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  • NBA, 3/2

    On FD 50/50 Contests I entered, 277 was good enough to place. On FD $500k Thursday NBA Clutch Shot ($100k to 1st), 277.8 was good enough to place. 340.8 took the $100k. This dudes lineup didnt have Westbrook... McCaw basically was the player that separat... Read More

    by gcchan (gcchan)

  • General rules to NBA I noticed

    This is helpful.. thank you Read More

    by gcchan (gcchan)

  • NBA, 2/14

    What Ive noticed is that there are probably 10-12 consistent players that allow me to almost always win 50/50 matchups...Cousins, Wiggins and "(player-popup)Lou Williams":/players/louis-williams-1044 are part of this group... Read More

    by gcchan (gcchan)

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