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This FanDuel Review is going to cover the ins-and-outs of the site that has been a leader in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry for quite some time now.

FanDuel is a customer-friendly hub for daily fantasy sports players, offering a variety of game formats and huge prize pools. While there have been many new competitors to enter the space,  FanDuel still has one of the largest user bases in the DFS industry. This ensures that there are always contests to be found. Their interface is simple, which enables new users to catch on quickly and get in the game.

Like any site, FanDuel has its pros and cons. However, it’s still one of the top (if not the #1) destinations for one-day fantasy players and should be in your daily fantasy sports rotation, especially since it’s so easy to sign up, and no FanDuel promo code is necessary!

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Already have your account created? Great. Now let’s introduce you to FanDuel, including the site’s game offerings, scoring, interface, promo codes, tournaments, support and more.

Interestingly, new DFS sites continue to emerge, challenging FanDuel users with enticing promotions of their own ahead of the 2023 football season.

Underdog Fantasy is becoming the top dog when it comes to Best Ball fantasy football drafts. The Underdog Fantasy promo code gives users a  $100 sign-up bonus to new users.

Likewise, Betr Picks and Sleeper Fantasy have both launched Fantasy Pick’em products, similar to PrizePicks.

The Sleeper Fantasy promo code  and PrizePicks promo code each fall in line with the new industry standard.

We expect the Betr Picks promo code to do the same once it’s live..

FanDuel Game Offerings

FanDuel offers games for all 4 major sports, including daily fantasy NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. PGA contests and College Basketball contests are also available in the lobby. For game types, FanDuel has a myriad of options. Cash game formats include head-to-heads, 50/50s, triple-ups, quadruple-ups and more. You can also create private games where you can invite your closest friends to battle it out for your hard-earned cash.

While FanDuel’s cash game selection is great, they truly excel in the number of Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) they offer. Buy-ins for tournaments range from $1 to $1000+, and these large-field contests can feature tens of thousands of entrants. If you are looking for player specific prop picks, you’ll need to check out options like Monkey Knife Fight for other contests.

New FanDuel Game Variations

Single Game

In the past year or so FanDuel has been ramping up innovation and introducing new game types. The most popular addition has been Single Game. For NFL single game contests users select 1 MVP and 4 flex positions. The MVP earns  a 1.5x point bonus, while all other players earn their normal points. The 5 man roster must be completed using the traditional 60k salary cap.

NBA single game contests feature one of the more confusing scoring systems in DFS. Teams are made up of 4 players and each player has a different points multiplier associated with him. MVP’s receive a 2x multiplier, STAR’s receive a 1.5x multiplier, PRO’s receive a 1.2x multiplier and UTIL receives no multiplier (1x).

Quick Pick

This variation requires users to select players from different tiers. For NBA Quick Pick users select 6 players from Tiers A/B/C/D/E and 6th man. The 6th man slot earns a 1.5x bonus so check those depth charts and choose wisely!

Quick Pick

Beat The Score

This is the most similar to Fanduel’s traditional offerings with a unique twist. Select a team as you normally would, but instead of paying out a set percentage of the field a predetermined dollar amount users have to Beat The Score to receive any money. Whoever beats the target score is awarded an equal share of the prize pool. If it is a high scoring night this could be several hundred people but on a low scoring night if you manage to be the only one you would receive the entire prize pool.

Survivor Tournaments

In May 2014, FanDuel unveiled its new Survivor style tournaments. The ideal is simple. The tournament starts out with a large number of entries in the first round. In each round, the top 75% of entrants will advance on to the next round which takes place a few days later. This process continues until there are five finalists remaining. All finalists will be treated to an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and will compete for monster cash prizes.

FanDuel ran three inaugural Survivor tournaments during the 2014 calendar year. These included a $25 buy-in, $100,000 MLB Survivor, a $200 buy-in, $200,000 MLB Survivor, and a $5 buy-in, $100,000 NFL Survivor.

Based on early feedback, these were all amazing tournaments. We’d encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming FanDuel Survivors in the near future!

FanDuel Scoring and Roster Rules

FanDuel’s scoring and roster settings are very favorable to newcomers in the daily fantasy world. Compared to other daily fantasy gaming sites, FanDuel’s scoring system is simpler and does not feature as many statistical categories. Instead, FanDuel focuses on the stats that matter most to a casual fan, creating a fantasy scoring system that can be easily followed and computed by even the most novice players.

FanDuel’s MLB roster settings are fairly standard and mirror a real-life MLB starting lineup, so most players will already be well-acquainted to this roster approach. Players will either love or hate the one-pitcher format – some competing sites like DraftKings use two starting pitchers – but there is no question that FanDuel places pressure on selecting the right hurler each night. There are no utility positions or relief pitchers.

