FanDuel Announces Changes to NFL Product

FanDuel has been continuously developing new game innovations and expanding its sports offerings recently. On August 2nd, the DFS operator announced a significant modification to its football product.

Our very own Dan Back was joined by Nik Bonaddio, the Head of Product at FanDuel, to announce the major change and preview the upcoming season’s NFL offering.

Starting this season, the kicker position has been removed and will instead be replaced by a FLEX spot. The debate over kicker predictability and variance is finally over!

Beyond discussing the abolishment of the kicker position, these two also touch on many other new and or developing aspects of FanDuel’s site.

From the expansion of single-game contests, to their Quick Pick contests being available for the NFL season, to the transition of how Paddy Power Betfair’s acquisition will affect their future DFS visions and how they’ll handle the new sports betting landscape in the United States, these two provide a glimpse into FanDuel’s exciting future.

Watch the interview above and let us know what you think of the change below!

About the Author

  • John Britt (jmbwngfn)

  • One of the top baseball and hockey analysts in the DFS industry, John Britt aka jmbwngfn is a full-time accountant and family man hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. The proud graduate of the University of Missouri, John’s passion is hockey but he excels at multiple DFS sports. He has made his way to a live final and led the now defunct Daily Joust in NHL wins. He’s also been nominated multiple times for awards for his written work including 2014 Best Fantasy Baseball Ongoing Series, 2015 Hockey Writer of the Year, 2016 Hockey Writer of the Year & 2018 Hockey Writer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association (FSWA). John can be found on Twitter at the username JMBWngFn.


  • sanders_tj

    Super bummed out about this. If FD keeps a 60k salary cap and their same scoring, you’re forced to find a 4500-5000k scrub to score a touchdown or gain a ton of yards.

    I loved playing FanDuel over DraftKings because FD didn’t have a flex spot. Having a flex spot 100% makes GPP’s easier to take down for the Sharks who are able to max enter every contest.

    I have a couple of $15k+ scores the last two NFL seasons on FD and I 100% contribute those scores because of the simpler lineup construction that FD offered over DraftKings. There’s just way too many combos of lineups with a flex spot, IMO.

    I’m super bummed about this change, even if I am in the minority opinion.

  • sochoice

    • 2017 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    • 2017 FanDuel WFFC Champion

    Terrible move. Now FD and DK are essentially the same.

  • time2shinenow

    I agree. With flex you can make 150 lineups with enough variance to win most any contest.

  • hensonz

    I didn’t think I would like the new baseball format when they combined catcher and 1B and added a utility spot but I actually like it. I will give it a shot. It seemed like selecting a kicker was total luck.



  • bjbrat

    I would rather have kept the kicker position.

  • coach232

    • Blogger of the Month

    bring back the K position, was often the thing that allowed to have nice cash’s in GPP’s

  • LuckofDean

    I loved the kicker position it takes skill to pick the right kicker in the right situation. I’m really about to stop playing fanduel this sucks.

  • fightingjohn

    So tired of these sites giving in to the sharks and try to be the same. If you want to be the same, then just merge already, but I know that was tried. We need different options to play.

  • manny45

    The kicker score points too…Y’all terrible for this…smh

  • bengalboi

    No like

  • ridgerunner

    I wish they would gave kept the kicker.

  • shock12369

    I like the flex because the problem is a kicker is limited on what he gets if a team gets blanked that’s a zero which kills a lineup I have a chance now to pick someone that will get me something every time

  • Dox492002

    Why not offer contests that allow players to choose between playing with a kicker or playing with a flex? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

  • jfray1972

    I liked the kicker! Now it’s just the same as DK. I liked FD because it was different.

  • bunkbank1962

    WOW what’s next do away with the DEF

  • Oldschool92

    Good change for me. Screw a kicker.

  • randlan

    • 507

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #73

      RG Tiered Ranking

    I understand getting rid of the mandatory kicker, but I wonder if it might’ve been better for FanDuel to keep kickers as a flex option, in order to differentiate them from DraftKings. Oh well, it will be easier for me to make lineups with no kickers….

  • lastplace

    No sir, don’t like it.

  • Rumblnbumblnstumbln

    There’s definitely a skill in selecting kickers and agree with other comments made regarding easier lineup construction for the sharks who play max lineups.

  • Rumblnbumblnstumbln

    btw- 1 way to mitigate the max lineup construct is if FD creates A LOT more single entry tournaments

  • Moorah

    • 2019 FanDuel FantaSea Finalist

    • FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    Those complaining about this and about sharks fail to realize that people were still able to skew the results by using the same lineup with every kicker rotated in. It helps everyone enjoy the game more instead of worrying about the Jets getting held to 0 or a kicker missing a field goal to boost you 3 points. This creates more variation and a better overall feel to everyone playing.

  • LuckofDean

    To me the kicker was easy points because I only picked kickers on teams that could get the ball over the 50 yard line frequently. I never punted my kicker( lol did you get that) and if the RAMS were on the main slate you know who my kicker was every week.

  • LuckofDean

    I think these sharks may use family members to mass enter singles tournaments also. I love the siege but when his mom took down a tourney I started to think like wait a minute.

  • niko521TampaBay

    sorry, thats just too lame of an excuse, and im not singling you out, because I hear it all the time, yet you find winners with a few entries. Because if 150entries is easy,. If thats the case, go do it in the .25 tourney, you win a few good bucks, and by week 4 you’ll be able to play in the big 150 entry too. unfortunately, this story ends at the .25 tourneys because if you had 300 entries, you still cant cover all the variables,…

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