Underdog Fantasy Promo Code - GRINDERS - $250 Bonus & More

Underdog Fantasy promo code GRINDERS is one of the more widely available DFS sign-up offers in the United States. Using the promo code gives you a First Time Deposit Offer up to $250 in Bonus Cash + a Special Pick!

This Underdog offer is exclusive to new users and requires a minimum deposit of $10 or more.

💰 Underdog Promo CodeGRINDERS
🎁 OfferGet a First Time Deposit Offer up to $250 in Bonus Cash + a Special Pick!
🗓️ Offer Date July 2024
✍️ TermsMust be 18+ (19+ or 21+ depending on state of residence) and within applicable state. Full T&Cs apply.
🎯 Eligible States IL, IN, KS, NY, VA, WY, DC, AL, AK, AR, CA, GA, ME, MI, MN, MS, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, WI
📱 GamesBest Ball, Snake Drafts, Fantasy Pick’ems
🏈 SportsNBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, PGA Tour, NCAAB, Esports, Soccer, MMA

Underdog Fantasy is arguably one of the best fantasy sports apps in the industry. It has something for everyone, and can be used in most states! From Best Ball, daily snake drafts, DFS Pick’em, and a new peer-to-peer format — there are multiple ways to use our Underdog promo code. And as of July, even college football fans can get in on the Best Ball action.

We’ll touch on all of those details and more, including some tips and advice for Underdog’s fantasy games, like Best Ball and Fantasy Pick’em, in this Underdog Fantasy promo code review.

Underdog Fantasy Promo Code Overview

How the Current Underdog Promo Code Compares to Other Sites

I can’t find anything bad to say about the current Underdog promo code, especially compared to other fantasy sites I frequent.

The current Underdog Fantasy promo code is competitive with most other DFS offers, including the ever-popular PrizePicks promo code. PrizePicks offers a 100% match compared to Underdog Fantasy’s 50%, but Underdog Fantasy will offer up to $250 versus $100. Plus, the Underdog Fantasy offer comes with a special pick.

FanDuel and DraftKings do have larger sign-up bonuses but they don’t have DFS fantasy pick’em games like Underdog, nor does FanDuel have a Best Ball product.

And while some states crack down on the DFS Pick’em, Underdog continues to innovate with a new peer-to-peer game called Pick’em Champions.

Pick'em Champions underdog promo code

As a huge college football fan, I’m pumped to see that Underdog is expanding their best ball contests into the college football space. I’m telling my friends and family who love college football to take advantage of the Underdog promo code and use it for entries into Best Bowl Mania.

How to Sign Up With the Underdog Promo Code GRINDERS

Signing up for an account at Underdog Fantasy is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to be up and running and ready to enter one of the many contests available on the app. Here’s how to set up an account.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or the Google Play store. You can also just go to the Underdog home page and click the Sign Up button.
  2. Create a username. You can choose any username you like, but remember that it might be publicly viewable so you might want to go with something somewhat appropriate. But hey, if you really like cats and want your username to be “Catperson12,” we don’t judge.
  3. Once you’ve created a username, you’re well on your way. Just enter your email address, create a password, and enter your date of birth, and you’re ready to enter the promo code GRINDERS. This will allow you to Get a First Time Deposit Offer up to $250 in Bonus Cash + a Special Pick!
  4. After all that, you’re ready to make a deposit. You can deposit as much as you like, but remember that Underdog Fantasy will match your deposit by 50% up to $500.

Once your deposit has been made, you’re ready to find a contest. And remember that all your personal information is safe with Underdog. All legal DFS companies, including Underdog, have to comply with strict state regulations that safeguard the storage of personal information. Your information is as safe with Underdog as it is with PayPal, Amazon, or any other large company.

My Personal Experience With Underdog Fantasy

I’ve lived in three different states over the last two years (well, two states plus the nation’s capital. ) Going from Washington, D.C., to Texas, and now Florida, I’ve played on the Underdog Fantasy app continuously across the country during that time.

As someone who was first frustrated with the sports betting options in DC, I turned to Underdog Fantasy as a way to get some skin in the game. I quickly found out that their best ball contests were actually more fun than sports betting or any other fantasy sports format I’ve played.

When I don’t have time for a best ball draft, Underdog’s pick’em contests are especially useful. There, I’ve used my knowledge from fantasy sports to predict performance outcomes for specific players in single games. I love how expansive Underdog’s product offerings are. I can make golf predictions, WNBA picks, or even predict the outcome of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, hah!

