20 CFB grinder.

    • Top 10 Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 10 NHL Ranking
    • Top 20 MLB Ranking
    • Top 100 NFL Ranking
    • Multiple Live Finals
    • DK MLB Perfect Game Champion
  • John Breslin

    • Current Ranking: 32
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 22

    John Breslin (Squirrel Patrol) is currently ranked in the Top 20 in the RotoGrinders 2016 TPOY Standings and is ranked Top-50 overall in baseball and basketball. John survived four years at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh without becoming a Steelers fan, graduated with an MBA from New York University without becoming a Yankees fan, and studied at the London School of Economics without becoming a fan of any EPL team. A Fantasy Sports player since 1996, John is still scarred from being on the losing end of James Stewart’s 5-TD performance.

    • Top 10 Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 50 NBA Ranking
    • Top 50 MLB Ranking
    • Top 100 NFL Ranking
  • Derek Carty

    Derek Carty is a MLB expert who has had roles at ESPN on Baseball Tonight, as a writer at ESPN.com, and occasional SportsCenter appearances. He’s been published by numerous publications including FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated, and RotoWorld. He’s perhaps best known for creating THE BAT, a sophisticated MLB DFS projection system that is now available exclusively at RotoGrinders. He also graduated from MLB’s exclusive Scout School.

    • Featured On ESPN
    • Creator of The BAT
    • MLB Scout School Grad
    • LABR Champ
  • Brett Hartfiel

    • Current Ranking: 392
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 64

    Killab2482 (Brett) graduated at UW Madison with a degree in Economics. Just one year after, Brett turned to poker after making better money part-time than in his full-time job at a bank. He’s been playing season long fantasy since 1991 and joined his first daily fantasy site 6 years ago (Instant Fantasy Sports). Brett quickly noticed Daily Fantasy was a game of skill that had a lot of similarities/crossover to poker. He’s used this skill to specialize in football, and climb as high as the #2 Ranked NFL Player for the 2013 Season. Brett can be reached on Twitter @KillaB2482

    • 5x Live Finalist
    • Top 100 TPOY Ranking
    • GrindersLive Personality
  • David Erfley

    • Current Ranking: 287
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 828

    David Erfley (dre87) is a top 50 overall daily fantasy player in the RotoGrinders rankings. He’s been playing fantasy sports since 1999 and daily fantasy sports since 2013, and he began contributing to RG in late 2015.

    • Top 50 Heavyweight Ranking
    • Top 400 Ranking in seven different sports
  • Bobby Firestone

    • Current Ranking: 83
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 151

    BobbyFi was one of the top live and online poker players in the world from 2006-2010, earning over $2,000,000 in payouts. After Black Friday, he was always looking for a new way to combine his unique blend of game theory, love of sport and entrepreneurship. He found that in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. BobbyFi has dabbled in DFS since 2013 but has not devoted himself to it full time until 2015. And while he always made good money and had excellent results, he absolutely exploded after taking on the DFS world full time. With multiple six figure scores in the first two weeks at his new profession, it has only grown from there.

    • Top 100 Super Heavyweight Ranking
    • 5x Live Finalist
    • Top 200 NFL/NBA Ranking
    • Top 50 MLB Ranking
  • Jack Hendrixson

    • Current Ranking: 58
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 106

    Jack Hendrixson is a licensed plumber in the state of IL but is better known as Wining247. He is a GPP expert, ranking in the top 30 for TPOY while sitting around 60th overall. Despite playing fantasy sports for only three years, he has been to three NBA live finals and will soon attend his first NFL live final. He is an NBA expert with a contrarian mindset.

