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  • bedwards

    Dan, you’ve convinced me to stop playing. Thank you.

  • MikeMineo

    some good points, but the podcast’s initial delivery tends to provide the illusion that the majority in the thread/community are accusing Ethan of cheating or being insincere. the first 8 minutes of the podcast described maybe 1% of people in the thread/community; the majority of people care more about the industry, not an individual who just happens to represent a small tinge of what goes on.

    the majority of people in the community take umbrage with the lack of regulations and the sheer number of DK players using data that’s not publicly available, not Ethan himself.

    your section where you blast people who criticize DFS doesn’t make sense to me; in an industry that isn’t regulated, it’s UP to the consumers to criticize the industry and make some semblance of a legitimate self-regulation. “the haters of DFS” wouldn’t exist if the major companies’ greed wasn’t so rampant.

    it’s not so black and white between ignorant DFS haters and apologists; there are many people who love the concept of DFS and see it as a potentially wonderful industry to grow, but recognize that this growth is NOT possible without letting their voices be heard. and they would rather have no industry than one ripe with corruption and unfairness. can you really blame them?

    I get that YOU “trust” DK/FD… but to assume the majority of the community feels the same way is wrong imho (you make this point at around 21 min in). I can assure you, the number of people who do not trust DK/FD – both actual DFS players and the general public – is growing at a RAPID rate.

    this backlash is occurring because this isn’t the first highly questionable behavior these sites exhibited, with a canned PR response that does nothing. they have no incentive to do anything more. as someone who works in PR, I’m shocked at how poorly this is being handled, but not surprised – since no regulation means there’s no rush or priority to address anything in a meaningful way,.

    I appreciate that you admit that not everything is fine and dandy in DFS land, but I am of the personal belief that you are significantly under-estimating the impact of small groups of DFS players having access to data, whether it’s ownership % or knowing what Max’s core is for the week, that puts them at a significant edge for GPPs.

    it’s simple enough to offer a “plea” to the sites to fix things, as you did at the end of the podcast, but I and many others know full well that “pleas” and “playing nice” does not inspire change when change would involve removing a form of profit for many who are highly influential in the industry.

    love the podcast — keep up the great work. this is just an issue that’s bothering me. you’re right – anyone who doesn’t trust DFS shouldn’t play – but it’s hard for me to ignore potential corruption in something I enjoy.

  • sutogame

    So what would happen if one of the site employees gets the max number of entries into either the FD or DK FFWC. btw some already have 3-4 entries and proceed to take down the big one with all the live coverage.

    Not just taking down the big one but lets say getting multiple finishes in the top 5.

    What happens then?
    Think about it

  • sutogame

    I would love to hear db730s response to this.

  • periewe

    The problem is that employees have data that not everyone has: 1) ownership levels, 2) lineups of top players, etc. and 3) what controls are there so that isn’t passed along to friends and family on their own site?

    The were very vague in what controls are in place in their press release…..FD and DK need to step up and say what they are going to do.

    Another issue that came out is the Single Entry tourneys that were either mislabeled or were Multi Entry on FD…..these are serious issues. Ignorance is not bliss on this one.

  • pandabear415

    just found out about this and it does sound shady. I would have a problem with this too and the integrity of it.

  • dapunc

    MikeMineo nailed it. Very well said.

  • johnnyj580

    ::turns down volume on work pc::

  • ferrari99

    if you work for DK or any site like that you should be banned from betting on football or probably any sport unless you go to Vegas. That is a HUGE risk..

  • thegame1020

    @dapunc said...

    MikeMineo nailed it. Very well said.


  • smackfreek

    What about employees having dummy lineups and as the games go on they can add the high scoring players to their lineup as the games go on to create the winning line up? That is something that I think about.

  • thegame1020

    Do you guys really think Rotogrinders (and they’re a great site, don’t get me wrong) would trash their two biggest money-makers and the faces of Daily Fantasy sports? Of course not, they don’t want people to see this as cheating or do anything to make the industry look bad as a whole. It’s money out of their pockets.