Underdog Fantasy Promo Code for 2024 NFL Best Ball

Underdog continues to add more sports to their menu as we turn the calendar to 2024, all of which can be played with the Underdog Fantasy promo code GRINDERS.

There are currently over a dozen sports and leagues live on the Underdog app: NFL, NBA, NHL, CBB, CFB, FIFA, Soccer, Esports, Tennis, PGA, WCBB, Basketball, MLB, Golf

But, of course, NFL Best Ball is Underdog Fantasy’s main attraction. Underdog just launched their flagship best ball tournament, Best Ball Mania, plus others. Check out Best Ball Mania V’s payout structures below.

underdog fantasy best ball mania payouts

Underdog Fantasy Picks Today

GamePlayerHigher/Lower Projection
IND @ DALC. ClarkHigher/Lower 0.5 Points
DAL vs. INDA. OgunbowaleHigher/Lower 22.5 Points
IND @ DALA. BostonHigher/Lower 7.5 Rebounds

Updated 07/17/2024 8:15 AM ET – Fantasy Pick’em – Subject to Change. These fantasy picks are eligible to be used with the Underdog Fantasy promo code.

Now go ahead and enter your Underdog Pick’em player predictions. Get all your picks right and win real money! Remember to select at least two players from different teams, and you can’t choose the same player twice. Most importantly, remember to use the Underdog Fantasy promo code GRINDERS to Get a First Time Deposit Offer up to $250 in Bonus Cash + a Special Pick!

My Personal Experience With Underdog Fantasy

I’ve lived in three different states over the last two years (well, two states plus the nation’s capital. ) Going from Washington, D.C., to Texas, and now Florida, I’ve played on Underdog Fantasy’s app continuously across the country during that time. Two of those states even have legal sports betting, but I love Underdog Fantasy contests so much that the Underdog Fantasy mobile app is still my go-to over others.

As someone who was first frustrated with the sports betting options in DC, I turned to Underdog sports as a way to get some skin in the game. I quickly found out that their best ball contests were actually more fun than sports betting or any other fantasy sports format I’ve played, and it took no time to adjust to the Underdog Fantasy mobile app.

When I don’t have time for a best ball draft, Underdog’s pick’em contests are especially useful. There, I’ve used my knowledge from fantasy sports to predict performance outcomes for specific players in single games. I love how expansive Underdog’s product offerings are. I can make golf predictions, WNBA picks, or even predict the outcome of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, hah!

Since I’m so often playing Underdog contests, friends and family often ask me questions like “is Underdog Fantasy legit?” or “is Underdog Fantasy legal?” The answer is yes and yes. I wholeheartedly recommend the Underdog platform to daily fantasy sports players and sports bettors alike. DFS and traditional fantasy sports fans will love Underdog best ball tournaments. If you’re a sports bettor who enjoys player prop bets, then Underdog’s pick’em games might be more suited for you.

Unfortunately, Underdog Sports (i.e., Underdog Sportsbook) is only active in North Carolina right now. But I think the sports bettors will benefit tremendously as Underdog’s version of a sportsbook launches in more states.

In any case, if you’re in one of the many Underdog Fantasy legal states and are looking to open an Underdog Fantasy account, I hope my personal experience helps you make a decision. Right now is a great time to claim the Underdog bonus and $250 deposit match. When I signed up, it was only a $100 deposit match. I don’t know if the Underdog bonus will return to the $100 offer before football season or not

How to Play Best Ball

I’ve been playing best ball for a few years now, and by far my favorite thing is how many drafts it allows me to compete in during the dog days of summer. Once NBA ends, I anxiously await football seasot, but best ball provides an outlet for me even if my friends aren’t ready to start drafting their fantasy teams.

You can play best ball during the NFL offseason, which is one reason why it is so popular. But of course, it really ramps up before Week 1, just like traditional NFL fantasy football. There are several different types of best ball games offered by Underdog, with the differences mostly having to do with group size, entry fee, prize payouts, and number of entries per user. But they all have several common characteristics, including:

Snake Draft – This is common in many season-long fantasy leagues. The last person to draft in the first round gets the first pick in the second round, which means the first person to draft gets the last pick in the second round and the first pick in the third round, and so on.

Set Rosters – Once you draft a team, that’s your team for the entire season. No waiver wires for best ball. That’s also why there are so-called slow drafts, where people have several hours to make a decision. Much better than having 90 seconds to find a player who you hope will do well all season. Too much pressure!