    • Ranked Top 50 Superheavyweight
    • 6x FanDuel/DraftKings Live Finalist
    • Top 50 NFL/NBA Ranking
    • Top 250 MLB Ranking
  • Andy Smith

    • Current Ranking: 767
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 2,065

    Andy is an oil and gas attorney from Houston, Texas. He graduated from tiny Southwestern University but his allegiance lies with Texas A&M where his wife currently attends veterinary school. He started playing DFS in 2012 with a $150 bankroll and is now ranked in the top 50 of the RotoGrinders CFB leaderboard. His two best DFS sports are CFB and NBA. Follow Andy on Twitter @SouthwesternAg

    • Top 30 Welterweight Ranking
    • Top 10% ranking in the NFL/MLB/NBA
  • Chris Kirkwood

    • Current Ranking: 108
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 821

    Chris (fantasy alias kirkdiese) graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in economics. He’s been steadily climbing the Daily Fantasy Sports rankings since 2014 and in 2015 decided to pursue it full time. A 2016 FanDuel WFBC Finalist, Chris is currently ranked top 70 overall, 37th in MLB, 93rd in NBA, and 156th in NFL . He considers basketball his best sport and makes a habit of watching every NBA game with his dog Phil (named after Phil Ivey).

    • Ranked Top 60 Superheavyweight
    • 2016 FanDuel WFBC Finalist
    • Top 50 MLB Ranking
    • Top 500 NFL/NBA Ranking
  • Taylor Ezell

    • Current Ranking: 1,151
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 808

    Taylor has been playing fantasy sports for over a decade and made the transition to daily fantasy near the end of 2013. Once an editor on RotoGrinders, Ezell has transitioned into a top DFS Grinder in the industry. He finished 3rd in the $250K NFL Thunderdome, was a 2015 DraftKings World Baseball Championship Finalist, and was the runner-up at the 2015 DraftKings $1M College Football Championship. Outside of fantasy sports, Taylor is an accountant (IT Auditor) living in Nashville. You can follow Taylor on Twitter @taylorezell

    • 2015 DraftKings FBWC Finalist
    • 2015 DraftKings FCFWC Finalist
    • Top 250 PGA Ranking
  • Nicole Valencia

    • Current Ranking: 1,498
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 1,670

    Nicole found DFS at the beginning of the 2012 NFL season and has been steadily losing interest in her favorite teams’ win-loss records ever since. She idolizes college basketball coaches who don’t automatically bench their star players for picking up two fouls in the first half. Nicole is a software engineer who lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids.

    • 2014/2015 FantasyAces FAFC Finalist
    • 2015 FantasyAces FAWBC Finalist
    • Top 1000 NFL Ranking
    • Top 1250 MLB Ranking
  • Gibb Pollard

    • Current Ranking: 12,812
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 12,928

    Gibb Pollard (fantasy alias Gibbathy) has been a member of RotoGrinders since 2012. He is an example of the power of the RotoGrinders blog section, taking a little weekly PGA blog in 2012 and turning it into a two-time FSWA nominated column. In 2014 he took down the FSWA Golf Writer of the Year award. Originally hailing from Australia, he is a regular on our PGA GrindersLive shows, giving our cast of hosts some international flavor.

    • 2014 FSWA Golf Writer of the Year
    • 2013 FSWA Golf Writer of the Year: Nominee
  • Chirag Hira

    • Current Ranking: 5,840
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 4,832

    Chirag Hira, DFS alias “INSPYR”, has been playing fantasy basketball since 2001. He picked up DFS during the 2015 playoffs and has never looked back. In charge of DFS Alerts for the NBA, Chirag takes it as a daily challenge to break news before anyone else in the industry. He graduated with a degree in sports journalism and his career highlights include interviewing Kobe Bryant and Joe Torre. You can find Chirag on Twitter at C_Hira24.

    • DFS Alerts Lead Writer (NBA)
    • NBA CourtIQ Premium Writer
  • Seth Yates

    • Current Ranking: 2,802
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 1,847

    Seth Yates aka “sethayates” hails from Dayton, Ohio. Seth started playing DFS during the NBA Playoffs in 2012. Seth rose to stardom in 2014 when he won the NFL Preseason Bomb using picks he blogged about. When he isn’t playing DFS, Seth is a Financial Analyst for the Air Force. Even though paying taxes on DFS isn’t fun, Seth re-invests your taxes back into DFS for you.

