DraftKings PGA DFS Projected Ownership: The Masters

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Each week, Premium subscribers will gain access to Trae Schwabe’s full PGA DFS ownership projections for the biggest DraftKings GPP. These numbers will be updated multiple times up until lock. FanDuel Projected Ownership for the Masters coming soon.

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The Masters

Targeted GPP: DraftKings $4M Fantasy Golf Millionaire [$1M to 1st] (PGA)

table(tbl data-table). |^. |_. Golfer |_=. Sal |_=. Odds |_=. 4/3 PM
pOWN% |_=. 4/7 PM
pOWN% |_=. Mon PM
pOWN% |_=. Tues PM
pOWN% |_=. % Change
From Mon |_=. % Change
Last Post |_=. Tee Times
(*10th Tee Start) |_=. Actual
Ownership% |_=. Var | |-. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}. Scottie Scheffler |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. $12,100 |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. 6 |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. 30.50% |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. TBA|{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. | |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}. Jon Rahm |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. $11,200 |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. 16 |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. 19.60% |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. TBA|{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |{border:1px solid #cccccc;}=. |
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Trae Schwabe (Traeko)

Trae Schwabe began providing PGA projected ownership analysis for the largest DraftKings GPPs in 2016 and has since expanded PGA pOWN% coverage to include FanDuel and most recently DK Showdown slates. His pOWN% process is constantly evolving and focuses on delivering numerous updates, past performance transparency, and most importantly, industry-leading accuracy.