The NFL Field Report: Week 5

The Field Report is designed to give you a look into the most popular plays from FanDuel’s Thursday Night action.

In order to truly separate your entry from the rest of the field, you need to create a very unique roster. In GPPs especially, playing along with the rest of your opponents won’t get you very far. The rules are much different in H2Hs and 50/50s, but in tournaments where you need to beat ALL of your opponents (e.g. major qualifiers), you need to take risks and use a player or two that you know will be lightly owned.

The percentages in the tables below come from the FanDuel $1 Dive, which has 4,597 entries. The listed players are ones that I have identified for a variety of reasons, but if you don’t see “your guy” here, post below in the comments and I will do my best to get you a percentage.


Player % Owned
Tom Brady ($8.8K) 23.70%
Philip Rivers ($7.5K) 8.80%
Matt Ryan ($8.3K) 9.00%
Aaron Rodgers ($9.2K) 7.70%
Eli Manning ($7.7K) 5.60%
Peyton Manning ($8.2K) 4.90%
Tyrod Taylor ($7.5K) 4.80%
Alex Smith ($6.9K) 4.80%
Carson Palmer ($8.2K) 4.30%
Blake Bortles ($6.9K) 3.40%
Marcus Mariota ($7.4K) 2.80%
Drew Brees ($8.1K) 2.30%
Sam Bradford ($7.5K) 2.30%
Andy Dalton ($7.3K) 2.10%
Jameis Winston ($6.4K) 1.90%
Jay Cutler ($7.4K) 1.50%
Russell Wilson ($8.2K) 0.80%
Kirk Cousins ($6.4K) 0.70%
Matthew Stafford ($7.0K) 0.30%

Brady coming off the bye week with a struggling Cowboys team is leading the way at quarterback this week. The spread at the position surprised me a bit with nine players between three and ten percent. Alex Smith is a player that I was very interested to see below five percent with a great matchup and low price point coming off of a 386-yard performance against the Bengals. If you are looking for a low owned option with solid potential then Sam Bradford is a guy I like to bust out with a big game this weekend for the Eagles.

Running Backs

Player % Owned
Devonta Freeman ($7.6K) 40.70%
Le’Veon Bell ($9.0K) 30.50%
Jamaal Charles ($9.1K) 15.80%
Dion Lewis ($6.9K) 12.60%
Justin Forsett ($7.2K) 12.40%
Todd Gurley ($6.7K) 10.10%
LeGarrette Blount ($6.2K) 8.50%
Eddie Lacy ($7.8K) 5.70%
Danny Woodhead ($6.0K) 5.40%
T.J. Yeldon ($6.6K) 4.90%
Matt Forte ($8.4K) 4.30%
Doug Martin ($6.4K) 4.00%
Mark Ingram ($8.0K) 3.00%
Joseph Randle ($7.4K) 2.80%
DeMarco Murray ($7.4K) 2.00%
Carlos Hyde ($7.4K) 1.70%
Anthony Dixon ($4.5K) 1.50%
Duke Johnson ($5.9K) 1.30%
Karlos Williams ($6.9K) 1.20%
Ameer Abdullah ($6.1K) 0.70%
C.J. Anderson ($6.6K) 0.40%

The chalk is pretty clear this week in Le’Veon Bell and Devonta Freeman both coming in north of thirty percent owned. Todd Gurley is the man I want to keep an eye on with a solid price point and lower percentage than I anticipated given the game he had last weekend and the Packers softer run defense. I expect some of these percentages to shift with the news that Anthony Dixon might be starting this week for the Bills. One of the backs that could surprise is Carlos Hyde, who has not carried the rock as much with the 49ers falling behind early each week, which has drastically changed the outlook for the promising back.

