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Jon Bales (JonBales)

Jonathan Bales is the founder of RotoAcademy and author of the Fantasy Sports for Smart People book series.

When I first began playing daily fantasy, I was shocked by how often I saw the same names winning leagues. It really didn’t matter what type of league—from a heads-up match to the FFFC—it was the same guys cashing in. And if you’ve played daily fantasy for more than a week, you’ve probably seen some of the names as well: Naapstermaan, Alsmizzle, PrimeTime420, HeadChopper, Condia, Notorious, Csuram88, Dinkpiece, and others.

What are these guys doing that the rest of daily fantasy players aren’t? What do they know? Which resources are they using? How are a relatively small percentage of entrants winning a huge portion of the money?

The beauty of RotoGrinders is that it’s really the destination for the top daily fantasy players in the world. This is where the long-term winners come to discuss strategy, break down lineups, and offer advice. If you want to transform yourself into a master daily fantasy player, you need to do what the experts do. Mimic them, pick their brains, and utilize the resources available to you to take your game to the next level.

RotoGrinders Incentives

We’ve already discussed a lot of the awesome tools available to you through RotoGrinders Incentives, but the most actionable of the bunch is the experts’ actual game lineups. With the incentives, you get access to the actual site-specific picks of an expert with an established track record of cashing in. That’s an amazing opportunity for a novice daily fantasy player who wants to see inside the mind of a veteran.

Using Opponent Search

One of my favorite features at RotoGrinders is the Opponent Search The tool allows you to search game histories for any of the experts on the site, and there’s a lot to learn. Looking at “Notorious,”/profiles/Notorious I can see his recent wins, as well as the average entrants in his league and his mean buy-in. The information on league entrants is particularly useful because you can see which sorts of leagues the experts enter. Right now, the average number of players in the leagues Notorious enters is nearly 32. That’s inflated somewhat by tournaments, but the numbers on multiple profiles suggest that experts play in a lot of large-field leagues to capitalize on the bad money in them.

Other Grinders Resources

When I first came to RotoGrinders, I spent countless hours reading through the forum. There’s so much valuable information in there, most of which is posted by experts. Topics can range from player comparisons to the optimal breakdown of league types to money management, and the information is often very in-depth. The experts aren’t shy to share what has worked for them in the past, making it an amazing learning tool.

In addition, you can find expert analysis in the forms of articles, podcasts, and GrindersLive Google Hangouts. All of those resources can give you a glimpse into the thought processes of the industry’s experts, which in turn can help you develop the mindset needed to become a long-term winner.

Monitoring the Experts in Action

One of the most effective ways to find a winning strategy is to track winning lineups. Take a look at any available league results that you can, studying the top scorers. They don’t have to be experts—even novices can stumble upon winning strategies—and the results can tell you a lot about what’s successful in daily fantasy.

Of course, studying a handful of lineups won’t tell you much since it’s such a small sample, so you should track all of the data in Excel. Keep note of which sorts of lineups win different league types, such as heads-up or tournaments. You can quickly build up a big database of results because many experts play a lot of low-stakes heads-up matches (in order to face inferior competition). By examining their lineups, you can answer all sorts of important questions. How do winners allocate their salary cap? Do they spend a lot of money on high-priced quarterbacks? Do they often stack? Once you jot down data from a few dozen winning lineups, you can start to get a sense of how top players structure their teams.

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  • Jon Bales (JonBales)

  • Jonathan Bales is the founder of RotoAcademy and author of the Fantasy Sports for Smart People book series. is the home of the daily fantasy sports community. Our content, rankings, member blogs, promotions and forum discussion all cater to the players that like to create a new fantasy team every day of the week. Our goal is to help all of our members make more money playing daily fantasy sports!

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