MLB DFS Expert Survey: Wednesday, September 27


Our panel of experts is here to give you their MLB DFS picks for today’s main slate contests by answering a handful of questions to help you make crucial lineup-building decisions. Want to know CheeseIsGood’s favorite sneaky stack? Or STLCards’ top overall pitcher? Find out below!

MLB DFS Picks: DraftKings & FanDuel Expert Survey for Wednesday, September 27

How do you plan to beat the field of opponents? What tactic or strategy will set you apart?

stevietpfl: Pitching is a mess on this slate. I’m going to pay up as much as possible. With the Brewers clinching last night, I’m hoping we get a watered-down lineup, and it opens another pitching option. I’ll be overweight on the Dodgers, Twins, and Astros. I like the Twins for value, and I think the Astros are going to be under owned in a tough matchup against Bryce Miller.

headChopper: I like mixing up my starting pitching tonight. Lopez is good, and I’ll have some (under the field, though), but the next guys are my preferred choice to get different. Over the field on Framber, Cole, and Bryce Miller should make me unique at pitching. That might be enough to get me different in my Dodger stacks.

squirrelpatrol: The last week of the regular season adds even more variance to a sport that sees enough of it already. I won’t aim to be dramatically under the field on the Dodgers in Coors Field, but I’ll prioritize some of the teams in good spots in the middle of the implied run totals, like the Giants and Mariners.

fathalpert: Prioritize high-end pitching. Gerrit Cole, Pablo Lopez, Framber Valdez, and Jose Berrios are going to be priorities for me, as I don’t love the lower-end pitching options. I expect Griffin Canning, Dane Dunning, and Matt Waldron will gain traction as cheaper options, but they come with a wider range of outcomes, in my opinion. As a result of paying up for pitching, Minnesota stands out to me as my favorite stack due to their prices and I will be over the field on them.

AlexSonty: Not being sure yet of what I’ll do with Coors Field, I am pretty set on using way under-owned Braves while Coors is the primary distraction.

Who is your top overall pitcher (when considering price, matchup, projected ownership, etc.) on the board and why?

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