  • fish43

    i love dfs but i do have questions. first thing is you need to stop calling it a game. it might have been a game 3 years ago. now its a business. BIG BUSINESS! when you advertise 1 BILLION dollars awarded it becomes a little more serious. the problem is when i see the same people winning the big bucks it makes me wonder.

    also the winners are NOT winning from the site, they are winning from the losers. and the losers have every right to question the process. no one likes losing but to feel you’ve been cheated on top of that can really ruffle feathers. i know in new jersey there is LOTS OF TALK about making it illegal b/c its is sports betting. that could be a dangerous trend and if the dfs world likes their fat wallets then they should take this very seriously….

    i also wonder about all the experts giving their picks for players. like dan said in this podcast, i wanna see if these experts are playing their own suggestions! i don’t like hearing that “ i didn’t play the guy i talked up b/c i heard new info on sunday morning!” how many times can that actually happen! i agree with you, the site needs to show everyone’s lineup after lock! i sometimes get the feeling that there is this little click inside the dfs world that has access to different information they use to set their lineups but then when they do these podcasts they are suggesting the same players matthew berry is talking about on espn. i wanna know if the RG experts play their own picks or if i am in a big group of people funding trips to nepal and helping the 1% take the 99% to town. other than that i feel confident the dfs world isn’t rampant with “insider trading”.

    and dan, knowing the percentages of all the players COULD absolutely help you win! take this week for example. if i knew that tyrod taylor karlos williams julio jones odel beckam jr arizona defense or others were gonna be the highest owned, i could KNOWINGLY make lineups not using any of them. now what needs to happen is what happened this week. if the highest owned players all have poor showings, that now puts my team at a HUGE advantage to gain over all the teams that had those players. by the same token, i could KNOWINGLY make lineups with those players so that if they all have huge weeks, then i need to find less players to guess on. basically even if having that info gives you a 3% edge, ITS A HUGE EDGE! this doesn’t relate to evan or who ever it was specifically b/c i doubt he would publish an article with that info and then try to use it to his advantage but still. this kind of crap could be going on a lot more than you realize. and yes you can say i could have done that anyway but it is a lot easier KNOWING who is gonna be highly owned than guess or basing your guesses on the thursday slate.

    the only thing dan said on this podcast i totally disagreed with was that if people felt uncomfortable then they shouldn’t play. yes for the right reasons NO for the reason you mentioned. i joined fanduel in early may AND COULDN’T STOP TALKING IT UP FOR MONTHS but then the glow kinda disappeared and i started seeing little things here and there that kinda bothered me. i always attributed it to me not having enough “knowledge” about the process. i played baseball my whole life, passed on the mlb draft to play college then blew my arm out in a fall league and couldn’t afford tommy john surgery. basically saying i know baseball up and down. i know hot streaks cold streaks but i now REGULARLY get my ass handed to me on fanduel! and i’m ALWAYS just off the money! how come i see the same names winning or being at the top of the leader board. why aren’t my lineups occasionally winning? is it just that there are so many people playing that every possible lineup will be out there and its just a matter of which one hits…maybe…in large field contests. not in 100 player leagues! i see these lineups that win and i think how could he possibly play those two players or how could he have those three together when it makes no baseball sense. maybe there’s some algorithm they use but if so why isn’t it available to everyone? how could that many people have that info.

    this is the kind of stuff many people ask me. i guess here in my neck of the woods i just won’t shut up about how awesome dfs is and all their questions come my way. i can’t answer them.

    lastly- i don’t know if anything i am saying here is making any sense outside my head. the first i heard of the “data breach” was when i got the tweet alerting me to this podcast. my head was swirling after yesterday. i based all my lineups on RG experts suggestions this week and had a horrible day and the made me think if i was the only one. sure there were a few gems in their picks but mostly players had a rough day. i would just love to see all of the rg experts fanduel lineups to see if they used different players or if i just didn’t use the correct combinations. and again, who the F am i and should my opinion matter? just a normal dfs player….maybe i’m way off here but dfs felt much better pre-july than it does now. just seems a lot more difficult to me but maybe i just suck….who knows…..i could be completely full of shite but i know i am not the only one asking these questions….people forget that dfs is gambling and gambling is tough to stop….so maybe that’s why a lot of the nah sayers keep coming back. its tough to pass on the chance to win 10,000 bucks on a dollar bet…i’d just like to know the process is FAIR….i just wanted to voice my thoughts out loud to see if anyone agrees…or has the patience to read all this, lol!

    oh and to fanduel marketing…that one commercial with the douche bag who says he turned $35 into over 2 million! watching him say that makes me want to club baby seals!! that’s how angry i get when i see that arrogant look on his face! GET HIM OUTTA YOUR COMMERCIALS…NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fish43

    wow! what idiot wrote that marathon post above this one! oh yeah, that was me! sorry for the long read. i was kinda typing as i was thinking! so if you don’t wanna read that whole thing, just read the last paragraph and tell me if you agree!

