MLB WeatherEdge - MLB DFS & Betting Weather Tool

How does WeatherEdge work? What do these numbers mean?

A: We charted the results and weather conditions for every game (since 2000). This tool makes an automated forecast for each upcoming game, then pulls in the results from games played in similar weather conditions at that particular ballpark. The results show us things like “how many more HR’s should we see when temps are 90 degrees at Wrigley”, or “how much will that wind blowing in impact runs scored tonight in Coors”.

How often is this product updated?

About the Author

Kevin Roth (KevinRothWx)

Over the past decade, Kevin Roth has become the go-to source for all things sports-weather related. A lifelong sports fan and admitted weather nerd, Kevin is proud to have combined his two passions and trailblazed a new niche in the DFS and sports betting community. He has a Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Science (Meteorology) and over 10 years of experience on TV in some of the country’s biggest severe weather markets. Kevin’s WeatherEdge product is a one-of-a-kind sports-weather research tool that combines historical data on stats and weather from past games to help users understand how the weather will impact every game on a slate at a glance. Follow Kevin on Twitter – @KevinRothWx