DraftKings Pick6 Explained: What It Is & How To Play

In a bold move that could further tilt the balance of power for the daily fantasy sports industry, DraftKings has decided to enter the fold with its new Pick6 product.

Pick6 now rivals other fantasy sports pick’em operators such as Underdog Fantasy, PrizePicks, and Sleeper.

Pick6 is formatted as a peer-to-peer contest in which users battle against each other by assembling lineups of players from a single sport. At the moment, the Pick6 options are the NFL and NBA. The winner in these contests is the fantasy sports user whose lineup has more points based on the combined statistics of the real-life games for each player on their team.

In this Pick6 guide, we’ll explain the sign-up process as well as all the rules and details of the exciting new game.

How to Play DraftKings Pick6

Pick6 is a simplified way to play fantasy sports for those with less time to devote during the week. Users can choose between two to six players as to whether they’ll exceed or fall below the slotted projections.

There are three basic rules to follow:

How Do DraftKings Pick6 Entries Work?

Once you select your lineup, you’ll be directed to input your entry fees. For Pick6, the contests are $1 entries.

Every $1 of your entry fees designates a single entry for the contest, with each entry vying for a claim of the money from the total prizes. For instance, $8 in entry fees equates to eight entries for the denoted set.

Pick6 is different from other fantasy sports contests at the operator because users don’t have to register for individual contests via the contest lobby. Customers will have their entry fees divided into the $1 entries that are dispersed through eligible contests upon their approval.

Here’s the sequential order for how the entries are spread out:

  1. Contests in which users have no entries.
  2. Contests in which customers don’t have any entries for the current lineup being input, yet have entries for other sets.
  3. Contests in which customers have active entries for the current set being input.

Something to be aware of is that there’s a limit of 150 entries for Pick6 contests. As such, the maximum entry fee will be 150 times the total amount of eligible contests when entering.

If customers have entry fees which go over the number of eligible contests when entering, the entry fees will be moved to as many contests as possible, resulting in the possibility of your total entry fees being lowered.

Also, if a contest fills before customers have successfully turned in their entries, the same process will apply. Additionally, you can approve any modifications that happen to your original contest distribution via the GamePlay settings in your MyAccount.

How Do I Sign Up for DraftKings Pick6?

It will be a simple process for new customers who want to get started with Pick6.

Here are the steps for new users to begin playing the fantasy sports product:

If you already have a DraftKings account and want to participate in Pick6, you will log in with your existing account information.

How Do DraftKings Pick6 Payouts Work?

Because your lineups are spread out through one or more peer-to-peer contests, and users aren’t going up against the house, there’s no guarantee for a specific payout amount. As a result, there’s estimated payout for how much money you would win for particular lineups.

For instance, let’s say you do a contest during football season valued at $10,000 in total prize cash with five picks. You select Matthew Stafford, Tyreek Hill, Ja’Marr Chase, Christian McCaffrey, and Logan Thomas.

The prize structure would be $8,000 to get all five picks right and $2,000 to go 4/5 based on the individual player statistics. So if there are 320 entries that hit all five, each entry would net $25. If a customer had a pair of entries, they would win $50 in total prizes.

The total amount for guaranteed prizes is estimated by adding the prizes gained via each contest that your lineup was involved in.

How Do I Edit My DraftKings Pick6 Picks?

Pick sets can be altered at any point before the beginning of any game at the Pick set level.

All individual athletes will be locked in when their respective game starts. Once the athlete is locked in, they can’t be included in lineup edits for your team.

You can find locked players in the Edit Picks section through the MyPicks area. You can modify lineups with players that can be switched through the MyPicks area as well. When saving your edits for a pick set, you can’t change the original amount of picks.

How Do I Edit My Pick Set?

  1. Head to the MyPicks tab.
  2. Find and choose the Pencil Edit icon.
  3. Once chosen, you’ll see every pick that is eligible to be switched denoted with an “X”.
  4. You can elect to maintain the pick yet modify your more or less selection or replace the pick overall with another eligible pick.

Using the DraftKings Pick6 ‘Play for More’ feature

With Play for More, customers can increase their total entry fees for a Pick Set that was already turned in without needing to restart the process.

