The NFL Field Report: Week 3

The Field Report is designed to give you a look into the most popular plays from FanDuel’s Thursday Night action.

In order to truly separate your entry from the rest of the field, you need to create a very unique roster. In GPPs especially, playing along with the rest of your opponents won’t get you very far. The rules are much different in H2Hs and 50/50s, but in tournaments where you need to beat ALL of your opponents (e.g. major qualifiers), you need to take risks and use a player or two that you know will be lightly owned.

The percentages in the tables below come from the FanDuel $1 Dive, which has 4,597 entries. The listed players are ones that I have identified for a variety of reasons, but if you don’t see “your guy” here, post below in the comments and I will do my best to get you a percentage.


Player % Owned
Tom Brady ($8.7K) 23.80%
Cam Newton ($7.9K) 6.90%
Carson Palmer ($8.1K) 6.90%
Ben Roethlisberger ($8.5K) 5.60%
Russell Wilson ($8.4K) 5.20%
Tyrod Taylor ($7.0K) 4.90%
Aaron Rodgers ($9.1K) 4.20%
Marcus Mariota ($7.3K) 3.10%
Andy Dalton ($7.1K) 3.10%
Nick Foles ($6.5K) 2.70%
Ryan Fitzpatrick ($6.8K) 2.20%
Andrew Luck ($9.0K) 2.10%
Peyton Manning ($8.2K) 2.10%
Matt Ryan ($8.3K) 1.80%
Philip Rivers ($7.7K) 1.70%
Derek Carr ($6.6K) 1.60%
Alex Smith ($6.5K) 1%
Blake Bortles ($6.7K) 0.60%
Ryan Tannehill ($8.0K) 0.40%
Colin Kaepernick ($7.9K) 0.30%
Matthew Stafford ($7.4K) 0.30%
Joe Flacco ($8.1K) 0.20%

Seeing Tom Brady with the highest ownership percentage for the week should not be a surprise, but what is surprising is the gap between Brady and the group just below him. What this does is opens up a number of options in GPP this weekend, including Carson Palmer at home against San Francisco, who just got shredded by Big Ben and the Steelers. Getting a low owned Aaron Rodgers is never a bad idea especially when the Packers are at home. If you are looking for a younger arm to lead you to the promised land, Marcus Marriota is the guy you want to take a look at against a Colts defense that has looked less than stellar to this point.

Running Backs

Player % Owned
Le’Veon Bell ($8.8K) 18.60%
Dion Lewis ($6.7K) 18.10%
Latavius Murray ($7.0K) 15.80%
Jamaal Charles ($8.7K) 11.70%
Adrian Peterson ($8.9K) 11.10%
Danny Woodhead ($6.4K) 8.80%
Marshawn Lynch ($8.7K) 8.10%
Devonta Freeman ($6.5K) 5.50%
Joseph Randle ($6.5K) 4.10%
James Starks ($6.5K) 3.70%
Melvin Gordon ($6.7K) 3.70%
Justin Forsett ($7.2K) 3.30%
Giovani Bernard ($7.2K) 3.20%
Frank Gore ($7.0K) 3%
Isaiah Crowell ($6.6K) 2.80%
Jonathan Stewart ($6.5K) 2.60%
Jeremy Hill ($7.6K) 2.50%
Carlos Hyde ($7.8K) 2.20%
Mark Ingram ($7.9K) 2.20%
T.J. Yeldon ($6.6K) 2.10%
LeSean McCoy ($7.5K) 1.90%
Chris Ivory ($7.1K) 1.80%
C.J. Anderson ($7.3K) 1.60%
Bilal Powell ($5.2K) 1.20%
Matt Forte ($8.4K) 1%

I expected the top to be bunched up a bit more than we see here and a key name that is missing from the guys greater than 10% is Marshawn Lynch at home against the Bears. Woodhead continues to surge each week and is up to just under 9% at a pretty solid $6.4K salary tag. With Tevin Coleman likely on the shelf, Devonta Freeman is a player that stands out as a possible overlooked play sitting at 5.5% owned.