Wide Receivers

Player % Owned
Julian Edelman ($7.7K) 26.10%
Larry Fitzgerald ($7.4K) 21.70%
Jeremy Maclin ($6.9K) 21.10%
James Jones ($6.4K) 18.90%
Julio Jones ($9.2K) 18.30%
Keenan Allen ($7.7K) 11.50%
Travis Benjamin ($6.2K) 10.30%
Odell Beckham Jr. ($9.0K) 9.40%
Donte Moncrief ($6.5K) 8.70%
Allen Robinson ($6.3K) 8.40%
Emmanuel Sanders ($7.7K) 7.90%
Demaryius Thomas ($8.6K) 6.80%
Vincent Jackson ($6.8K) 6.30%
Randall Cobb ($8.2K) 5.50%
Jordan Matthews ($6.8K) 5.40%
Leonard Hankerson ($6.0K) 5.40%
Willie Snead ($5.3K) 4.50%
Antonio Brown ($8.6K) 4.50%
A.J. Green ($8.2K) 4.20%
Kamar Aiken ($5.8K) 4.20%
Rueben Randle ($5.9K) 3.40%
Martavis Bryant ($6.1K) 3.30%
Amari Cooper ($7.3K) 3.00%
Percy Harvin ($5.4K) 2.60%
John Brown ($5.9K) 2.30%
Mike Evans ($7.5K) 2.20%
Calvin Johnson ($8.1K) 1.70%
Pierre Garcon ($6.2K) 1.30%
Brandin Cooks ($6.8K) 1.00%
Anquan Boldin ($6.2K) 0.80%
Golden Tate ($6.6K) 0.70%
Marques Colston ($5.3K) 0.50%
Alshon Jeffery ($7.6K) 0.50%
DeSean Jackson ($6.0K) 0.10%

A lot of what you would expect here at the top in Julian Edelman and Larry Fitzgerald, but it’s target monster Jeremy Maclin that the public appears to be catching on to that we should take note of. He has a solid price point in a great matchup against the poor Bears defense making him a very attractive option. There are a number of marquee options at WR at or under five percent this week which leads me to believe this will be the make or break position for a lot of cash games. Since I am a fan of a low owned Sam Bradford, it only makes sense that I also like his main target Jordan Matthews at a solid price and ownership combo.

Tight Ends

Player % Owned
Rob Gronkowski ($8.4K) 23.00%
Antonio Gates ($5.5K) 12.20%
Charles Clay ($5.7K) 12.10%
Martellus Bennett ($5.9K) 10.20%
Owen Daniels ($4.9K) 8.00%
Travis Kelce ($6.5K) 7.00%
Jason Witten ($5.7K) 5.10%
Tyler Eifert ($5.6K) 3.00%
Gary Barnidge ($5.4K) 2.60%
Delanie Walker ($5.4K) 2.50%
Jimmy Graham ($6.6K) 1.70%
Heath Miller ($5.5K) 0.40%
Jared Cook ($5.2K) 0.30%

It is safe to say that Gates isn’t sneaking up on anyone this week with a twelve percent ownership mark. Gronk is the highest owned TE as usual and is always in play across all formats when you factor in an upside that is unmatched by his peers. I still think one of these weeks the Seahawks will realize that Jimmy Graham is now on the roster and will feature him, but the problem is I have no confidence that it will be this week. That lower ownership is certainly worth a flier in a huge entry tournament, though.


Player % Owned
Cairo Santos ($4.6K) 18.10%
Stephen Gostkowski ($5.0K) 12.80%
Josh Lambo ($4.5K) 9.90%
Josh Brown ($4.7K) 7.10%
Justin Tucker ($4.9K) 6.70%
Matt Bryant ($4.8K) 6.20%
Brandon McManus ($5.0K) 5.70%
Steven Hauschka ($5.1K) 3.40%
Chandler Catanzaro ($4.8K) 3.00%
Zach Hocker ($4.5K) 2.80%
Mason Crosby ($5.0K) 2.60%
Matt Prater ($4.5K) 2.20%
Dan Bailey ($5.0K) 1.90%
Nick Novak ($4.6K) 1.00%
Dan Carpenter ($4.7K) 0.90%
Greg Zuerlein ($4.6K) 0.70%


Player % Owned
Denver Broncos ($4.9K) 22.30%
New York Giants ($4.3K) 14.00%
Atlanta Falcons ($4.5K) 8.70%
New England Patriots ($4.7K) 7.20%
Arizona Cardinals ($5.2K) 5.80%
Buffalo Bills ($4.8K) 4.60%
Green Bay Packers ($4.8K) 4.60%
Baltimore Ravens ($4.5K) 4.20%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($4.0K) 4.10%
Kansas City Chiefs ($4.6K) 3.60%
Jacksonville Jaguars ($4.3K) 2.60%
Detroit Lions ($4.2K) 2.50%
Seattle Seahawks ($5.1K) 2.10%

About the Author

  • Andrew Cook (louiescards)

  • Andrew “LouiesCards” Cook is a DFS veteran who has been playing since 2009. You will see him grinding MLB, NBA, and NFL with a main focus on DraftKings. Over the years he has held several roles at RotoGrinders helping write articles and features, both in-front and behind-the-scenes. Andrew was able to throw the first pitch out at a St. Louis Cardinals game, courtesy of DraftKings. You can follow Andrew on twitter @louiescards


  • MikeSos760

    Damn. Patriots are the mega chalk this week along with the uber mensch Devonta Freeman.