No Lineups to Set – Not only is your roster set all year, you don’t even need to set a lineup each week. Underdog does the work for you, starting your highest-scoring players each week.

Locked In Positions and Scoring – In season-long fantasy football, you can set your league scoring to however you like. Want high scoring? Go with PPR and give extra points to RBs. Want two defenses and 4 WRs and 3 QBs per team? Go nuts. The commissioner is in charge of all that. In Underdog Best Ball, everything is set. Each team gets 17 total players and the scoring is fixed. Check out the rules here.

There are many, many different NFL fantasy games on Underdog, but Best Ball is the most popular for a reason. It offers the biggest prizes, it’s fun to play, and you don’t have to draft a new team each week. If your budget and time allows, you should give Best Ball a try before the 2023 NFL season.

More on Underdog Fantasy

Right now you can enter and play daily, weekly, season-long, and pick’em contests for multiple sports. NFL best ball, and now CFB best ball contests are also taking shape on Underdog Fantasy’s app. The Underdog Fantasy lobby is loaded with options, including pick’em games for NBA, CBB, NHL, Soccer, MMA, Esports, MLB, PGA, and NFL.

You can also participate in live fantasy snake drafts for this week’s basketball and hockey slates. And if it’s best ball you’re looking for, you can start drafting teams for MLB and NFL best ball leagues, plus drafts are available for the NBA season.

Check out the table below for a full list of what is currently being offered on the Underdog Fantasy app. Here we show you what leagues and sports are in-season, what kind of contests are offered for each sport, plus notable tournaments that include massive guaranteed prize pools.

What Is Underdog?

A decade ago, daily fantasy sports sites were popping up left and right. Things have shifted since then, with FanDuel and DraftKings cementing themselves as industry leaders. While our options have largely consolidated, all fantasy sports lovers, whether it be DFS or season-long, NFL or NBA, should beware of the Underdog — Underdog Fantasy, that is.

Spearheaded by founder Jeremy Levine, a veteran in the DFS industry who previously founded the sites StarStreet and Draft, Underdog Fantasy is Levine’s most ambitious fantasy sports project yet. And it’s safe to say people, including some major personalities and investors, have taken notice.

After a successful rollout ahead of the 2020 NFL season, a plethora of big-name investors, including Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, Adam Schefter, The Chainsmokers, Nas, Future, and more, wanted to place their bets on Levine and his Underdog Fantasy team in 2021.

With a team like that, you know the product is going to be awesome. So let’s take a closer look at what Underdog Fantasy has to offer and what differentiates it from other sites.

Why Sign Up at Underdog Fantasy?

As mentioned, Underdog Fantasy is a newer site, but it was founded by industry veterans. The Underdog app is one of the best in the gaming industry, as you can see by its ratings in mobile app stores. On Google Play, the Underdog App has been downloaded more than 50,000 times and has a 4.5-star rating. In the App Store, Underdog Fantasy has a 4.7-star rating and ranks highly among top Sports apps.

Underdog Fantasy Promo Code
Underdog Fantasy Sign-Up Process

Aside from a user-friendly app and awesome promotions, there are a few more reasons you should choose Underdog Fantasy.

More Underdog Fantasy Promotions and Bonuses

Once you sign up using our Underdog promo code GRINDERS, you’ll find more promotions and bonuses offered on their app every day. One of the more popular promotions is reduced offers, which work similarly to odds boosts and bonus bets that you see at online sportsbooks.

Basically, by reducing the player projections, they’ll give you an easier pick to win. For example, they may offer Patrick Mahomes Higher/Lower 0.5 yards. This is as close to a lock as you’ll find

Keep in mind that you can only use this type of promotion once per day. In other words, you can’t make multiple entries that include the promotion. Once you use it, it’s no longer available. Luckily there will likely be a similar promotion and offer the next day!

Another promotion users can take advantage of on the Underdog Fantasy app, is by referring their friends to sign up and download the app themselves. By referring friends, you get a $10 bonus for every person who signs up from your referral. Additionally, your referrals get a $10 bonus, in the form of a free entry, to start their account.

You can quickly invite friends and family to join you on the Underdog Fantasy app by sharing your personalized referral link to your group texts and season-long fantasy leagues. You can also compete with your friends in customizable season-long Underdog Fantasy Best Ball leagues.

Of course, make sure to review the terms and conditions of all the promotions and bonuses offered before you use them. There are stipulations that limit how many players you can refer, and there are other details regarding rollover requirements for bonus funds in your account.