Wide Receivers

Player % Owned
Julian Edelman ($7.7K) 33.60%
Antonio Brown ($9.3K) 27.90%
Larry Fitzgerald ($6.7K) 20.20%
Brandon Marshall ($7.4K) 16.70%
Donte Moncrief ($6.0K) 15.60%
Emmanuel Sanders ($8.1K) 10.60%
Travis Benjamin ($5.6K) 9.40%
Julio Jones ($9.0K) 9%
Allen Robinson ($6.6K) 9%
Demaryius Thomas ($8.4K) 7.70%
Amari Cooper ($6.9K) 6.10%
Randall Cobb ($8.2K) 5.20%
John Brown ($6.0K) 5.10%
Stevie Johnson ($5.9K) 4.80%
Jarvis Landry ($7.6K) 3.70%
Jordan Matthews ($7.1K) 3.50%
Terrance Williams ($6.5K) 3.40%
Michael Crabtree ($6.0K) 3.10%
T.Y. Hilton ($7.6K) 3.10%
Jeremy Maclin ($6.5K) 2.90%
Steve Smith ($7.1K) 2.40%
Calvin Johnson ($8.2K) 2.30%
Sammy Watkins ($6.8K) 2%
Keenan Allen ($7.6K) 1.90%
A.J. Green ($8.0K) 1.60%
Kendall Wright ($5.9K) 1.60%
DeAndre Hopkins ($7.8K) 1.30%
Nate Washington ($5.3K) 1.20%
Mike Evans ($7.4K) 1.20%
Golden Tate ($6.8K) 1.20%
Allen Hurns ($5.1K) 1.10%
Davante Adams ($6.4K) 0.70%
Leonard Hankerson ($5.7K) 0.70%
Vincent Jackson ($7.2K) 0.70%
Anquan Boldin ($6.6K) 0.70%
Andre Johnson ($6.8K) 0.20%

With all due respect to Travis Benjamin and his unsustainable production, there is absolutely no reason for him to ever have a higher ownership percentage than Julio Jones. Even at 16.7% Marshall is a guy that I wouldn’t shy away from in any format this weekend lined up opposite Byron Maxwell, who has been one of the most friendly corners in the league to this point. In terms of top tier WR that have been completely overlooked by the field, it has to be A.J. Green this weekend sitting under 2%, which is a clear green light for GPP.

Tight Ends

Player % Owned
Rob Gronkowski ($8.4K) 27.50%
Tyler Eifert ($5.9K) 9.20%
Travis Kelce ($6.4K) 6.40%
Jimmy Graham ($6.3K) 6%
Greg Olsen ($5.9K) 5.20%
Heath Miller ($5.8K) 3.60%
Crockett Gillmore ($5.4K) 3.20%
Eric Ebron ($5.1K) 2.50%
Jared Cook ($5.4K) 2.30%
Martellus Bennett ($5.6K) 1.50%
Richard Rogers($4.9K) 1.50%
Jason Witten ($6.0K) 0.80%
Vernon Davis ($5.4K) 0.70%

In Gronk we trust, and people are right back to their old ways after experimenting with other options last week. I think after the week one craziness at TE people were more willing to move away from Gronk and many got bit. As the season goes on he will likely be the highest owned TE every week and with good reason. If you are looking to go away from the crowd, Jared Cook and Martellus Bennett are players I have my eye on for GPP this weekend in possible pass heavy situations.


Player % Owned
Stephen Gostkowski ($5.0K) 11.40%
Brandon McManus ($4.9K) 9.90%
Matt Bryant ($4.8K) 7.20%
Nick Folk ($4.6K) 3.90%
Mason Crosby ($5.0K) 3.80%
Justin Tucker ($5.0K) 3.30%
Steven Hauschka ($5.0K) 2.90%
Dan Bailey ($5.0K) 2.60%
Josh Lambo ($4.5K) 2.30%
Chandler Catanzaro ($4.7K) 2.20%
Andrew Franks ($4.5K) 1.90%
Kyle Brindza ($4.5K) 1.70%
Cairo Santos ($4.6K) 1.40%
Travis Coons ($4.5K) 0.90%
Adam Vinatieri ($4.9K) 0.80%
Blair Walsh ($4.7K) 0.70%
Jason Myers ($4.5K) 0.70%

Josh Brown was very highly owned in Thursday night games and that will have a pretty sizable impact on ownership for the weekend. I expect the top players here to remain with a bit more spread in the middle tier. I am not going to give you advice on a kicker other than to say that if you want to roll with the crowd then Gostkowski is your guy.