Here’s how to access Play for More on the product interface:

  1. Head to the “MyPicks” area.
  2. Choose one of your pick sets that’s coming up.
  3. Select “Play for More” and add additional entry fees for your picks.
  4. You’ll get a contest distribution for this modification that you can look over before turning it in.
  5. Go back to the “MyPicks” area in which the entry fees and contrast distribution for all transactions of this pick set will be gathered in one view.

Why Choose DraftKings Pick6 Over Other Pick’em Apps

Pick6 is different from some other DFS Pick’em apps like PrizePicks because of the peer-to-peer format. With Pick6, customers can select between two to six players from two or more teams and predict whether each athlete will fulfill or fail to reach the mark for their allocated statistic.

For football, a statistic to predict for a player could consist of passing yards, passing touchdowns, receptions, receiving yards, rushing yards, total touchdowns, and thrown interceptions. NBA stats to prognosticate for players include points, 3-pointers, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and PRA (points, rebounds, assists merged).

There’s also live prizing that factors in the current performance from each entry you’re vying against and will show you the estimated winnings amount based on every prizing tier. Live prizing is calculated through a grouping of current pick statuses and the biggest prize level they’re still eligible to receive.

The amount that can be seen in the table for live prizing is under the assumption that every entry you are vying against ends up with the largest selection of picks correct in which they’re eligible. Then, it’s a calculation of your cumulative earnings after sharing the prizes for every contest.

As a result, while the games are going on and other users start to get their selections wrong, their largest eligible tier for prizes will be modified, and the overall amount for prizes will follow suit.

The total amount for prizes is approximated by adding the prizes gained through each contest that your lineup was involved in. You can access the amounts for live prizing in the Live MyPicks area. It’s key to note that these live prizing amounts won’t necessarily reflect your final pay because official league statistics still have to be filed.

New customers can gain up to $50 in Pick6 credits if the first pick set isn’t successful. Plus, there’s a Refer a Friend program that gives each person 100% of the friend’s deposit matched up to $50 in credits with a minimum deposit of $25. In order to participate in Pick6, you have to be at least 18 years of age in the current active states for the product.

DraftKings Pick6 vs Competitors

As an established operator, DraftKings likely elected to enter this branch of fantasy sports to further strengthen its grip on the evolving industry.

Competing operators such as PrizePicks, Sleeper, and Underdog Fantasy can be described as a mix of fantasy sports and online sports betting, with a focus on games of skill involving player predictions. Pick’em games have the same core element as placing a parlay bet in sports wagering while going against the house.

Where is DraftKings Pick6 Currently Available?

The operator has a vast array of sports betting options throughout a variety of markets on its sportsbook. In terms of Pick6, there are currently fourteen states with access to the daily fantasy sports platform:

Of those states, Tennessee is legal with online sports wagering. Particularly, it appears South Carolina and Minnesota are both far off from legalized online sports betting soon based on their respective situations.

It’ll also be interesting to see if DraftKings Pick6 expands into sports betting states in which DraftKings Sportsbook already operates, like Illinois, or in states in new markets like North Carolina sports betting.

Frequently Asked Questions About DraftKings Pick6

Want to learn more about DraftKings Pick6? Read these common questions and answers we’ve compiled below

What is Estimated Prizing on DraftKings Pick6?

The total amount for guaranteed prizes is estimated by adding the prizes gained via each contest that your lineup was involved in.

How are my Pick6 entries distributed?

For Pick6, the contests are $1 entries. Every $1 of your entry fees designates a single entry for the contest, with each entry vying for a claim of the money from the total prizes.

How do you pick a good lineup on DraftKings?

Determining if a group of athletes will hit expected individual figures can be a thrilling challenge. Selecting a strong combination of athletes could be aided by your own thorough research as well as parsing through data analysis from fantasy sports experts who provide advice.

How do you read DraftKings numbers?

In a Pick6 contest, each player will have an allotted number set for a statistical category. For example, with “LeBron James 27.5 points”, he’ll have to score at least 28 points if you select the “More” option. If you choose “Less”, James needs to score 27 points or less.

How do you get promos on DraftKings?

Promos for Pick6 can be accessed through the rewards section of the platform. For example, there’s a welcome offer and a Refer a Friend program to select from.

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