Here’s the full breakdown of FanDuel scoring for baseball:



IP: Fractional scoring per out.
Out: Calculated as at bats minus hits.

FanDuel’s NFL and college football scoring systems are fairly standard. Unlike other daily fantasy sites, FanDuel does not award bonuses for player performance milestones, such as a running back rushing for 100+ yards. Similarly, FanDuel only awards 0.5 points per reception, whereas many daily fantasy sites award a full point per catch. While these scoring differences sound nuanced, these points can add up (or not) in a hurry. Overall, FanDuel’s NFL scoring will be very familiar to season-long players who are making the transition to daily, which is helpful.

The scoring systems for NBA and College Basketball differ in a few ways. FanDuel’s NBA scoring is shown below for guidance:

In College Basketball both blocks and steals are worth 2 instead of 3. Also, in the NBA you pick a 9 man roster and drop the lowest score. This has been a feature added as a compromise to no late swap. Now recreational players and pros are on somewhat equal footing if a player is questionable in a game after lock. A zero point effort from a player in your lineup is no longer a guaranteed night killer in the NBA. The composition of an NBA lineup and CBB also has some differences. In NBA contests you are required to pick 2PG 2SG 2SF 2PF and 1C with your best 8 of 9 counting. CBB requires 4G 3F and a UTIL slot, with all 8 counting.

If you’re interested in learning more about FanDuel gameplay, check out the articles in our “FanDuel Strategy Guide” sidebar on the right of this page. The articles are great for new players and will show you the basics of scoring, gameplay and general strategy for FanDuel.

And, of course, if you’re just getting started, be sure to create your new FanDuel account by clicking one of our links!

User Experience

In this FanDuel review’s composite site ranking, we rate their software and interface a perfect 10. The FanDuel website is very simple, clean and easy to navigate – and it is packed full of features that have helped shape the industry. Newer players love the site because it is so easy to pick-up and become accustomed to, while experienced players love the site because of how well it attracts new players (and because of the excellent scoring interface)!

Contest Selection

The FanDuel Lobby is where players can navigate through hundreds of contests to find the one that is right for them. All filtering takes place on the left side of the screen and is easy to use. While it might not offer as many filtering options as a few of its competitors, most players are fine with the simplistic approach. Clicking on a tournament pops up a modal window that allows the player to view some high-level information about the tournament before actually entering the contest. This is a valuable and underrated tool that helps save players some time when navigating through a busy Lobby. The ability to quickly display the payout structure is also available by clicking on the “Prizes” link for that particular contest. Overall, the contest selection process is excellent and easy to use.

FanDuel Lineup Composition

Once you have found the perfect contest, it’s time to put together a winning FanDuel lineup. Once again, FanDuel’s interface for player selection is great.

Positions can easily be selected by navigating the tabs above the players. The search function works well and is a valuable tool for quickly finding the exact players you’re looking for. Clicking on a player’s name (rather than “Add player”) brings up relevant data on that athlete, including recent news, matchup information, and a game log of recent performances. This information might not be displayed in a flashy format like it is on DraftKings, but the content is there, and that’s what is most important to daily fantasy players.

FanDuel’s player salaries aren’t as dynamic as on other sites. Salaries just aren’t updated quickly to reflect recent performances or injuries, so it can be relatively easy to find value plays in every contest.

A new feature that can be helpful to newer players is the Guru Suggestions tab located within the lineup building screen. Select players are labelled in one of 4 categories. They are Studs, Value, Good Matchup, and Usage Increase.

The lack of an “export lineup” feature is also disappointing, but most new players will not miss this capability. All things considered, FanDuel’s lineup-building features are extremely well done and the process is not only easy, but fun.

Mobile Support

This FanDuel review wouldn’t be complete without covering their excellent mobile experience. They make it simple to join contents and compose lineups on the go. While a few features are more difficult on mobile (such as quick player replace across all lineups), almost all desktop functionality works on mobile. You can even deposit funds from your phone to ensure that you always have money to enter additional contests.

Here’s a list of capabilities available on FanDuel’s Mobile Site:

My Contests – View live, upcoming, and prior contests
Enter a Content – Join new contests on the go
Create a Contest – Create a contest for you and your friends or other random players
Add Funds – Ensure that your account will never be empty when you need it most
My Account – Make changes to your account

Customer Service

FanDuel exemplifies how customer service should be operated in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. FanDuel once offered phone support and live chat in addition to email support. However, as the site has grown, it has cut back and now only offers email as a form of contact.

