Daily Fantasy Bankroll Tracking: RG Bankroll Tracker

RotoGrinders is excited to announce our brand new, automated DFS Bankroll Tracker for FanDuel and DraftKings! View everything from your profit margins, return on investment, most frequently played game types, sport specific break downs, and much more. All you need to do is import your contest history, and we put everything right at your fingertips.

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Directions for Importing Results into the Bankroll Tracker

There are two main methods for importing your results into the RG Bankroll Tracker.

Method 1 – Directly upload your CSV file from FanDuel and DraftKings

Step 1: Go to FanDuel and select “History” from the top menu.


Step 2: On the History page, click “Download as CSV”. Note that there may be multiple files available. Each file contains 1,000 results, so you should download them all if you want to include your full history.


Step 3: Inside the Bankroll Tracker, click on the “CSV Upload” tab.

Step 4: Go to DraftKings, select “My Contests”, click on the “History” button, and click “Download Entry History”


Method 2 – Using the RotoGrinders FanDuel Tools extension for the Chrome browser.

Note: This method currently only works for FanDuel, and requires that you have the Chrome web browser installed.



At this point, you have two options for imporing your results in to the RG Bankroll Tracker:

If you select the “Export Entire History” option, the window will ask you to specify which pages you would like to export. Simply select 1 to the maximum number of pages to export your entire history.

Note: Due to the amount of data being exported, we highly recommend that you export your results a few pages at a time if you have a large amount of results.

Open Bankroll Tracker

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Brian Hourigan (CruzinToVictory)

Brian Hourigan, A.K.A. CruzinToVictory (CruzinToVictry on Twitter), started playing fantasy sports his freshman year at UCONN and never looked back. He’s related to Babe Ruth, and is an odd mix of nerd, musician, and sports fanatic. Cruzin is a life long Giants, Yankees, and Huskies fan, and he has a Bachelors degree in Music, along with a Masters degree in Computer Science.