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Being a Student of the Game

One of the easiest ways to improve your game efficiently is by studying the players who are having success. Hearing picks from the experts is great, but what types of lineups are winning contests? Sometimes this means analyzing a top player’s lineup from a H2H or 50/50 game, and other times it can mean looking at the lineup that won a GPP, regardless of who submitted it.

When you’re looking back at a lineup from the week prior, there are a few important questions to ask yourself that can help improve your overall understanding of the game? Use the example below followed by the questions to help you better understand how to study winning players.

Breaking Down a Lineup

Use the winning FFFC Week 4 Lineup from 2012 as an example:

#1) How was the total salary distributed?

Look at the lineup and try to spot positions where value was found. This will immediately help you better understand where value can be had in your future lineups. Often times for NFL you’ll notice a cheap tight end or receiver in lineups but it’s also worth noting how much was spent on a defense or kicker. Over time, you’ll start to pick up trends in lineup building.

2) How was the final scoring distributed?

Sometimes value is found through better understanding site salaries. Other times it’s by better understanding roster structure and scoring distribution. In the example above, The QB and 2 RB’s all scored over 20 FP. A huge bump from the defense was also essential in beating out 2600 other contestants. And having at least one receiver who has a big game, accompanied by a couple of other strong performances, led to a well-rounded score.

3) What, if any, stacking strategy was used?

This will also go as a lesson later on in RotoAcademy, but stacking in football is a diverse topic. So look at the players used for both H2H and 50/50’s as well as GPP’s separately. Stacking in NFL tends to be a GPP-beneficial strategy but knowing how and where to stack is an essential tool.

4) Were the picks on your radar going into the week? Were they outside the box?

The defenses targeted above were all bottom of the pack defenses (Carolina, Jacksonville, Oakland, Green Bay) but not necessarily the obvious plays. Arian_Foster vs. Tennessee that week was the high priced running back of choice, but rolling with Marshawn Lynch vs. a weak St. Louis team was a play that went under the radar for a lot of players.

Repeating this process across multiple sites and game types can help you see which approaches are actually winning money. There is no one strategy that is guaranteed to win, so diversifying and studying multiple winning strategies is the best way to quickly become a better player.

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