Thrillzz Social Sportsbook Promo Code and Review

The current promo code at Thrillzz social sportsbook is GRINDERS. When you enter the code after creating a new account you can receive a 100% Deposit Match up to $25 in Sweeps Coins + Free Coins on your First Deposit. Read on to learn more about this exciting welcome offer and social sportsbook, where the aim is to enjoy playing with friends and share tips and bets with the Thrillzz community.

📲 Thrillzz Social Sportsbook Promo Code GRINDERS
🤑 Thrillzz Social Sportsbook Welcome Offer100% Deposit Match up to $25 in Sweeps Coins + Free Coins on your First Deposit
Eligible StatesAK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, HI, IL, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OK, OR, PA, RI, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV, WY
📝 Terms and ConditionsPlayers must be 18+ and be residents of the U.S. Void where prohibited. Mobile only. Please play responsibly.

Thrillzz Sportsbook Basics

Thrillzz is a social sportsbook, and it’s one that offers a greater choice of sports than most of its social gaming competitors. Along with the option for more sports picks, players can interact in various ways within the Thrillzz community.

The sportsbook is currently available only in the United States, and while there are some state restrictions, it has extensive coverage across the country.

There are also opportunities for more free Thrillzz Coins through the life of the account, including daily login rewards, so it can be possible to keep playing here without any financial outlay.

Claim the Thrillzz Welcome Bonus

The Thrillzz social betting bonus doesn’t require a deposit. New users can get a 100% Deposit Match up to $25 in Sweeps Coins + Free Coins. These will be automatically credited to your virtual currency balance.

Thrillzz Coins are virtual currencies used to stake on sporting events. Meanwhile, Thrillzz Sweeps Coins can be exchanged for certain prizes, although you cannot win real money prizes as this is a social sportsbook.

Coins and sweeps can then be earned in different ways as you continue to play at Thrillzz social sportsbook. There are rewards available each day that you log in, so remember to do this on a daily basis.

Coins are also won in return for winning bets, and there are lots of bet types available here. Thrillzz has a leaderboard, so if you are especially successful with your bets, you can climb up and win even more coins.

It’s also possible to make a first purchase along with additional purchases for regular Thrillzz coins via the cashier page.

Note that the Thrillzz sign up bonus and any other promotional offers come with favorable terms attached. Players must be 18+ and be residents of the U.S. Void where prohibited. Play responsibly on mobile only.

In addition, there are currently no rollover requirements, so you do not have to play through any bonuses before claiming rewards. That position could potentially change in the future, but all will be detailed under terms and conditions. If in any doubt, fire over a question to the Thrillzz customer service team.

How Do Thrillzz Sweeps Coins Work?

It’s not possible to buy Thrillzz Sweeps Coins. Regular free Thrillzz coins have to be earned via offers, the welcome bonus and other Thrillzz promotions.

Look for the welcome bonus, daily log ins, loyalty points, and any other ways in which you can claim sweeps.

Free Thrillzz Sweeps Coins can be used to place bets, but instead of earning more sweeps for winning picks, players will receive prize tickets, with which they can win prizes. Once you have earned 50 prize tickets, these can be redeemed in the shop.

At present, the rate of exchange to redeem prizes is one ticket = 1$ USD, and there are a number of withdrawal options.

Thrillzz US Signup

Registering for a new account at the Thrillzz sweepstakes sportsbook is simple and should take no more than a few minutes of your time. The important point to remember is that Thrillzz is not currently available at any of the regular app stores.

It is, however, accessible via all major software platforms, and the process starts by scanning the QR code on the operator’s home screen.

Alternatively, you can find Thrillzz in your mobile browser and download the app that way. Here’s what you need to do once that code has been scanned.

  1. Download the app via the links on this page.
  2. Tap the ‘Join Now’ button, and the registration page will open.
  3. Choose the option to sign up with email or via Google.
  4. Enter your e-mail address or follow Google’s instructions.
  5. Choose your password and username.
  6. Enter promo code GRINDERS when prompted.
  7. Confirm you are over 18, and check to accept the terms and conditions.
  8. Enter your cell phone number.
  9. Verify your account with ID documents if requested.