  • Hesh Hambazaza

    • Current Ranking: 10,869
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 21,667

    At the intersection of sports and mathematics you’ll find Hesh Hambazaza as a staunch believer that numbers really can explain everything. Along with working as a RotoGrinders editor, Hambazaza contributes to RotoGrinders in Soccer coverage as well as a contributor to RotoAcademy highlighting Vegas as a useful tool. When he’s not devoting countless hours to DFS a week, Hambazaza can be found working as a father, husband and electrical engineer on various NASA projects.

  • John Britt

    • Current Ranking: 2,034
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 2,234

    John Britt (JMBWngFn) is an accountant from St. Louis, MO and a proud graduate from the University of Missouri. John is a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan and an all-around hockey enthusiast. While hockey is his favorite sport, “JMB” is a true year-long grinder and plays nearly every sport DFS has to offer. John was a finalist in the 2011 FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship and led (the now defunct) Daily Joust in NHL wins. He’s also been nominated for the 2014 Best Fantasy Baseball Ongoing Series, 2015 Hockey Writer of the Year and 2016 Hockey Writer of the Year awards by the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA). John can be found on Twitter @JMBWngFn.

    • 2011 WFBC Finalist
    • Nominated: FSWA 2014 Best Ongoing Baseball Series
    • Nominated: FSWA 2015 Hockey Writer of the Year
    • Nominated: FSWA 2016 Hockey Writer of the Year
    • Top 200 NHL Ranking
  • Brett Appley

    • Current Ranking: 2,022
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 3,707

    Brett has been playing DFS, under the fantasy alias bbbomb, since the summer of 2014. He dove head first into MMA analysis and began writing his weekly “Beat Down” article for RotoGrinders in January. Outside of DFS, Brett works as a professional sports writer, living in sunny San Diego.

    • Top 10 MMA Ranking
  • Erik Wardenburg

    • Current Ranking: 1,730
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 4,170

    Erik “Naapstermaan” Wardenburg has been playing fantasy sports since 2005 and DFS since 2010. He’s made multiple live finals in MLB, NBA, and NFL on a variety of sites and enjoys grinding small/medium stakes every day.

    • Top 50 Welterweight Ranking
    • Numerous Live Final Appearances
    • Top 1000 NFL Ranking
  • Neal Nakandakare

    • Current Ranking: 718
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 2,527

    neogamer has already seen his fair share of live finals, having qualified for the 2015 WFBBC, 2014 PBC and 2012 DFBBC. He primarily focuses on the NBA and MLB when it comes to DFS and has been a regular contributor to RotoGrinders since February of 2015.

    • 2013/2015 WFBBC Finalist
    • 2015 FD Playboy NBA Finalist
    • Top 300 MLB Ranking
  • Andrew Cook

    • Current Ranking: 3,498
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 6,744

    Andrew “LouiesCards” Cook is a DFS veteran who has been playing since 2009. You will see him grinding MLB, NBA, and NFL with a main focus on DraftKings. Over the years he has held several roles at RotoGrinders helping write articles and features, both in-front and behind-the-scenes. Andrew was able to throw the first pitch out at a St. Louis Cardinals game, courtesy of DraftKings. You can follow Andrew on twitter @louiescards

  • Christopher Reeder

    • Current Ranking: 2,069
    • Tournament Player of the Year Race: 412

    Christopher “PrimeTime” Reeder has been playing DFS since the industry began in 2007. In 2012 Chris quit his job in the restaurant industry and finally turned pro. Since then he has won seats to the 2012 FFFC, 2013 FFFC, 2013 DSFC, 2013 FFBC, 2013 PFBC, 2013 PFFC, 2014 DSBC, and the 2014 PBC. PrimeTime was also the former #1 ranked player on RotoGrinders and is currently ranked inside the top 50. He also finished second in the race for Tournament Player of the Year in 2013.

    • Previously Ranked #1 Overall
    • Multiple Live Final Appearances
    • 2013 TPOY Runner-Up
  • Josh Lewis

    • Current Ranking: 441

    RotoMonkey83 is an experienced writer and grinder with expertise in the NBA, MLB and NHL. He is a leading contributor to RotoGrinders.

    • Top 200 MLB Ranking
    • Top 400 NBA Ranking
    • Top 1000 NFL Ranking

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