MMA DFS Expert Survey: UFC Fight Night - Moreno vs. Royval 2

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Our panel of experts is here to give you their MMA DFS picks for today’s contests by answering a handful of questions to help you make crucial lineup-building decisions. Want to know Squirrelpatrol’s favorite value play? Or h3budda’s top fighter for tournaments? Find out below!

MMA DFS Picks: DraftKings Expert Survey for UFC Fight Night – Moreno vs. Royval 2

What are your thoughts about stacking the 5-round fight in cash?

eys819: I think using 3 of the 4 fighters from the two 5-round fights makes the most sense on this card. Moreno would be my first click in cash games, as he is the biggest favorite with 5-round potential and has tremendous volume upside. I would stack the Rodriguez/Ortega fight since the odds are closer and the winner should score well for their salary.

Moneyball16: With two 5-rounders this week I think the 2 favorites, Moreno and Rodriguez, are locks. I also think Oretga is a great cash play. I think Royval is the one that you can take or leave, as he does not have great win odds overall or for his price, but he should still have pretty good chance of his fight being a high-scoring, 5-round affair.

h3budda: This is the rare opportunity in cash you can lock in all 4 fighters in the 5-round fights. The pace in each fight should be very active, and you are locking in that 10 rounds of scoring for cash. There’s a lack of pure value plays on this slate to open up salary. Each of the fights are +130 and +160 to go to a decision.

squirrelpatrol: There are two 5-rounders this week, and I’d lean towards stacking at least one and using at least a third fighter from the other 5-round fight as well. Moreno has excellent win odds for his price and 5-round upside as well and would be my first choice for cash.

What is the fight you are most likely to avoid and why?

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