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Hey Returning THE BLITZ Subscribers,

I’ve heard so many good things from you guys over the years, and it dawned on me recently that others who may be on the fence about whether they want to invest in THE BLITZ should be hearing these things too. So what I’d love is for you to post on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever else you like best) about your positive experience using THE BLITZ . Those who do will receive a code for an additional $5 off your subscription—and my sincere thanks.

It can be about how it has helped your process, how it has helped your results, your experience with THE BLITZ community, your customer service experience, or anything else that shows why you love THE BLITZ and are coming back for another season.

All you need to do is post, send me a link to the post (either via Twitter DM or via email), and I’ll send you a code. (If you’re replying to my tweets about THE BLITZ , please Quote Tweet instead of a straight reply.) Two minutes to receive a discount off the cover price and to help support and further grow THE BLITZ brand.

Derek Carty

About the Author

  • Derek Carty (DerekCarty)

  • You may recognize Derek Carty from his role on Baseball Tonight, his articles at, or his occasional SportsCenter appearances. He’s also been published by FOX Sports, Sports Illustrated, NBC’s Rotoworld, FanDuel, and Fantasy Insiders, among many others. He’s a long-time DFS player and the creator of THE BAT and THE BLITZ, perhaps the most sophisticated DFS projection systems on the market. Prior to DFS, Derek honed his statistical chops as the Fantasy Manager of two of the biggest sabermetric outlets, Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times (now the nerdier branch of FanGraphs — yes, that’s a thing), and holds an elite track record in year-long expert leagues (6 titles while finishing top-3 over 50% of the time). He’s also the only active fantasy writer to have graduated from MLB’s exclusive Scout School, which he blends with his statistical background to form a complete picture of a player.

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