MLB DFS Picks - FanDuel & DraftKings Expert Survey: Thursday, September 29th

Curious to know the top tournament target? Want to know our analysts’ favorite stacks? Below we answer lineup-building questions to help you prepare for the upcoming slate. NOTE: Expert Surveys are only posted for main slates.

Information below is for the 1:10 PM ET DraftKings slate and the 7:40 PM ET FanDuel slate

Who is your favorite hitter for optimal lineups?

CheeseIsGood: Bryce Harper (DK) / Mike Trout (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Bryce Harper (DK) / Mike Trout (FD)
eys819: Rafael Devers (DK) / Mike Trout (FD)
gneiffer07: Rafael Devers (DK) / Mike Trout (FD)
MrTuttle: Rafael Devers (DK) / Mike Trout (FD)

Who is your favorite hitter for large-field contests?

CheeseIsGood: Salvador Perez (DK) / Adolis Garcia (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Cedric Mullins (DK) / Will Smith (FD)
eys819: Bobby Witt (DK) / Will Smith (FD)
gneiffer07: Adley Rutschman (DK) / Taylor Ward (FD)
MrTuttle: Cedric Mullins (DK) / Taylor Ward (FD)

Who is your favorite pitcher for optimal lineups?

CheeseIsGood: Ranger Suarez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Ranger Suarez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
eys819: Ranger Suarez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
gneiffer07: Ranger Suarez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
MrTuttle: Ranger Suarez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)

Who is your favorite pitcher for large-field contests?

CheeseIsGood: Lucas Giolito (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Eduardo Rodriguez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
eys819: Lucas Giolito (DK) / Braxton Garrett (FD)
gneiffer07: Eduardo Rodriguez (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)
MrTuttle: Lucas Giolito (DK) / Shohei Ohtani (FD)

Who is your favorite salary saver for optimal lineups?

CheeseIsGood: Triston Casas (DK) / Joc Pederson (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Triston Casas (DK) / Joc Pederson (FD)
eys819: Triston Casas (DK) / Joc Pederson (FD)
gneiffer07: Triston Casas (DK) / Joc Pederson (FD)
MrTuttle: Gunnar Henderson (DK) / Joc Pederson (FD)

Who is your favorite salary saver for large-field contests?

CheeseIsGood: Brandon Marsh (DK) / Mike Yastrzemski (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Mark Payton (DK) / Chris Taylor (FD)
eys819: Akil Baddoo (DK) / Chris Taylor (FD)
gneiffer07: Brandon Marsh (DK) / Chris Taylor (FD)
MrTuttle: Akil Baddoo (DK) / Thairo Estrada (FD)

Which player are you most afraid of being underweight on compared to the field?

CheeseIsGood: Rafael Devers (DK) / Carlos Rodon (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Lucas Giolito (DK) / Carlos Rodon (FD)
eys819: Bryce Harper (DK) / Carlos Rodon (FD)
gneiffer07: Bryce Harper (DK) / Mookie Betts (FD)
MrTuttle: Bryce Harper (DK) / Mookie Betts (FD)

What’s your under-the-radar home run call of the day?

CheeseIsGood: Riley Greene (DK) / Hunter Renfroe (FD)
TJ Zwarych: Gavin Sheets (DK) / Brandon Crawford (FD)
eys819: Kike Hernandez (DK) / Nate Lowe (FD)
gneiffer07: Anthony Santander (DK) / Mitch Haniger (FD)
MrTuttle: Riley Greene (DK) / Taylor Ward (FD)

What is the top stack on the board for leverage in low-dollar GPPs?

CheeseIsGood: KC (DK) / SFG (FD)
TJ Zwarych: MIN (DK) / SFG (FD)
eys819: KC (DK) / TEX (FD)
gneiffer07: BAL (DK) / TEX (FD)
MrTuttle: KC (DK) / TEX (FD)

How do you plan to beat the field of opponents? What tactic or strategy will set you apart?

CheeseIsGood: On DK, I’ll be overweight the Phillies and under on the Red Sox. I’ll look for something sneakier in the Royals/Tigers game.

On FD, the high-end pitching is so good with Ohtani and Rodon that I will go out of my way to spend up at SP, which will lead to a lot of Giants and Brewers for my primary offenses.

