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  • For some reason I am having issues with bankroll tracker on my new macbook air laptop. I have microsoft office 365 too. Excel keeps freezing when I'm pasting the fanduel results to bankroll tracker. Is anyone else having this problem on there macbook? I'm ... Read More

    by FBZombies (FBZombies)

  • At first I would be alittle disappointed(human nature) because its a grand, but I would not have won that tourney fairly. I would respect FD for forfeiting that day and refunding everyone there money. How did the other DFS sites treat this dilemma? Read More

    by FBZombies (FBZombies)

  • There was no preparation for the Spurs game last night. Fan Duel's rules are wrong in this situation. Need to do the right thing and just forfeit last nights NBA contest for everyone and just refund everyone there money. Solves the problem. They are just t... Read More

    by FBZombies (FBZombies)

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