  • leratain

    Thank you, Louiescards.

  • MichaelHendricks16

    Nelson ag and eddie roy?

  • RockyTop55

    Do you think there is a significant difference in ownership % between higher ($5,10,25) dollar GPPs and a $1 GPP? I feel like players are more cavalier with their lineups and therefore we don’t get as good of a picture.

  • louiescards

    DK KoTH winner

    @RockyTop55 said...

    Do you think there is a significant difference in ownership % between higher ($5,10,25) dollar GPPs and a $1 GPP? I feel like players are more cavalier with their lineups and therefore we don’t get as good of a picture.

    I have found it to be a pretty solid correlation in the past. The total number of entries actually has a bigger effect believe it or not.

    One thing to keep an eye on is injuries during the week. If any big news drops after the Thursday games or even earlier in the day (Boobie Dixon and Boom Herron) it could make a difference too.

  • cohenyossi

    No deandre hopkins? ??

  • whateverworks_187

    40% Freeman is pretty shocking considering price increase of $400, and the little known (and clearly ignored) fact that Redskins have had one of the best run D’s in the league since the beginning of last year.

    Patriots as chalk after a bye week makes sense. Under 1% for Russell Wilson a bit of a surprise. Cobb at 5% even vs. STL is very low, and Calvin Johnson at 1.70% is shocking w/low tier 1 WR salary. His #‘s have been down, but that’s to be expected when you play vs. Denver then Seattle.

    And, thanks Louiscards for posting this. Most useful article of the week.

    PROOF: You don’t need to be a DK/FD employee to get the good stuff! :)

  • lwel21

    • $1M Prize Winner

    Santos 18% lol

  • narniak

    Some real surprises here, will need to adjust GPP LUs accordingly. Thanks.

  • cglenn91

    @cohenyossi said...

    No deandre hopkins? ??

    Why would that be relevant? That game is over for DFS purposes.

  • Richebee

    I thought we weren’t supposed to have these numbers? Are we all gaining inside information?? I don’t think I should use this information

  • jcleary1

    Wonder what Vick is at?

  • steveh_11

    Good stuff, thanks! I feel like an insider with this knowledge.

  • ssmfour

    Wow, with this edge we’re all going to win at least $100K this week!!

    But also lol @ Devonta Freeman and Cairo Santos ownership percentages

  • Ericvincentt

    @louiescards Curious about Allen Hurns

  • psap

    @jcleary1 said...

    Wonder what Vick is at?

    Yes. I wonder what Vick and McCown are (if you have them).

  • cheatc0des

    • $1M Prize Winner

    • 2015 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

    Played strong today in a joke lineup for the wffc or whatever qualifier..wish I copied that into more GPPs :/

  • louiescards

    DK KoTH winner

    @michaelbendricks16 said...

    Nelson ag and eddie roy?

    Both extremely low owned in other GPP. Less than 2%

  • sabresrock29

    I know Hillman will get more touches and is playing better but CJ Anderson at 0.40% against Oakland. I’ll throw him in one lineup

  • eloving56

    @RockyTop55 said...

    Do you think there is a significant difference in ownership % between higher ($5,10,25) dollar GPPs and a $1 GPP? I feel like players are more cavalier with their lineups and therefore we don’t get as good of a picture.

    Most def it is a wider field there for the percentages are spread out…. For instance i did the thurs 1 dollar league with like less than 5k ppl and the percentages are higher than the 5dollar rush cause of the number of contestants….(smaller field means higher percentages for popular plays)

  • eloving56

    I take that back lol just compared and its dam near even… If not just slightly off

  • JMAC126

    @cglenn91 said...

    Why would that be relevant? That game is over for DFS purposes.

    Probably to try and make a better guess at what the owned %‘s will be sunday.

    Have anything on Kendall Wright?

  • letterj007

    @Ericvincentt said...

    @louiescards Curious about Allen Hurns

    I echo this interest.

  • TheRealJoker

    D Hopkins is 28% owned in the Thursday NFL rush at 8k. 137931 entries.

    That is going to cause a big difference in ownership %s Sunday at that price point.

  • Bigbluecrew

    @TheRealJoker said...

    D Hopkins is 28% owned in the Thursday NFL rush at 8k. 137931 entries.

    That is going to cause a big difference in ownership %s Sunday at that price point.

    Won’t matter for Sunday since you can only roster him if you are in a Thurs GPP.

    He isn’t available to choose on a Sun only slate.

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