What’s Available in the Underdog Fantasy Lobby?

SportsFantasy Pick’emDaily Snake DraftsBest BallNotable TournamentsPrize PoolTop Prize
NFLThe Big Board$2M$200K
NBAThe Dance (Playoffs)$200K$30K
MLBThe Dinger$100K$20K
NHLThe Big Zamboni$20K$4K
GOLFThe Albatross (Majors Only)$500K$50K
CFBBest Bowl Mania$100K$20K

Underdog Fantasy began by offering four games for the four major sports NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. The site didn’t stop there, though. They have since added college sports, including college basketball during March Madness to their game menus.

As far as their contest types go, snake drafts are for season-long, daily, and weekly contests. If you want action on today’s games, you can join 2-6 man contests and start drafting now. Or you can ditch the draft and go straight to Underdog’s Pick’em offerings, called Higher/Lower & Rivals, allowing you to win as much as 20x your entry.

Underdog’s Pick’em games feature player projections. Simply put: The more players you pick, the more you can win.

If tournaments are your thing, Underdog has you covered. Best Ball Mania IV may be the best-known tournament, but that is just where Underdog begins. A whopping 62 tournaments are listed in the Underdog website, each offering huge prize payouts and unique structures. Most are best ball-type games with snake drafts, but they cover all the major sports and have their own flair. Just look at some of the names: The Pomeranian (NFL, The Albatross (PGA Tour), The Pennant (MLB), and The Zamboni (NHL) are all available to anyone who wants to sign up. Seriously, there is something for everyone at Underdog.

Underdog Fantasy Pick'Em Contests
Pick’Em games are easy to play on Underdog. Just pick Over or Under.

Fantasy Scoring

Underdog’s fantasy scoring isn’t much different than what you see elsewhere. For their fantasy football leagues, Underdog Fantasy has adopted 0.5 PPR (points per reception) scoring.

Underdog Fantasy Picks
Underdog makes it easy to follow your scores in real-time.


Users were rampant about wanting more than five picks per entry, and Underdog listened. The DFS app rolled out Pick8 in early June 2024 as a new way to play. You can add anywhere from 2 to 8 picks and win up to 325x your money.

When you play Pick8, note that your entries will automatically be Double Flexed. This means that you can miss up to two picks and still get paid. And, if you make 6+ picks, you can use specials in flexed entries.

Pick8 is around for a limited time for the NBA Finals, so try it out now while you can!

Underdog Promo Code & App: Pros & Cons

Underdog Fantasy is a great DFS platform. While there are many things we love about it, there are a few things that could be improved. Here are the things we like and the things we don’t like about Underdog Fantasy.

What we like

What we don’t like

Underdog Fantasy App Store Reviews

We took a random sample of reviews from users that left comments on the Underdog Fantasy app in the App Store. Good or bad, we believe it’s important to present the consensus of how people are experiencing Underdog.

Here’s what people thought:

Underdog Fantasy has garnered positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and variety of game formats, including season-long leagues, snake drafts, and daily fantasy options. Users appreciate the platform’s efforts to level the playing field against computer algorithms and combat collusion in best ball tournaments. Many find the Underdog app to be more enjoyable than alternatives like FanDuel and DraftKings, citing excellent customer support as another advantage.

However, there are some criticisms, such as limited contest entry options, short drafting rounds, and certain Underdog promotions that do not allow users to cash out their entire winnings. Users also wish for improvements like a chat feature and additional withdrawal methods. Despite these drawbacks, many users continue to enjoy Underdog Fantasy for its simplicity and fair play.

Underdog Fantasy Summary of Google Play Store Reviews

Similarly, we aggregated the ratings and reviews posted in the Google Play Store for Underdog Fantasy to see what users are saying about their experience.

Here’s what people thought:

Underdog Fantasy has received mixed reviews on the Google Play Store. Users appreciate the app’s ease of use, variety of sports leagues, and the enjoyable drafting experience. The platform also receives praise for its smooth deposit and withdrawal processes.

However, some users report bugs and technical issues, such as the app not loading data or resetting when minimized. Other concerns include slow score updates during contests, unclear rules, and the app not staying open when switching to other apps for research. Despite these drawbacks, many users continue to enjoy using Underdog Fantasy for DFS pick’em and fantasy drafts.

Underdog Fantasy vs. PrizePicks Reddit Reviews

One of Underdog’s biggest competitors in the DFS space is PrizePicks. As such, it is our due diligence to show you how users of both apps compare the two products.

