MMA DFS Simulation Tool: Optimal Lineup% for DraftKings

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Welcome to the MMA DFS Opto% Tool!

We can now use our MMA DFS projections to simulate the outcome of MMA DFS events. Below, you will find a tool that estimates how often a player might appear in the winning lineup. Side by side, you can find an early estimate of DFS ownership% for comparison purposes. The goal is to provide a simple metric to aid in your decision-making.

Note: You can always find the most up-to-date MMA DFS projections in LineupHQ.

MMA DFS Opto% Tool – How It Works

— We use our MMA projections to run trials of a simulated “slate” by selecting the winner of each match and the method of victory based on our data.

— From there, each player receives FPTS based on a range of outcomes specific to their result.

About the Author

Dana Forden (Moneyball16)

Dana Forden (aka Moneyball16) is a longtime professional gambler who studied Economics in university before becoming a professional poker player and later moving to DFS. This gambling history, along with being a longtime student of sports analytics, has led to an excellent breadth of knowledge on the intersection between gambling, statistics, and sports. Dana helps lead the NHL content and projections at RotoGrinders, and he is also amongst the top handicappers on our sister site, ScoresAndOdds. In the summer of 2023, Dana was brought on full time with the RotoGrinders Network as an Associate Projections Analyst. Follow Dana on Twitter – @Moneyball16