  • robroy

    release the percentages to the public when they are released to employee-players…done…i know, i know, i’m a genius, withhold the applause please

  • Dsteen31

    I agree with a lot of your points, but the defensive tone you take regarding the issue just makes you come off as a shill

  • ColonialRampage

    This podcast desperately needs some kind of dialogue when you run into controversial issues like this. Dan saying “This could be a major problem, but it isn’t” or “This would be a problem if it’s happening” but it isn’t doesn’t add anything to the discourse.

    Bring someone on with an opposite point of view and debate the issues with each speaker trying to fairly represent his side. It’s not winning the argument to argue with someone who can’t defend himself.

    I think this is a crucial point that’s going to make the difference between whether a podcast like this “a voice for our industry” or “a shill for the top sites”.

  • Neiderman

    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    Dan I agree with how the pod cast started… However I believe the talk of class action law suite was towards the DFS sites not Ethan. Basically the sites that allowed ownership percentages to be shared are liable considering we pay them to provide a fair contest. When ownership percentages are shared by mistake or not and posted where others could of used that info to beat others players that’s an issue. The issue isnt with Ethan. Also ownership percentages of know are a huge advantage not a small advantage. Also in regards to comment on people hating on the RG forum is not a correct. What people are hating on is the facts that they feel they were not playing on an even field.
    I listen to all your pod cast and love them..just wanted to provide an average users opinion response on this issue.

  • Neiderman

    • 2016 DraftKings FBWC Finalist

    Dan I agree with how the pod cast started… However I believe the talk of class action law suite was towards the DFS sites not Ethan. Basically the sites that allowed ownership percentages to be shared are liable considering we pay them to provide a fair contest. When ownership percentages are shared by mistake or not and posted where others could of used that info to beat others players that’s an issue. The issue isnt with Ethan. Also ownership percentages of know are a huge advantage not a small advantage. Also in regards to comment on people hating on the RG forum is not a correct. What people are hating on is the facts that they feel they were not playing on an even field.
    I listen to all your pod cast and love them..just wanted to provide an average users opinion response on this issue.

  • Toothdoc93

    I agree with most of your comments, but if anyone has insider information that others don’t have, they shouldn’t be allowed to play in DFS, especially any employees of the sites.

  • bono6699

    i agree Dan, but there needs to be a rebuttal to your pod cast. It’s very easy to pass along your opinions as opinions of everyone else, make it fair and let someone else have a chance of their say.

  • JJdaily

    Totally agree with u man your on point with everything. Fan Duel and Draft Kings need to redo there whole media it looks more in infomercial than anything else

  • robroy

    Employees should not be allowed access to ownership percentages before other players…upon reflection I came to the realization that this is a gamechanger. Fantasy sites MUST, and WILL, have to provide ownership percentages to the public in REAL-TIME, in the near future. There is no other way. The sooner these companies acknowledge that what I’m saying isn’t optional, the less damage will be done to the industry overall. They better put a cap on this right now before the government steps in. It is impossible to prevent advantages from ownership percentages because even if you ban employees from playing they can pass this information on to others. It’s not like a board of directors for a publically traded company, these are everyday joes who WILL pass this info on to others.

  • robroy

    and another thing… Dan, you have always came across as an intelligent and knowledgeable host. I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts when I have an opportunity to listen to them, and I appreciated your naturally ability to provide fair and honest information beneficial to sites and players. With that being said, I have to say that you cannot ride the fence on this one, this is a HUGE advantage, period. I know Ethan is your friend, but it’s not about Ethan it’s about integrity, this is massive. Ethan hasn’t broken any regulations because the industry is unregulated. Don’t worry about Ethan worry about the future of dfs.

  • yanks7900

    The percentages on the field report are not 100% accurate. He had accurate percentages. Even tho i agree it is not a huge advantage it is still an advantage. Im sure he used that advantage to his benefit which is why it is unfair. This industry needs to be regulated plain and simple. Where there is money there is ALWAYS corruption.

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