This isn’t to say FanDuel isn’t accessible, though. In addition to email, they are helpful and quick to respond via Twitter as well. FanDuel staff is often on the frontlines of the daily fantasy community, regularly posting in forums such as on here on RotoGrinders, asking for feedback, and implementing and testing new features.

Based on user feedback, FanDuel will also test out new game types. They are constantly innovating their buy-in ranges, guarantees and contests structures. For example, during the 2014-15 NBA season, FanDuel listened to user demand and added noticeably more contests for “Turbo” slates that consist entirely of early NBA games.

Clearly, FanDuel is not afraid to try new things if they think it is in the best interest of their customers. The staff is always looking for feedback on the site, and you will receive a prompt and professional response to any questions or comments that you may have.


FanDuel charges 10% rake for all games up to those that have $50 entries. For games of $109 and higher, the rake is slightly lower.
Take a look at the chart below. Since this analysis was last conducted rake in the $1-$25 GPPs has ballooned from 10.5% to 16%, increases at higher stakes are present but less dramatic. However, H2H and 10 man league rake has remained constant. Below is a table with their complete buy-in to prize pool ratio:

FanDuel H2H Rakes

FanDuel H2HTotal Buy-InsTotal PrizesRake %

FanDuel 10-Man League Rakes

FanDuel 10-Man LeagueTotal Buy-InsTotal PrizesRake %

FanDuel GPP Rakes

FanDuel GPPsTotal Buy-InsTotal PrizesRake %

FanDuel Promo Code, Bonuses and Cashier Options

FanDuel has a simple and secure cashier system. You can use any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) or PayPal to deposit. All withdrawals are handled via PayPal and may process as soon as the same day. We’re giving FanDuel a 10/10 in this review because FanDuel even covers your PayPal fees! This is an amazing gesture on their end, and a big out of pocket cost that they front.

We also partner with FanDuel on unique events like the Single Entry Series as well as other RotoGrinders referred-only promos, so be sure to sign up through our links so you don’t miss out!

It’s the perfect way to start playing on FanDuel and gain experience in real-money daily fantasy contests.

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FanDuel Tournaments and Special Events

FanDuel’s tournaments, promotions and special events are some of the reasons the site has risen to the top of the daily fantasy sports industry. Here are just a few of the awesome events that have taken place recently, or are still to come at FanDuel.

FanDuel World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC)

Daily fantasy football is by far the most popular sport at all daily sites, and FanDuel pulls out all the stops for its end of season tournament, the Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC). In 2014, the FFFC offered a whopping $2 million grand prize. The winner also received a private jet ride home, as well as an unbelievable three-day weekend in Vegas.

Let’s not forget about the finalists, though. There were more than $3 million in prizes for other finalists, including an incredible second-place prize of $1 million. That’s right, even the runner-up became a millionaire!

The 2014 event proved that no one throws a fantasy party like FanDuel. Just check out the growth of the FFFC prize pool each year since then:

The FFFC has been rebranded to the World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC) and the prize pool for the live event has decreased since the explosion in 2014-2015 but the experience for qualifiers is still fantastic. In addition to the entry for the Live Final contestants are awarded a ticket to the 50k Single Game Championship, and tickets to watch the game live at the game.

FanDuel World Fantasy Baseball Championship (WFBC)

The 2014 FanDuel DFBC pitted 70 contestants against each other to compete for $3 million in cash prizes. All qualifying players were treated to the “FanDuel Vegas Experience”, which featured a paid flight to Vegas and two nights stay in the luxurious Cosmopolitan hotel. The winner took home a cool $1 million. The most recent version of the event was held in San Diego with a $1.5 million prize pool up for grabs. Again, while the event has shrunk in size FanDuel is making every effort to keep the experience on the bucket list of every DFS player.

FanDuel Fantasy Basketball Championship (WFBBC)

In April 2014, FanDuel gave away $1.2 million in prizes to the participants in the DFBBC. The event was a huge success, and at the time was the largest one-day fantasy basketball contest in history!

In 2015, FanDuel is adding a new twist to their NBA championship by hosting the event at the Playboy Mansion. 2019 sees the WFBBC head to Los Angeles and the Terranea Resort to take their shot at a $1, 500, 000 prize pool. With only 60 qualifiers every player has a realistic shot at taking down the $300k first prize!

Final Thoughts on FanDuel DFS

We hope this FanDuel review was helpful. If you want to ask seasoned daily fantasy players what they think about FanDuel (or any other daily fantasy site) feel free to post in our RotoGrinders Forum.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to get grinding on the leading daily fantasy sports site, be sure to sign up through one of our links! No FanDuel promo code is needed to get a free entry into a NFL Single Game Contest

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