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How Our bet365 Props Work

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Our bet365 prop bets are designed to help you quickly find an edge betting player props available at bet365 Sportsbook. This tool can be viewed as a cheat sheet, saving you time while increasing your chances of winning by highlighting the biggest edges based on today’s projections.

With this tool, you can find OVER or UNDER picks for various player props available within the bet365 Sportsbook menu, alongside a calculated win percentage and graded “edge.” If you aren’t already signed up with bet365 Sportsbook, check out our bet365 bonus code and begin placing your bet365 prop bets today. Find out more about our prop picks below.

What factors do your bet365 prop picks consider?

​We combine a props model, simulations, and current market data to help assess our edge. The underlying model is unique to each sport, but the goal is the same: determine the most likely outcome (Over or Under) to win and the expected win percentage relative to the bet365 prop odds .

On a deeper level, we have a full team designated to determine our prop model inputs and monitor our player prop projections, including relevant news such as weather and injuries. This is what makes our bet365 prop picks unique compared to what you’ll find from other products. Our bet365 prop picks aren’t simply the results of an unmonitored, automated system. We consider the full context of a player’s matchup — their opponents, weather, conditions, injuries, and other relevant news that may impact their usage and success in their upcoming game or event.

How much can I trust your bet365 prop picks?

You should take our recommended picks as the starting point for your own research. We can’t promise they will win, but we do believe there’s an edge in some prop markets, like the ones you can find with bet365 Sportsbook. You can make informed decisions by referencing our player prop projections relative to current bet365 prop lines, knowing that they are the product of a finely-tuned model combined with analysis from our team of prop betting experts.

How often are bet365 props updated?

This page is updated at least once every 10 minutes, as soon as the prop model is activated for the day by our projections team. This typically occurs no later than 10:00 AM ET, and updates continue until 11:00 PM ET.

Live bet365 prop lines are updated throughout the day as lines and odds change within bet365 Sportsbook. Our player prop projections may also adjust as we react to any relevant news.

What sports do your bet365 prop picks cover?

Our bet365 prop picks cover player prop markets for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA when the sports are in season

How do I access your bet365 props today?

You can access all of our bet365 prop picks, plus more, by signing up for our Props & Pick’em package.

bet365 Prop Picks Tool Glossary & Terms

STAT The type of prop being offered by bet365 Sportsbook for the respective player. These may be more traditional player props like yards, touchdowns, and more. Or they could be a combination of statistical categories, like REB + AST + PTS.

LINE The prop line is the number currently set on bet365 Sportsbook, which you are betting Over or Under on.

SIDE This is the side of the projection we think is more likely to win, based on the calculations of our bet365 Pick6 picks model.

WINPCT This stands for win percentage. This is the expected rate that our bet365 prop picks model thinks the selected side (OVER or Under) will win.

EDGE This is the conservative percentage above the “break-even” line we expect for this pick. Every pick has an implied break-even point based on bet365 prop odds. These are shaded on a green-to-red scale (the greener a pick, the better). We estimate the break-even points and attempt to show you which selections are mostly likely to be profitable.

Akshay Bhatia GOLF PGA Top 20 0.5 Over 34.52% 5.95% bet365
Sam Burns GOLF PGA Top 20 0.5 Over 34.16% 5.59% bet365
Keegan Bradley GOLF PGA Top 20 0.5 Over 26.33% 5.49% bet365
Andrew Novak GOLF PGA Top 20 0.5 Over 17.18% 5.41% bet365
Keith Mitchell GOLF PGA Top 20 0.5 Over 26.09% 5.25% bet365
Billy Horschel GOLF PGA Top 20 0.5 Over 28.44% 5.19% bet365

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