Your $25 in Sweeps Coins + Free Coins on your First Deposit will appear in your account.

Irrespective of whether you make a first purchase, your mobile site is now installed and you’re ready to use your first Thrillzz Coins and look at the many different sports listed by the platform.

Join the Game with Thrillzz Sports

The Thrillzz sportsbook has an excellent selection of available sports. There isn’t a huge selection of niche sports, but there’s still plenty to suit all sports bettors such as:

All of these events are hugely popular among sports enthusiasts in the United States, but there are some developing sports like rugby and cricket that could be included in the future.

For now, it’s a good selection, and there should be something for all social sports bettors.

Thrillzz App Review

thrillzz social sportsbook app screenshots

Thrillzz does not have a conventional app, and is instead run as a mobile site. You can bookmark this in your browser for easy and faster access, and the platform can be used for iOS and Android devices.

Scan the QR code and complete the sign up process to begin. User reviews for Thrillzz are largely positive and they highlight a fast platform with good functionality.

It should be easy to find all of your favorite sports and place wagers from the mobile site. Everything is logically laid out, so the promotions pages are also simple to find, along with deposit buttons to buy more Thrillzz coins, and customer service.

While it would be good to see regular apps appear in the future, the mobile site has excellent speed and functionality and there should be no issues with user satisfaction.

Thrillzz Strengths

Check out the strengths of Thrillzz Social Sportsbook:

Thrillzz Weaknesses

Despite how great the platform is, Thrillzz Social Sportsbook comes with the following weaknesses:

Thrillzz Sportsbook Available Banking and Payments

Purchases can be made via the cashier and exchanged for regular Thrillzz Coins. Remember that you cannot buy Thrillzz Sweeps Coins, as these have to be earned via contests, offers, and Thrillzz promotions.

Here are the payment methods currently available at the Thrillzz social sportsbook:

Whichever of those methods you use for your first purchase and any ongoing transactions, the funds should land in your account immediately. Currently, there are no charges made by Thrillzz.

For those who are able to redeem tickets via Thrillzz Sweeps Coins, these methods can also be used to withdraw funds. In these cases, transactions could take up to 48 hours, but they may be sooner. 

It’s a relatively small set of options at the moment, but these could increase in future years. It’s also possible to play with Thrillzz Coins without making a purchase, but for now, these should cover the vast majority of players.

Live and Virtual Games on Thrillzz

Live betting is one of the most active areas of the Thrillzz sportsbook, with a large number of markets available in-play. All of the betting markets listed further on switch seamlessly to the live platform, and this choice of in-play options is one of the reasons why Thrillzz stands out in the growing social market.

There is scope to add virtual games to the platform to provide additional sports picks, but all of the markets currently available relate to real-life events.

At present, there is no Thrillzz sweeps social casino, but this might conceivably appear in the future. For now, the focus is on social sports wagering, and there is an excellent choice of markets and bet types. 

Betting Markets on Thrillzz

Thrillzz has a good selection of betting markets and bet types, and these include:

Thrillzz also provides traditional moneyline betting options, where the aim is to stake on which player or team you think will win the match.

Point spread betting takes the moneyline market and applies a handicap to one of the teams. In a soccer match, for example, you might give the underdog a head start of two goals. In order to beat the spread and for the bet to win, the other team would have to win the match by at least three goals.

Alternative spreads simply let the customer choose from an extensive range of points options.

Totals betting can be applied to a number of different sports. With this type of bet, you are staking on the number of points, goals, runs etc, scored in a game. So you may bet on the Super Bowl and feel that there will be over 41 points in the game. Thrillzz will list a choice of lines, and it’s up to you to use your free coins or sweeps coins to bet Over or Under one or more of those lines.

Futures betting is a long-term bet on the winner of a certain tournament. For example, you might want to stake on Manchester United to win the English Premier League or Scottie Scheffler to win the US Masters for golf.

Futures bets appear many months in advance of the event taking place, and when it gets underway, they will switch to the live betting platform at Thrillzz.

