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  • NBA, 5/12

    Is there some "(player-popup)David West":/players/david-west-1345 news I missed? This site's point projection for him is around 23 (which he hasn't hit yet in this series), and his floor is projected around 14 points (which he has only cleared once in the... Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • RG Mobile App issues

    When I try to open Notification Settings it just loads, and loads, and loads... Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 4/13

    Kobe used to wear #8. They probably want people to play him and 8 will accomplish that more effectively than 24. Read More


    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 3/27

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Center position for Dallas? Will Zaza see 20+ minutes? He's sooooo cheap on DK. Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 3/25

    "(player-popup)P.J. Tucker":/players/p-j-tucker-13947 and "(player-popup)Marcus Morris":/players/marcus-morris-13316 are guys I'm looking at. Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 3/3

    If you HAD to pick one... "(player-popup)Andrew Bogut":/players/andrew-bogut-1494 "(player-popup)Steven Adams":/players/steven-adams-16848 "(player-popup)Tyson Chandler":/players/tyson-chandler-1482 Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 2/29

    Anyone looking at "(player-popup)Darrell Arthur":/players/darrell-arthur-1267? 30 minutes last game. Will Denver go small against Memphis? Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 2/21

    Same thing I am debating. I've got Gasol in right now. Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 1/30

    Who are the big benefactors on Detroit? Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

  • NBA, 1/29

    I gave up on starting Kyrie until he gets more consistent. But I am really starting to love Love more since Lue took over. I'll be using him until his salary goes up. Read More

    by Frigid5 (Frigid5)

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