Player % Owned
Seattle Seahawks ($5.3K) 18.10%
New York Jets ($4.5K) 13.80%
Denver Broncos ($4.6K) 12.30%
New England Patriots ($4.7K) 12.30%
Carolina Panthers ($4.6K) 6.50%
Arizona Cardinals ($4.7K) 4.90%
Houston Texans ($5.0K) 4%
Atlanta Falcons ($4.3K) 2.70%
Cleveland Browns ($4.6K) 2.20%
Green Bay Packers ($4.6K) 0.90%
Miami Dolphins ($4.6K) 0.60%
Cincinnati Bengals ($4.6K) 0.60%
Baltimore Ravens ($4.6K) 0.30%

A couple things stood out to me here. First was that I expected the Seahawks to be the highest owned team by a wide margin and second the Texans seem to be a great option if you are looking for a lower owned team.

About the Author

  • Andrew Cook (louiescards)

  • Andrew “LouiesCards” Cook is a DFS veteran who has been playing since 2009. You will see him grinding MLB, NBA, and NFL with a main focus on DraftKings. Over the years he has held several roles at RotoGrinders helping write articles and features, both in-front and behind-the-scenes. Andrew was able to throw the first pitch out at a St. Louis Cardinals game, courtesy of DraftKings. You can follow Andrew on twitter @louiescards

  • jrizzo6

    shocked HOU is only 4%

  • louiescards

    DK KoTH winner

    @jrizzo6 – I agree. Pretty solid against the grain option this weekend it would appear.

  • bhdevault

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    One of the best articles on this site. Such a valuable tool for GPP’s. Thanks for the effort!

  • psap

    where is TE Jordan Reed ownership ?

  • evil333

    @psap said...

    here is TE Jordan Reed ownership ?

    I was wondering the same thing…but it was purposefully not included any Thursday playera?

  • DontThrowPick6

    i think this article was meant to forecast sunday/monday contests only in terms of ownership. great article btw, keep them coming.

  • aramirez24

    They don’t put the Thursday players bc the players are already playing. They get these numbers from the Thursday slate.

  • gimme_some

    I have james jones at 8.8%

  • 8MileAllstars

    Reed was 20% owned in the Snap #3.

    A Rivers/Allen stack seems like it has the potential to do some damage.

  • periewe

    Josh Brown was 22% and Jordan Reed 11% in the Squib. 22% and 12% in the Snap.

  • depalma13

    I am getting really good at predicting who the herd will play.

  • sochoice

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    • 2017 FanDuel WFFC Champion

    Great article. Very helpful and always full of surprises. A bit shocked Seahawks weren’t 30% owned, but perhaps Clausen will light a fire under the Bears in an underdog situation.

  • theblur

    How do you see these ownerships? When I enter a contest it keeps showing me that I can’t see players. Do you basically have to roster all of them to see it?

  • bballer06

    love this!

  • cogs7

    very nice, thanks for the info.

  • SirGiant

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    I’m just here for the data.

    Seriously though, awesome piece. This is one that I always look forward to.

  • eisenhauert10

    Jordan Reed was 11.6% owned in the FD 4k Mini Drive

  • mistaq7980

    @theblur said...

    How do you see these ownerships? When I enter a contest it keeps showing me that I can’t see players. Do you basically have to roster all of them to see it?


  • lwel21

    • $1M Prize Winner

    I hope Dion Lewis has the same ownership in the Sunday games. I have a feeling it is a Blount week

  • cb35

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    • 2013 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

    great article!

  • gimme_some

    I cant believe rodgers is only 4.2% looks like i got a shot at some good cash 3 or 4 tds to james jones would be awesome

  • tyahn401

    Rarely comment, but must say a fantastic article. Keep up the great work!!

  • readparse

    @periewe said...

    Josh Brown was 22% and Jordan Reed 11% in the Squib. 22% and 12% in the Snap.

    Jordan Reed is at about 14% in the WFFC qualifier that I’m in.

  • KingLion22

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    • 2018 DraftKings NFL KOTB Finalist

    Cards, thanks for the data..I know how time consuming scrubbing/presenting it is. Much appreciated!

  • louiescards

    DK KoTH winner

    Thanks guys. If there is anything you would like to see in the field report moving forward just let me know.

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