Live betting, often referred to as in-play betting, offers bets on games once they have started. Most of the regular pre-match markets are accessible here, too. Live betting is popular for many reasons, and it’s possible to find longer odds on occasions. In-play speculation also tests your skills as a sports analyst as you aim to work out how the game is likely to develop.

Why Thrillzz Sportsbook?

Many sportsbooks of this kind claim to be social, but their functionality is limited in this respect.

At Thrillzz, it really is possible to enhance the social element of your play by sharing tips, connecting with friends and connecting with other members of the community.

The operator also starts things off with a generous welcome bonus that only requires registration to access it. Once on board as a new Thrillzz player, you can gain even more free coins by daily logins on the mobile site and other rotating bonuses that the platform provides.

It’s one of the most active social sites in terms of promotions, and potentially, you could continue to play here with free coins without making a purchase. Currently, there is no Thrillzz bonus code to input, but this situation may change.

Those who do want to make a first purchase will find the process simple.

There’s also a wider choice of sports than you’ll find at most social sports betting platforms. The mobile site is fast and earns solid reviews for functionality.

There’s a great all-round package at Thrillzz. If social sports betting is your thing, these are some excellent reasons for trying them out.

Thrillzz Social Loyalty Program

Loyalty points programs are an important part of social gaming, and Thrillzz rewards its customers for regular play. Don’t forget those daily login rewards, which will issue coins once a day when you access your Thrillzz account.

Loyalty rewards points can then be claimed in a number of different ways. When you are signed into the site, you will see the options for sharing your picks. Every time you do this, points will be awarded as a regular bonus offer. Ghese help you to claim free sweeps, earn and redeem points, and climb the player leaderboards.

Sharing sports picks after you’ve made them is the quickest way to earn loyalty points via the rewards and loyalty program, and climb up the regular leaderboard, You’ll rise up the board for every pick that you make, but sharing them adds more points and they can be redeemed for more coins.

Responsible Gambling Options

While there are no real money wagering options at Thrillzz sportsbook, it’s still important to follow a responsible gambling approach. There is the option to make a first purchase, for regular Thrillzz Game Coins, but not for Thrillzz Sweeps Coins, so please make sure you keep your spending in check.

You can contact a member of customer services to discuss applying spending limits, or possibly taking a timeout or self-exclusion from the site.

If you need any further assistance, contact the National Council on Problem Gambling at 1-800-GAMBLER.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thrillzz Social Sportsbook Promotions

Want to learn more about Thrillzz Social Sportsbook Promo Codes and bonus offers? Read these common questions and answers we’ve compiled below.

Is Thrillzz Social Sportsbook legit?

Yes, Thrillzz is a legitimate social betting platform. Because it is for social betting only and there are no options for real money wagering, it complies with the relevant legal regulations relating to sweepstake betting.

There are high levels of security and encryption in place under the Thrillzz legit platform, to protect user data and provide a safe betting environment when playing online.

How many sports does Thrillzz cover?

The Thrillzz mobile site currently covers many sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, MMA, boxing, motorsports, golf and hockey. It’s possible that more will be added to this schedule, so players can make extra sports predictions in the future.

How do I use the Thrillzz promo code?

Currently there is no bonus code required by the Thrillzz social betting platform for the welcome bonus which includes a 100% Deposit Match up to $25 in Sweeps Coins + Free Coins on your First Deposit. Simply follow the Thrillzz sign up process and your welcome bonus will arrive in your account automatically. 

This situation could potentially change in the future, so remember to check terms and conditions of any bonus offer to see if a promo code is required.

What’s the best way to use sweeps on Thrillzz?

Your free Thrillzz sweeps are a virtual currency, which can be used to make sports picks on any available markets, under their sweepstakes model. If those picks win, players will receive tickets, which can ultimately be exchanged for sweepstakes prizes.

Can I get prizes if I use Thrillzz promo codes?

If there is a Thrillzz promo code in place, players should follow the offer and claim a reward. These promotions are the ways in which customers can earn a free Thrillzz free sweeps bonus and regular Thrillzz Coins. At present, it’s still possible to earn and redeem prizes without having to use a promo code.

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