TJ Zwarych: On DK, on such a small slate, I don’t mind going completely off the board outside of the top two stacks, Philly and Boston. I like the Phillies more of the two, however, teams like the Twins, Royals, and White Sox interest me just as much, even more so considering we have Giolito chalk.

On FD, I’ll be overweight on Ohtani while going under the field on Rodon, as the Rockies will likely be running out an all right-handed lineup, with plenty of power.

eys819: On DK, Boston is my favorite stack to go overweight on, and I like KC to get off the board a little. Suarez/Giolito is my favorite pitching combination, but nothing feels comfortable today.

On FD, Ohtani and Rodon are fantastic options with Ohtani being the top priority for me. I will also have a few Braxton Garrett lineups with his great matchup against a high-strikeout MIL team.

gneiffer07: On DK, I think the best way to get different is going to be with stacking Baltimore. They should get overlooked on this slate and have a lot more upside than people realize.

On FD, I think the right move may be to stack the Angels. With Ohtani on the mound, I don’t see many people stacking up the Angels and Irvin is not a very good pitcher with a pretty decent flyball lean that doesn’t work out well away from Oakland.

MrTuttle: On DK I am completely fine rostering a hitter against my pitcher. This is mostly dictated by the small slate size and the fact there isn’t a single dominant pitcher on the slate.

On FD, I plan on eating chalk at SP (Ohtani and Rodon) while going overweight on some of the lower-owned stacks/players.

Who is your top overall pitcher (when considering price, matchup, projected ownership, etc.) on the board and why?

CheeseIsGood: Lucas Giolito (DK) – I was hoping we were done with Giolito, but there just aren’t enough other options on the board today. He is high risk, but so is everyone, and he’s the only pitcher on the slate with any semblance of strikeout upside.

Shohei Ohtani (FD) – I certainly wouldn’t argue with Carlos Rodon, but Shohei Ohtani is my go-to SP1 on this slate. The Angels have no need to limit him, and he has thrown over 100 pitches in 4 of his last 5 starts. I slightly prefer his matchup over Rodon and either guy has slate-breaking strikeout ability.

TJ Zwarych: Eduardo Rodriguez (DK) – Although he’s given up a lot of runs this season, he’s gone 6 innings in his last two starts and is the least expensive option of the “top-tier” against a mediocre Royals lineup. I’ll take the price discount and hope he makes it through without getting too beat up.

Shohei Ohtani (FD) – The matchup is preferable to me as opposed to Rodon’s and Ohtani’s 35% strikeout rate to right-handed bats against a team projecting with at least 4 righties in the lineup is appealing. He has no pitch count concerns, and I love Ohtani as the best floor, ceiling combo.

eys819: Ranger Suarez (DK) – There is not much to like at pitching for the early games so I will side with the matchup for Suarez. The Cubs have struck out a ton over the last 30 days, and there decent pitching conditions at Wrigley with a slight wind blowing in and cooler temperatures.

Shohei Ohtani (FD) – A strikeout rate of nearly 33% and a matchup against Oakland? Sign me up. He has a longer leash than Rodon has shown recently, just as good of a matchup, and the strikeout rates are identical.

gneiffer07: Ranger Suarez (DK) – Suarez is a solid pitcher going up against a bad Cubs team. The Cubs lineup has a massive 28.7% K rate vs LHP this season and really has very little upside in any bat outside of Contreras. While Suarez is just an average K-rate pitcher, he has a massive ground ball lean and should come out of this game clean.

Shohei Ohtani (FD) – Ohtani is probably the second best pitcher on the slate and while I won’t fault you for going with Rodon, Ohtani gets a great matchup vs the A’s who are a well below-average team vs RHP sitting at just a .302 wOBA vs RHP in the projected lineup. Ohtani should cruise thru this lineup.”

MrTuttle: Ranger Suarez (DK) – Aaron Nola disappointed a bit in this spot last night but we get to run it back, albeit with a less talented pitcher in Ranger Suarez. Suarez doesn’t have a ton of strikeout upside but has been solid in terms of run prevention this season and could see his K numbers spike against a poor Cubs lineup.

