NFL Reid Option: Week 14

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Week 14

Everyone has a defining moment in life when they realize they’re getting old. For some, it’s sprouting their first gray hair. For others, it’s watching the children of their favorite childhood athletes get drafted. For me, it was spending last Friday night glued to C-SPAN watching a live feed of U.S. Senators voting on tax bill amendments and ultimately the bill itself.

My whole life, I’d never been that into politics. I kinda just felt like both sides were a bunch of old buttwipes trying to push their paid-for agendas onto society. I also felt like my opinion didn’t really matter, since I was just one person among hundreds of millions in this country. For my first few elections after turning 18, I didn’t even bother to vote.

I realize now that I was wrong. Not about the politicians-are-buttwipes thing, but that my opinion doesn’t matter. It does matter, and it matters for many reasons. Chief among them is that if I don’t vote, sure, nothing changes. But if a bunch of people feel that way and don’t vote, a whole group of people loses its voice, and that has a substantial effect on society. While it’s true that almost all politicians are buttwipes, not all buttwipes are created equal; you’d better believe that one side is far crappier than the other. Another reason having an opinion matters is that it forces you to stay informed – assuming of course, that you actually care about your opinions being informed. (Way too many people seem to not care about this, but they’re probably not the ones reading this column, if we’re being honest). And staying informed is one of the true keys to success in this world.

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  • KardiacChris

    Like Talib rips off chains hahaha. Good stuff. Awesome read as usual.

  • mewhitenoise

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    “In a gratifying twist of irony, Joe Mixon got his head smashed on Monday night…”

  • Southie777

    Jaysus, with the politics. People can disagree with you and not be horrible human beings, just remember that.

  • boogereatingmoron

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    RIP Tom Petty

  • Mperry007

    Loved the intro man and enjoy the column every week. We should be cosignent of where we get our information from and how we receive it in all facites of life.

  • idontluvdemhos

    pretty sick to take pleasure in a guy suffering a concussion. Seek help.

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