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    My worst first date story: On my fifth blind date via eHarmony (is it still a blind date if you’ve seen a picture but never met in person?)…anyway…I went to meet a woman for lunch at a restaurant. I was right on time as usual. I arrived to find her flirting with the bartender while having a cocktail. After she finished her drink and her discussion with him, we sat down and I saw that she had already ordered and finished half of her lunch. She ordered some ice cream after finishing her food. I ordered and we talked briefly. I was less than half-way through my meal when she excused herself to leave to go bowling with friends. Of course as a gentleman I did pay for the lunch including her cocktail. Others probably have worse stories than this, but this was easily my worst “date”.
    It was all a blessing in disguise however as on my very next blind date I met my beautiful, wonderful wife.

  • zpruitt3

    $20 says mangone plays Brady in cash

  • Mistareed1602

    Wheres Bobby

  • RyPA24

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    I was a few months out of a divorce and ready to start dating… an old college friend who had been through a divorce the previous year reached out to help get me back on my feet and dating again. She was big into country line dancing and said it’s a great way to meet someone. The girls all want a partner to two-step with so they are a little more forward, she said. Sure enough a super cute girl approached me while I was drinking a beer on the patio and asked me to dance. We immediately hit it off, laughed, danced and even had a nice drunken make out session. I got her number, we planned our first date and decided to call it a night. My first thought was how easy it was to start dating again. I started to order my uber and she said since my place is on the way to hers she’ll just drop me off. Thought I hit the jackpot on my first night out as a single man. She pulled out of the parking lot and immediately got pulled over for a tail light being out. I was hammered drunk but I don’t remember her drinking that much. I’m guessing the car reeked of booze from me. They asked her to step out of the vehicle, gave her a sobriety test and then preceded to handcuff her and arrest her for a DUI. The cop banged on the window and said I need to find another ride home quick or he’s going to ticket me for being drunk in public. She’s sitting on the curb in handcuffs, crying her eyes out and I’m drunkenly walking up and down the sidewalk waiting for my Uber. I called her the next day to see if she was okay/out of the drunk tank yet. She was so pissed, said her life is ruined and asked that I never contact her again. Technically it wasn’t a first date but the first date was planned!

  • grs12

    Not a 1st date but my perhaps my biggest regret? It was Spring Break n i went with a buddy to a popular club on the beach. During the night I meet a girl whose absolutely smashing. We dance, drink n b4 we knew it began making out. We want to take this ‘party home’ so i proceed to go get my car 2 pick her up in front of the club. As i approach my car a guy is leaning on my car n as i about 2 question him he starts to hurl. I catch a wiff n see his puke it causes me to hurl. As we r throwing up together the cops pull up. Needless to say we r both arrested for PI. 2 hours later after pleading my case n proving to the cop i’m a local he cuts me loose. I hitch a ride back to the club but 2 late she was gone n i never saw her again. I’ve had to convince myself she was wolf ugly but my friend keeps reminding me she was totally hot.

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