Shohei Ohtani (FD) – This is essentially a coinflip between Rodon and Ohtani and I don’t think you can go wrong with either. Ohtani draws the slightly better matchup while Rodon gets the better pitching environment. I plan on having exposure to both pitchers.

Who is your top overall hitter (when considering price, matchup, projected ownership, etc.) on the board and why?

CheeseIsGood: Bryce Harper / Kyle Schwarber (DK) – I’m going to pair Harper and Schwarber together as the top bat for the early slate. It’s not ideal hitting weather today, but hopefully that keeps the ownership in check. Javier Assad has allowed a .224 ISO to lefties without a plus skill anywhere to be found.

Joc Pederson (FD) – Mike Trout is definitely the top bat on the slate, but if I am forced to choose between him and getting an ace pitcher, I side with the pitching tonight. That leaves $2,400 Joc Pederson as the top bat on this slate, and with his power (.263 ISO vs RHP), he would be a priority play even without the massive discount.

TJ Zwarych: Bryce Harper (DK) – Either Harper or Schwarbs are fine in this position, with Assad struggling significantly against lefties. A full stack is definitely in play here, however the contact, patience and .274 ISO for Harper ranks him as the top option.

Mike Trout (FD) – I was tempted to go with a San Fran bat, however, I think as lineups release and we continue to see some watered-down teams, salary saving won’t be an issue despite paying up for pitching. Trout faces a pitcher who doesn’t strike anyone out, with an incredible .330 ISO this season against lefties.

eys819: Rafael Devers (DK) – He has a .258 ISO and .390 wOBA against righties this season and hits in a great park. He gets a matchup against Baumann who has allowed nearly 52% hard contact to lefties this year.

Mike Trout (FD) – One of the best hitters in baseball with a matchup against a low-strikeout lefty with a 41% fly ball rate and over 41% hard contact allowed to righties.

gneiffer07: Rafael Devers (DK) – with Baumann getting the spot start, Devers is easily the best hitting option on the DK main slate. Devers has the platoon split and Baumann is a well below-average pitcher. Add in that Devers has the best ballpark on the slate and it’s an easy spend-up.

Mike Trout (FD) – You can fade Trout if you want, but he is clearly the best hitter on the slate and likely has the best matchup. Irvin is a low strikeout lefty with a big flyball lean. Trout’s numbers vs LHP this season are massive with a .330 ISO and a .433 wOBA. This is a clear don’t overthink it spot.”

MrTuttle: Rafael Devers (DK) – Devers projects as one of the top hitters on the early slate but this is also a positional thing here as some of the other solid 3B options can be played elsewhere (Alec Bohm – 1B, Gunnar Henderson- SS).

Mike Trout (FD) – We have more than enough value options on this slate to be able to use Mike Trout in lineups with one of the aces. My early aggregate projections have Trout nearly 3 points better than anyone else and I have no intention of fading him.

What is your hot take of the day?

CheeseIsGood: DK: Royals hit 2 1st inning homers.

FD: Shohei Ohtani strikes out 12 in a complete game shutout.

TJ Zwarych: DK: Eduardo Rodriguez scores 25 DK points despite Perez and Witt Jr hitting homers.

FD: The San Francisco Giants drop double-digit runs on Colorado.

eys819: DK: Ranger Suarez strikes out 10 Cubs.

FD: Braxton Garrett strikes out 10 Brewers.

gneiffer07: BAL is the highest scoring team on the DK main slate.

FD: The Angels are the top stack on the slate

MrTuttle: DK: KC + DET is the highest scoring game of the slate.

FD: Rangers hit 2 first inning HRs.

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Curious to know the top tournament target? Want to know our analysts’ favorite stacks? Below we answer lineup-building questions to help you prepare for the upcoming slate. NOTE: Expert Surveys are only posted for main slates.

MLB Expert Survey: Wednesday, September 28

Who is your favorite hitter for optimal lineups?

CheeseIsGood: Shohei Ohtani
Stevietpfl: Michael Harris
Dean78904: Michael Harris
headChopper: Ronald Acuna
MrTuttle: Shohei Ohtani

Who is your favorite hitter for large-field contests?

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