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Hourly Rate: $150-$200
Sports: NFL, NBA, MLB
Accolades: * Play high stakes cash in NFL, NBA, and MLB (over 15 million invested)
* 2013 FanDuel WFFC Finalist x2
* 2014 FanDuel WFFC Finalist
* 2013 Starstreet NFL Playboy Mansion Finalist
* 2014 FanDuel NFL Playboy Mansion Finalist x6

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Hey RG Members, let me introduce you to myself if you haven’t seen any of my work before. I’ve been in the DFS industry since its infancy in 2007 when I joined a site (Instant Fantasy Sports) through my online poker prop affiliate. Here’s their old blog: That means I’ve been in the industry for over a decade which makes me a wily veteran! My background as a poker player gave me a leg up in the DFS industry from the start as I already understood bankroll management, risk, variance, and game theory that allows the top dfs players to profit. I’ve had success in both season long (since 1992) and daily/weekly fantasy sports.


I’ll be comfortable teaching NFL, NBA, and MLB. If I had to rank profitability ROi-wise it would be NBA, NFL, and then MLB. For NFL I’ve had only 2 losing seasons out of 11 nfl seasons. NBA I’ve played 3 seasons and have crushed each year. MLB 3 seasons with minimal profit. I have 5 years of coaching experience with students in NL poker, mainly for 6 max cash, but also full ring and tourney structures.


My strengths:

1) Bankroll Management- How to properly build your dfs bankroll with minimal variance. Where mistakes are made, and how to avoid.

2) Game selection- What games you should be playing to stay within your bankroll. Each click should be a profitable click across the dfs industry and I’ll explain where your $$ should be invested and the Why behind it.

3) Cash game theory- Contests where ~50% of opponents win. This is my bread and butter. I play some of the highest stakes across the industry (DK,FD, Yahoo, Fantasydraft). I’ll go into what makes a good cash game play and what % of you BR you should be investing in HU games vs 50/50’s

4) Leagues/ tourney theory- Leagues ( usually contests where 25-40% of players are paid out) and Tourneys (top 25% of players paid out). How to correlate lineups and have proper game theory involved in every lineup you create. You need to embrace variance in this format as your outcome with a specific lineup will usually be a lost.

5) Understand my students strengths and weakness. Each person that wants to be taught will be a different case. I’m really good at analytically looking at what is the reason for failures/mistakes in my own dfs/poker game and plugging those holes. I’ll be doing the same with your game

6) Focus on the process (long run) over results (short term). I’ll show the tools (free vs paid) that I utilize in each sport and how to avoid the noise. Each sport is different and there is way more noise in a sport like NFL, where everyone is an “expert.” We will focus on how to clean up your research time and be optimal with the time that you have.

7) We will be analyzing lineups from the very best in the dfs world, my lineups, and your lineups. Deconstructing lineups is one of the best ways to become very good right away and we will be able to talk 1 on 1 or in a combined student group atmosphere.

Rates: Hourly rate: ($150-$200) subject to change. The variability is based upon my free time and demand of my students. I’m open in doing a packaged deal for cheaper rates.

Look if you want to become the best DFS player possible, you have the right guy to help you out. In this dfs age of higher rake, it’s not as easy to profit. Lets plug your holes and make you the best dfs version of you. Contact me via twitter: @killab2482 or through dm on rotogrinders (killab2482) and we can set up Skype or Google hangout schedule that works for the both of us!

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  • Brett Hartfiel (killab2482)

  • Killab2482 (Brett) graduated at UW Madison with a degree in Economics. Just one year after, Brett turned to poker after making better money part-time than in his full-time job at a bank. He’s been playing season long fantasy since 1991 and joined his first daily fantasy site 6 years ago (Instant Fantasy Sports). Brett quickly noticed Daily Fantasy was a game of skill that had a lot of similarities/crossover to poker. He’s used this skill to specialize in football, and climb as high as the #2 Ranked NFL Player for the 2013 Season. Brett can be reached on Twitter @KillaB2482


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    This man knows his stuff! If you aren’t looking for coaching from me Brett is also a great option :)

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