Here’s what people are saying:

Reddit users have compared Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks, with mixed opinions. Some users appreciate PrizePicks for its various promotions, such as first-time deposit matches, free squares, Taco Tuesdays, and Protected Play Fridays. However, others criticize PrizePicks for what they perceive as deceptive tactics with certain promotions, and for banning users who post their winnings on Reddit.

On the other hand, Underdog Fantasy has been praised for its better odds and the option to make five-man picks with a 20x payout. Users also enjoy the app’s fantasy draft contests. Although Underdog has fewer promotions, some users prefer it because of the need for research and strategy in making picks. Overall, while opinions vary, Underdog seems to be the preferred app for some users due to its better odds and additional features, such as Best Ball contests and snake drafts.

Underdog Banking Options

Unfortunately, this section is going to be short because Underdog only has two options for deposits and withdrawals. We say unfortunate because RotoGrinders is of the belief that more banking options is always better for the player. Not everyone has a credit card, for example. Some people like to use cash to fund their accounts. With PayNearMe or prepaid gift cards, you can make a cash deposit.

We would also like to see an instant bank transfer option so players can use their bank accounts instead of a credit card to make deposits. Those options may not come anytime soon due to the expense of processing payments and withdrawals. These DFS operators run pretty lean for good reason. The lower their overhead, the more they can invest in improving the actual product.

Most DFS operators, including Underdog, have limited banking options, so it’s not a huge surprise to only have two options. That said, most people do have either a PayPal account or a credit card, so it shouldn’t be an issue to make a deposit or withdrawal from Underdog. It’s easy to link up your PayPal account or you can fill out the credit card section just like you do for clothes shopping or buying a rake from Amazon. While there are only two choices, they are both quick and easy to use. Plus, your information is secure at Underdog. Still, it would be nice to have some more options.

Underdog fantasy withdrawals take 2-3 days

RotoGrinders Underdog Browser Extension

One sure-fire way to gain an edge on the Underdog Fantasy app is to download the RotoGrinders Underdog browser extension. The extension displays player projections for NBA, NFL, NHL, and more, courtesy of the RotoGrinders expert data team.

The extension shows fantasy projections for multiple statistical categories and sports, and can be used to find value in Underdog’s pick’em contests. For more details watch the informational video below:

Remember, to access this Underdog Fantasy tool, you must be a RotoGrinders premium subscriber and must sign in to the extension by clicking on the icon just right of the Chrome address bar.

Underdog Fantasy FAQ

What is the Underdog Fantasy promo code?

With Underdog Fantasy promo code GRINDERS, you can unlock the signup bonus of Get a First Time Deposit Offer up to $250 in Bonus Cash + a Special Pick, which is perfect for getting started on your DFS journey.

What is Underdog Fantasy?

Underdog Fantasy is a legal, online DFS site that offers fantasy contests for cash prizes that include best ball, pick’em, and snake drafts.

Is Underdog Fantasy legit?

Yes, the Underdog Fantasy app is legit with a massive group of high-profile investors that includes Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, Adam Schefter, and more.

How long do Underdog Fantasy drafts take?

Users can select between two different draft speeds, Fast or Slow, depending on their needs and their desired draft experience. Each user is given 30 seconds per pick in Fast Drafts, while Slow Drafts give users 8 hours per pick.

Which states have Underdog Fantasy?

You can play Underdog Fantasy in various states. With pending applications in other states, Underdog Fantasy may enter your yard soon, if it’s not already there!

Is Underdog Fantasy legal in Canada?

Underdog Fantasy is available in all of Canada except Ontario as of April 4, 2022. Ontario no longer allows DFS but does accept sports wagers.

Does Underdog Fantasy have an app?

You can play online or use one of Underdog Fantasy’s mobile apps, which are available for iOS and Android. Underdog’s app is extremely easy to use for best ball and snake drafts as well as pick’em contests.

How do I make a deposit on the Underdog app?

You can easily make a deposit to your account using PayPal or your preferred credit card.

How does Underdog Fantasy pay out winnings?

Underdog Fantasy pays out users quickly via PayPal and banking accounts. First, submit a withdrawal request, then you can expect funds to reach your account within 2-3 business days following your initial request.

Is Underdog Fantasy gambling or sports betting?

No, Underdog Fantasy is a daily fantasy sports operator in several states. The operator rolled out a separate sportsbook product in March 2024.

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